Cyclone in Darwin – maybe a Crocnado???

hey mom and dad!

so as you would know this has been a absolutely crazy week. 1) all the arrivers came into darwin on thursday and i took the malak elders around and showed them their areas. it was pretty cool working with them. 2) CYCLONE MARCUS. so yeah you probably have already seen more photos than i have. sister lea was crazy taking photos. with permission from president we spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and seving the community and members. i split everyone into teams and we started to work. there is a lot of damage done all through out darwin. Marcus was predicted to hit darwin at a category 1 but upscaled to a 2. Most of the people said “eh its just a cat 2” but nobody was truly prepared. Heaps of damage. whole houses have been smashed by trees. pretty cool. so i am not sure how long we will be doing the clean up for because there is soooooo much to be done. we kept power through the whole thing (one of the only spots in darwin). it was really cool though.

so i think in regards to school, i think taking the course load at st.marys is the way to go.



K- Awesome. Are you working again today for PDay? How does that even get organized?

T- we are doing a little bit of cleaning today but i am organizing all of that

K- So do you each work in your areas or do you go to members and their neighbours? What was the most interesting experience so far?

B- What a cool experience being able to do all that service. You are making a real difference. What is the craziest thing you saw from the cyclone?

T-  so we go to members and their neighbours. and its just been a really uplifteing experinece – we have cleared heaps of trees, and it was really cool to see how a community rallies together to help each other out

K- How have you helped? What was inspiring?

B- I was worried it would be like Sharknado. Was it a crocnado?  Were there crocs flying in the air?

T- CROCNADO! actually funny story some crocs were lifted out of the harbour

K- Do you have equipment to work with? How hot is it? – No WAY…. ok I need the details on that!

T- no so it was all done by hand saw and axe and machete. we took down all in all between 4 of us probably about 40 trees – thats all the details i know

B- Any story you are telling gets cooler when you are using machetes. Not sure you could bring one home in your suitcase.

K- Ok you KNOW I am going to be looking that up it is too good to be believed. Did you get your birthday stuff? Not much but something ? Easter pouch?

T- no i haven’t gotten anything. it probably will be delayed with the cyclone

K- Ok my mom heart still wishes you happy birthday and take some money out of your account for a cake and pizza

T- ok thanks mom

B- Mom is working on us going to Waterton for a bit before you start school. We will leave Drew behind so he can work. 🙂

T- so waht kind of classes would i be taking in my first year?

K- For sure an English course or two and then probably history . I will look at the calendar and give you some choices when we get a little closer

T- ok sweet thank you for taking care of all of this

B- Are you kidding. This is a mom dream come true registering you etc. It is like Grandpa Steed talking cyclones and weather awesomeness. Mom will be on the Mary’s website as soon as you sign off. That is why she is so great.

K- Of course…. now for the most important point… can’t find the crocodile story but you know I am going to keep looking! May be an urban legend… I would be SO sad! Heard some great things about you and the other missionaries and your hard work. You will be tired and sore but people will be grateful. Does the city come and take big trees away?

T- yeah they will come and clear the streets but people are responsible for their own yards

K- That is a lot of work and lots of opportunities for service. When do the Parkers come again? Are both the Malay elders new? Is that Elder Miague? I’m now Facebook friends with his dad🙂

T- they dont come until april. the malak elders are elder davison and elder syme

K- What is the weather like now? Does it get dry after a cyclone? Hot?

T- its beautful outside, like nothing hapened other than the debris

B- Well I’m looking outside and it is snowing again. I don’t want a cyclone but maybe just a bit warmer.

K- Crazy! Well enjoy the good weather for cleanup.I’m getting sentimental and remembering when yo7 were born. You were in no hurry to get here, you were a week late but once you decided you were by far my fastest birth and biggest kid by one ounce. But the thing I remember most is your huge chubby cheeks😁

T- haha yeah its warm here but just heaps of debris

B- Oh chubby cheeks. You are also the only BC born boy. So special

K- Also Jake LOVED you he used to find you on the floor and just hold your face and look at you

T- haha i got to go, love you heaps!

B- Have an amazing week 20 year old

K- Celebrate this week! Tel” the Leas… have fun… order cool drinks or a treat

Love you



Tuesday June 13

hey mom and dad this has been a good week. we have had zone conference with the parkers this week and it was great being able to see other missionaries other than the darwin zone. we have had a tough week investigator wise. our investigator eric has dropped off the face of the earth. hes hasnt replied to our texts for the past while so hopefully he will get back to us. this week the katherine elders also came up and stayed with us. so got to spend a lot of time with them. we also found a new investigator antoine (from france). he is pretty keen so we’ll see how it goes. other than that a pretty normal week. we also took president to a mall we have been trying to get into and he is super excited for it.

Krista – That is cool about the zone conference. Do you get along with the Katherine elders? They stayed in your flat? What do you mean about taking president to a mall? Does that mean you proselyte in the mall?

Tommy – we have a mall in our area that everybody goes to in all of darwin and we are trying to get a pop up stand and missionaries in it. and yeah i love the katherie elders

Krista – That’s cool . Will the mall allow a pop up stand? They have them in Adelaide right ? Did you end up getting your package from the Parkers? I was wondering if it got to Adelaide in time

Tommy – we didnt get the package so im guessing it hasnt got here yet

Brent = Sounds like a little bit of opposition. Makes for some opportunities. The mall idea sounds cool. So what we’re you up to yesterday for the Queens birthday?

Krista – Oh well… it was for Canada Day so maybe there will be a chance that it will get to Adelaide and get mailed up to you. What did you learn at zone conference !

Tommy – we had our zone conference all day and its weird australians take it so seriously. and guess what northern territory day is on july 1st so we most likely will be in the flat early that day

Krista – What happens on Northern Territory day? It will be cool to see how differently they celebrate. Are you allowed to be part of the festivities

Brent – Take a moment to sing O Canada on July 1

Tommy – its the only time and place in australia where they can light fireworks so people spend thousands of dollars buying them. and a lot of people will be drunk apparently last year somebody almost hit a missionary with a roman candle.

Brent – Don’t be a target. Hopefully you see some cool fireworks.

Krista – Wow…. I suppose they really have to worry about fire from sparks… so much for having a holiday as a missionary! How long did Parkers stay? What did they teach?

Tommy – they stayed for the weekend and they taught about working with members

Krista – Did they bring the assistants with them? Did you do anything special as a zone? I am sitting right now watching Benny Marcus and Lance practicing rugby – Was it your idea about the mall stand? That is really smart

Tommy – yes they brought the assistants with them. and no nothing special. yeah elder ivory and i thought abut getting missionaries in the mall

Krista – Smart Smart!!!! It sounds like you and Elder Ivory are a good team. What is coming up for Pday today?

Brent – You must be smarter than the average bear / elder. How much time do you spend at the University?

Tommy – twice a week

Krista – Are there any cool outdoor things you can do or is it too hot?

Tommy – there is but its pretty far away so we have to coordinate with the farrers to drive us

Krista – So what epic training did awesome district leader Elder Dickson work on this week – Oh that must take a little planning. Any more spot inspections? I tell you this neither Drew or Ben would pass right now!

Tommy – i didnt have to give one due to zone conference – no none yet – we played basketball with some kids who are coming to sport night now

Krista – So what is the plan for next weeks training? Any more frog encounters or dinner appointments

Brent – Tell me about sport night. We used to do Saturday morning sports an D invite local youth. Some baptisms came out of it.

Tommy – we do it tuesday night and have heaps of non members come. – not sure yet for the training still gotta pray about it –

Krista – Sounds like you have lots of good ideas. I guess all of that South Calgary basketball is paying off! Is it always basketball?

Tommy – always basketball

Brent – I think the Sports is a good idea. Let’s you meet kids in a more natural setting. Never know where it can lead. Just don’t foul too many kids 🙂 – Only 2 days of classes left. I think I will make it. Did Link Crew training after school today. Drew was keeping the tradition of loud and proud up.

Tommy – thats sweet it feels so weird to not be at school anymore

Krista – I’ll be glad to hear it. I’m glad you are doing great work on your mission. School will come again soon enough

Brent – I think it is okay to miss final exams. Plenty of time for that later.

Tommy – haha it will – yeah im ok with that

Krista – Yep…. dad and I are definitely ready to be missing school for a bit! I’m sure Benny and Drew are feeling the same. Need a new cooking idea…. what is your latest favorite?

Tommy – we have been doing chicken alfredo

Brent – I’m getting a bit Rugby addicted. Recording games on TV and watching.

Tommy – they had an nrl game up here on tuesday. it was the queensland cowboys vs the parramatta eels

Krista- Hmmm sounds like a good idea I don’t make pasta very much. I’m sure with all of your biking you must be able to eat pretty much anything. And I’m sure you’re in great shape – What great names! Not sure. You would have a team over here named the eels

Brent – Go Eels? Not sure I am a rugby league fan. Drew and I weren’t impressed. Maybe we are snobs and should give it another try.

Tommy – its an easier game but they aussies love it   i gotta go i love you bye!

Krista – Love you… don’t get discouraged. You have great ideas and the Lord will bless you. We have faith in you


Brent – You Are my favorite missionary in the whole world!




Feb 20, 2017 – Happy Family Day


Hey Mom and Dad,

So these four days have been pretty uneventful. It has rained the past two days and has been “cold” as elder angelo calls it. (21 degrees) So we called our referral and she picked up we said it was the missionaries and she instantly hung up. I guess we are just being tested in our faith. nothing super interesting in happy valley ward. Just loving the members! They love our companionship and request to have us over for dinner. I’m gonna be really sad when I leave this ward., They have basically become my family. This week we have just been doing a lot of finding and unfortunately to no avail. The flood gates will open eventually though! Oh and funny story so this week we biked to the very top of our area (seacliff) and we locked up our bikes and went finding. When we came back to the bikes my tire was flat so since nobody could pick us up we had to walk 8 km from sea cliff to the flat uphill pushing our bikes. Lots of fun but a good chance to see the ocean view. Thats my week
love ya
Elder Dickson
hey hey hows the last few days been?
Brent – ‎So you can go crazy eating at members houses because you work it off on the bikes! Guess you don’t have tire repair kits with you. Nothing too exciting here. Jake is obsessed with slamming doors. Makes him super popular in our house.
Krista –  Oh goodness… I guess there is balance in all things… tough missionary work but a great ward.! i guess you just have to keep working and serving and hope that some people are touched.

It sounds like you are doing lots of biking and walking… you sure haven’t had much luck with bikes. Are you learning to fix them?
Tommy – yeah thats one thing i regret i didnt know how to do was to fix bikes. but ive taught myself
Krista – I’m sure you are learning lots of practical things as well as spiritual things. How is your household knowledge holding up?
Brent – You should see my form in a scrum now. I would have made an awesome loose Head!
Tommy – household knowledge? – loosey as they call it – so are you going to be coaching the forwards?
Krista – Can you clean and cook? Broken any more windows???
Brent – ‎I also got better at going north south rather than side to side in touch rugby.
Tommy – yes i can clean and cook mom and nope no wrestling between us. and yeah that confused me the most dad was the lack of side to side. took me a while to learn but chambers smashed it into me
Brent – ‎I am doing forwards for juniors and working with Chambers who is doing the Sr forwards. The goal is to practice together as much as possible. Planning on learning a lot from him.
Tommy – ok who is going to coach the backs?
Brent – ‎The clinic was really good. Led by a coach from Thirsk and one from Rundle. Gave great coaching technique. But I am sore today. ‎By the time you get home I might look like I know what I am doing.   Chmilar does juniors. Not sure about senior backs yet.
Krista – I’m glad you’re doing well. Can you believe you have been out 6 months????  That’s so exciting! Grandpa is telling me details about New Zealand geography. Is all of Adelaide as hilly as your area?
Tommy – ok thats gonna be good – no adelaide is very flat except for my area – i put some photos in the drive, youll have to show grandpa the spider one. it was about the size of half my hand
Brent – ‎So glad you get the hills! If you have to walk 8 km at least it is by the ocean.
Krista – So where in the Philippines is Elder Angelo from? City? Rural? What part of the country?
Tommy – hes from manila and yeah look at the photos i got dad
Brent – ‎So what kind of numbers do you have to report. We used to have to report contacts and teaching appointments.
Tommy – we report 1) baptisms and confirmations 2) baptismal dates 3) investigators at sacrament 4) new investigators
Brent – That sounds pretty good. We counted every person we talked to while finding. Sometimes I found we were more worried about the numbers than the person.
Tommy – yeah we have to count that but we dont report that to salt lake
Brent – Keep the pictures coming. They are lots of fun to share.
Krista – Grandpa and I just looked at the photos…. I’m not impressed by the spider!!!!!!! But the view pictures are super cool. Is that the area you were talking about where the bike broke down? I also liked the tag pictures and the picture of the smiley face dinner. Whose idea was that?
Tommy – tag pictures were me and thats elder angleo’s birthday dinner
Brent – So there were only 3 out of 17 priests at church today. Drew seemed kind of confused. Jake is now saying your name in his room. Maybe he senses we are emailing.
Krista – I love it! Did you make the smiley face food for him? He looks like such a nice boy. Every time I see him he is smiling. No wonder the ward likes the two of you. you are a big social guy and make friends easily and it looks like he is easy to get along with. it’s your old volleyball bag… he has adopted it! Dad is going to be so jealous of the ocean view pictures. They are very beautiful!
Brent – ‎So next week is pi.k tshirts day. The fashion show was impressive. This year the shirts are grey with hot pink lettering that says “Dude Be Nice”. Got the idea from a shirt at CSLC last fall.
Tommy – do you have a picture of them?
Brent -I’ll send you pictures next week. The Pink shirt day is wednesday. Not sure what else we will do this semester. Last year ASLC kept us busy.
Krista -That’s cool! Uncle Shane’s family is down in Provo at Maddie’s recital.  It is a big deal and Maddie has worked really hard for it
Tommy – yeah grandma sent me photos of it
Krista – That’s good! Not sure you are going to get any pictures of recitals from our family anytime soon… Maybe I will just take a picture of Drew working at Treehouse 🙂
Tommy – haha thats a recital i guess
Krista – SIster Parker had a great picture  of your Zone she just posted. You are on the end with Elder Ivory. It’s fun to see those missionaries that you went through the MTC with.
Tommy – how has leadership been this year? whats the coolest thing you did?
Brent – ‎It is different this year without the conference. I would say the pep rally was awesome. I also liked Coyote Week. The funniest day was Are you smarter than Trump. Fischer was dressed as Trump and competed with students on stuff like who could build the best wall. ‎This week I am going to Shaw and MidSun to teach their Gr 9 Leadership classes. Gotta recruit for next year. I have fun doing it.
Tommy – so do you go for a day and just teach? or is it a workshop?
Brent – ‎I just go when they have their class. I show some pictures and do some fun activities with them to get them to take the course next year. Between that and the feeder conference last November and I should get enough.
Tommy – are a lot of grade 10s signing up for leadership?
Krista – So how have the new mission “rules” applied to you? Have you changed your schedule at all? Are you keeping the same hours?
Brent – We had four classes this year. Two each semester. They each have 35-40 kids. The most we had before was 3 classes. Keeps getting bigger.
Tommy – so far they havent implemente them yet, they will start next transfer (monday)
Krista – Hmmm… interesting. Remind me again what will change
Tommy – just the times of different things and we will get an extra hour of sleep and longer p-days
Brent – So transfers… think you are on the move or staying put? Always fun to speculate.
Krista – Right… now I remember. By the next time we talk to you, you should know whether you are staying put or moving. It will be interesting!
Tommy – i think im gonna move because i have been in the ward i was “born” in for 6 months
Brent – ‎I vote for the outback. I want you on a walkabout! Maybe then you can punch a kangaroo!
Tommy – im quite determined to punch a kangaroo
Krista – We can’t wait to hear. Either way would be great. A new adventure or you get to stay with people you love. Win either way
Tommy – seriously win win
Krista – Oh please… the last thing we need is to hear about the missionary arrested in Australia for assaulting wildlife!
Brent – That would make Drew proud.
Tommy – rocky 6 elder dickson vs. kangaroo
Krista – Great! Just like “Fist Fight” but the Australian version!
Brent – ‎If someone questions you just say “I’m Canadian, how it going eh?”. They will give you the Canadian pass 🙂
Tommy – ill just tell them that my divine mission was to fight this kangaroo
Krista – OH that will be a great missionary tool for the church! I can see the media now!
Brent – I have never been more proud. Have you had any more Yankee rootbeers?
Tommy – no it makes me feel sick to drink them then ride the bike – i have to go i love ya bye

Feb 6, 2017


If you are reading this as an email you may not see the attached youtube clip – go to the website to check it out.


Hey Mom and Dad,

This week hasn’t been very exciting at all. We got absolutely poured on while we were riding the bikes and taught a lesson in elders quorum yesterday. It’s been a real wave of emotions this week from discouragement to happiness. We had zone training this week which was the happy part and we were able to see all the other missionaries. The discouraging part was that 2 out of our 3 investigators dropped us. This week we also went on trade offs with the district leader. I got to go back to aberfoyle park! I got to see a lot of the investigators that I hadn’t seen in a long time. So some more sad news. Cliff got news that he has terminal cancer. So we have been fasting and praying for him that he will be able to accept the gospel. But other than that it has been a very normal week.

love ya

Krista – That’s too bad  about your investigators… Keep working it will come! I’m glad you got to see the old people in Aberfoyle. That is too bad about Cliff… We’ll add him to our prayers too that he will accept the gospel. If he does would you be able to attend  the baptism. Got an email this week from a Cook relative in Australia… might be a connection in Adelaide. I’ll keep you posted

Tommy – No I wouldn’t because I’m not the missionaries currently teaching him. Is the relative a member?

Krista – Brooke says hello I’m eating ribs… Monica says the superbowl is boring. Uncle Brent says  Monica is boring… Monica and Uncle Brent are going to stop now. Grandpa Steed says he bets it’s warm and was happy to chat Waterton with Drew.

Duuuuude, its dad.  Superbowl is on and I am lacking focus.  14-0 Falcons over Pats.  Mom is being mean to me.  Love you

Mom is NOT being mean to him.

Aunt Joanne says… ummm go missionary.  and not to drink caffeine Aunt Joanne and I are both addicts. Grandma Dickson says Hi sorry I missed writing this week.

Benny says loving your bed trololololo….

Drew says hi, hello, Drew says the colts suck and he is not saying anything else.

Grandpa Dickson says he can’t say anything. Dad says you are going to inherit everything he has including his shoehorn collection

Adam says ball is life

Uncle Shane says… hey buddy we wish we were in the warm weather… don’t be homesick its frickin’ crappy here….

Boy our family is so articulate.

No The relative is not a member. He is in Queensland but there might be another set of cousins in Adelaide. I am investigating but it might take me a while  to find out. I know there are moments of discouragement but I am proud of you that you are working through it and staying faithful… that is great! How is Elder Angelo?

Tommy – oh he is doing great we are getting along really well and loving the bikes!

Krista – Loving the bikes…. that must be a joke! How is the ward?

Did you end up buying a game this week? How are your shoes lasting.

Shane says he loves Monica less because she doesn’t like meat… actually loves her to death!

Oh cool thing about the picture I sent you.Coy lined up the priests in order of availability to serve a mission… from Billy at one end to Drew at the other… Blaze and Connor were at basketball so they would have been behind him.

Tommy – Oh wow I didn’t know that. And yes it was a joke. The ward is awesome. We are getting fed 5 times this week and they love us to death. My shoes are lasting really well (good idea with the insoles) We dont have any new missionaries in our district but a few ones that are new to me in the zone, and yes the candy arrived intact

Krista – Good I’m glad… It’s always hard to know what to send. What do you appreciate getting the most? What is the plan for the rest of PDay? Any pictures this week???

Tommy – idk I loved the snow in a can and sleep and clean the usual

Krista – Ok… you need to plan something cool for next week… I’m looking for a great, epic missionary PDay story!  Tell me about district meetings.. what do you do?

The snow in a can was a shot in the dark… I’m sure it was some chemical  junk but since you said you were missing snow I had to send it. Any requests for the next  package? Probably not until April or May.

Tommy – no I don’t really have any requests but I like the cheesy stuff. The problem is with doing something epic is that we are on bikes with a limited budget. At district meetings we just get a training from our district leader, pick up mail and leave – I’m uploading pictures now

Krista – I am just teasing you I don’t need EPIC…. I am just glad you have some time to relax and have a break. Is it still super hot? What was your training about this week.  SUPER CHEESY! YEAH!!!!! I am on it… that totally fits with my sense of humor!! Do you like sharing things with your companions? When is the next transfer day… three weeks?

Tommy – yeah its still hot but to add to the torture its rainy this week so it makes it very sticky, its too hot to wear a coat but too wet not to yeah we always share the candy. and yeah february 27

Krista – Grandpa and I were cracking up about the rock picture! too funny! I liked the praying MAntis and the picture with Elder Angelo. What is the Diary Milk and Book of Mormon picture about?

Tommy – oh the perfect p-day lunch. cookies, dairy milk, and the book of mormon. thats what happens when we get paid we spend it on junk

Krista – You should be almost through the worst of summer now…but I suppose if you went to Alice or Darwin anytime it is always that hot… You are going to get back to Canada  and be freezing all the  time. Maybe you can go to school in the Caribbean or something. Taylor is working on his mission papers. It seems like he might go in the summer. very exciting!  Ok… so you are still really teenage boys!!!! Now that Drew has a job he comes home quite often with a Wendy’s bag (right by treehouse) or a slurpee… yes even in -20.  Who is the guy with the cars?

Tommy – oooooooo taysteed is doing the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah I suppose it would be just hot all the time. Tell Isabelle I have the worst glasses tan ever!

Krista – Who is the girl in the picture on your desk? Is that Taylor G????  That is funny, you are going to be tanned and fit with all this bike riding. Has the bike broken down again???? No I mean who is the person with all the fancy cars in the pictures? Corvette????

Tommy – yeah she sent me the photos of our grad so I have been switching the photos around -that just happened to be the one when I took the photo, its now Taysteed Teigan and me – a potential investigator we met

Krista – Those cars look beautiful! A little step up from Dad’s truck!!!! See I can write this because Dad is not paying attention. He is watching Lady Gaga  at the half time show.  Keep working hard, be kind to your companion so that every companion can say you were the best! I am proud of you. A mission  is not easy but your obedience will bring blessings.  What is the joke video, something about clothes????

Tommy – oh thats me using the fake spider on Elder Angelo

Krista – Cracks me up…… I’m glad you are having fun together.  What is up for this week… more finding?

Tommy – yes a very large amount of finding due to the lack of people to teach – whats happening in your guys week?

Krista – Not too much. Sister Banfield and I are going to a play on Tuesday. The Priests are roller skating on Wednesday but I think Drew has to work.  Benny will continue the undefeated record of the mighty PUGS! Dad has a rugby clinic coming up but  I think it might be next weekend.

Tommy – ok sweet I got to go, I love you and i’ll add some photos

Krista – LOVE you lots… work hard. It’s not easy, we are proud of all you are doing. I saw this great pinterest thing that said I have a perfect record of getting through hard days . It is 100%… so you are 100% well done!


That’s all for now



October 16, 2016


Hey Mom and Dad,

Yeah I see all the pictures dad sends me and I really appreciate it. All the other elders are laughing at Benny’s halloween costume. The boys we are teaching are being baptized on november the 4th and they are making huge progress. It’s amazing to see how accepting they are of everything we teach! Little miracle this week, we felt prompted to go buy some candy for one of our recent converts and so as we walked into the store there was Ethan and Tyson! We hadnt been able to see them for almost a week and we ran into them. We caught up and set a time to come back and teach. We met this family this week that are just the golden investigators. We stopped by their house and their son Alfy (4 years old) dragged us in the door. Their uncle also wants to join in on the lessons. The poutine went great! Elder Larson (district leader) is hooked and asked me to make it again. Elder Touma is being transfered and Elder Johnson is gonna be training so I wont be the new one in the flat anymore! And yes Mom I made the gravy from a base. The storm was absolutely unreal. There are so many trees that have been blown over. No I havent seen any big spiders yet. It’s been too cold for the snakes and spiders so far.
Krista -That’s great about your investigators. How wonderful to have a baptism within the first couple of months of being in Australia. Tell me about your Golden investigators. Who is in the family? Are you still teaching the woman with the autistic son?

When I get Benny dressed up in the costume I will send a picture. it remains to be seen if he can move around in it. Are you keeping your coat then…? you don’t need to buy one? Are transfers next week?

Tommy – the family is hannah (mom) I cant remeber the dads name and three kids. Every time we stop by Alfy always drags us around the house showing us stuff. We dont know them too well but are going to see them this week. I’ll tell you mom there a reason im in happy valley ward. Yesterday a family in our ward found out that their 4 year old son has autism. I was able to talk to them and comfort them and tell them all about it. We havent been able to see the other family with autism due to us being busy but we will this week.

Krista – I’m glad you are in the right place.  It is great that you know how to relate to those families. I remember how that feels to get a new diagnosis. The first while it is like your whole world is turned upside down.  I spent a lot of time crying. All of the plans you had change and you have to start planning a very different life. It’s like being in mourning for a while. But there is great hope and comfort in the gospel and in family and friends. It sounds like you are keeping busy with teaching and conferences. Was zone conference this week?

Brent – Do you like the website. Do you want any changes?  I saw the pictures on your mission mom’s website of your zone conference. The sloppy joes look good.

Tommy – oh they were freaking heavenly, I had 4 and the website looks awesome

Brent – Super exciting to teach those brothers. I baptized a 13 year old whose parents were members but had gone inactive for a while. That is so great. 59 minutecookie dough fundraiser this week. Drew, Isabelle, Taylor, and Grace are all fighting over the Steeds.

Tommy – haha let them know that grandparents are the suckers and there are only so many Steeds that will buy

Brent – They are selling loaves and cake decorating stuff too. Very exciting. Home taught McCues today. I gave the message today and they pretty much ignored me. I didn’t have the mouse book. They are picky.

Tommy – oh rookie mistake dad – I need a mouse book when I teach these kids – we have a family in our ward that is so hyper and they love to fight the missionaries. I could use something like that

Brent – If you are good maybe you will get one sent your way. Funny how I can get 90 kids quiet in a gym but got killed by 5 McCues. Hopefully it goes well with Stevens next week. They don’t need the mouse.

Tommy – haha we arent allowed to use a mouse book anyways. Do you guys know any good object lessons?

Brent – Be patient. You are a big deal to them. Picture them as missionaries one day. Can’t be any tougher than daily life in the cabins in Waterton.

Tommy – haha yeah they are nothing compared to lukes groin punches

Brent – We need to get Mom on Pinterest. She will find some good ideas for you. McCues were talking about the candy shirt this summer. We can thank Pinterest for that! Are you getting many dinner appointments?  We used to have breakfast, big meal 2-4, then snack at night. Almost no dinner appointments ever.

Tommy – we have one dinner appt this week with our investigating family but its usually 2-3 a week

Brent – We listened to LeGrand Curtis’s talk from priesthood for scriptures tonight. Great talk about the Book of Mormon. He told the story about the church being illegal in Ghana. I taught and baptized a man in Sweden from Ghana whose family lost their home at that time. He was the only nonmember in his family. His name is Eddie. Wonder where he is now and if he is active.

Tommy – my favourite talk is a tie between Mark W. Basset or David A. Bednar

That’s all for this week everyone