Nov 13 Pictures


Nov 12

hey mom and dad,

this has been a great week! so first of all elder johnson is doing great, we instantly recognized each other when we picked him up at the airport! so thats cool. for mom he is from strathmore and the greatest thing is that he is a (for dad) FLAMES FAN!!!!!!!!!!!! jokes, its pretty cool having another elder from the calgary area because we can talk about things and people from back home. so about the baptism. they are a part member family, the mom is a member and the dad is out of the picture but now the kids are baptized. its sooo cool because the mom has made huge strides even from when i was here in june in coming back to church. #eternalfamilies. So peter is doing great as well. he is giving a talk at a baptism this saturday for the sisters because turns out that their investigator is one of his friends. he is really excited. Other than that it is definitly the build up season because it s hot and humid but never rains.
also up here in darwin we are getting really onboard with the light the world initiative again so it will be great!
Love Elder Dickson
Brent – Sounds like great things are happening for you warms my heart. Sorry about the Flames thing. Opposition in all things. President Yee just asked me to speak in the adult session of Stake Conference. 7 minutes on Family Councils. Could test some members faith :).
T- we actually had a similar talk in branch conference this week
Krista – That is so cool about Peter. it sounds like he is really progressing. How did you recognize Elder Johnson? Dances???  How are your investigators doing?
B- ‎Then help a brother out!! What did they say?
T- they focused on how when elder ardern was here he said “participation invites revelation” then they talked about how much we need guidance in this ever changing world and how family councils are ways to gain love respect and most importantly revelation for the whole family

and yes peter is doing really great, yeah i recognized him from dances and turns out he was watching the provincial final verses foothills in lethbridge
K- That must seem really strange to connect halfway across the world.
B- Perfect. I am quoting you in my talk. Good that Elder Johnson got to see some amazing Coyote Rugby. So will you have him do something special for the first PDay?
T- nah i think they are doing something with an nvestigator

CFL update. Saskatchewan beat Ottawa in the east semifinal and play Toronto in the East final. SK finished fourth in the West and crossed over.
E skies beat Winnipeg in Winnipeg and now play the Stamps in the West final. Go Esks!
K- That works for me.  Have you started planning for the Light the World campaign? It would be cool to do those activities here too. I will have to look at LDS. org again Is this a ward or a mission focus?
T- go stamps!!!
B- ‎Do you have any memories  of family meetings we had that stand out to you? Looking for more talk material.
T- not particularly  (ouch 🙂
T- both and we are going do be doin lots of things here
K- It sounds like The Darwin Branch is really growing and doing interesting things. Remind me again how big the branch is? Do they have any youth that you work with?
Benny – ‎Benny. Hey Tom so on Thursday we won all our games in volleyball to end off the regular season and loving your bed trololololololloolloollool
Brent- ‎And Benny is off to the basement. 🙂
T- the brach is about 200 people and we work with both of the preists and the ysa
K- So tell me an experience you have had this week that has been significant… a teaching moment, some inspiration, a cool thought from what you have been studying…
Tommy shared some C.S. Lewis quotes
B- ‎So what will the rainy season be like? Hotter? More humid? How much rain are we talking here?
T- it is called monsoon season so a lot and it will cool down a little it will start in december
K- He has such an interesting way of looking at Christianity.  I love his Screwtape Letters and Mere Christianity. When you get home I will make you watch one of my favorite movies ” Shadowlands” which is about his life and the death of his wife
B- ‎So hopefully more time in a car rather than on the bike? Drew is off to Parker Byam’s playing Smash Brothers. A proper sabbath activity cause he is with family. 🙂
T- no even in the rain we bike
B- I can endorse that movie. A good one. We will also have to watch “In the good old summertime”. We are keeping it on the PLT just for you.
T- is it still on there?!
K- You also may not remember but we are still saving “In the Good Old  Summertime”  on the PVR until you are back… the brothers claim we can’t watch it without you but lets just say they MAY be trying to avoid the MOST AMAZING MOVIE!… ok mom geek out time.
B- Absolutely ‎- we will have a watching party when you return and then a ceremonial deleting

That cracks me up that dad sent that while at the same time i was typing about that AWESOME movie!
What are your plans for Pday today? Is this Elder E’s last  transfer?
T- wow…… i thought you were kidding  – yes it is – and we are doing some service for a member – hey mom and dad i love you email next week!!
B- You da bomb. We pray for you daily!

Love you!

Nov 5

hey mom and dad!

so the big news is that i am staying in darwin longer this time! 🙂 so the big changes are that elder shortland and hammond are leaving along with sister ceaser and sister angoy. this week was amazing. peter as you know was able to be baptized this weekend. i will never forget the first thing peter said as he came out of the water is “i feel so clean”. he is a solid convert. we hadn’t really been able to go into depth about fast offerings yet his first sunday as a member he paid them. other than the preperation for that it has been a normal week. we were able to get a few new investigators that were referred to us by a recent convert named sumit. in regards to the degree i want to do special education so does the route have to go through a nromal degree in education and then to specialize?
Brent – ‎You are now a Darwin Man! That is a great memory with Peter that you will never forget. All the hard work you put in every day makes that possible.
Krista –  I am so thrilled about Peter. That is amazing that he is so dedicated already. What a wonderful spiritual high that must have been for all of you.!!! Are you still teaching his cousin and brother?
T- its really cool because he asked how he can serve a mission so president chick wants to start working with him so he can go and serve
K- Wow that is impressive. Good for him
B- ‎Cool to think you play a part in a new missionary being sent out.
T- he is so prepared he is currently bring us all his cousins to teach
K- Will you be getting a new district leader, or is a missionary who was already in the zone taking over that responsibility?That means a new flatmate… do you know who it is?
T- you’ve got it mom and elder mcdonald will be the district leader and he will be training a new missionary
K- That will be fun to have a greenie in your apartment! Do you know where he is from?

Sports report
Astros beat Dodgers in 7 – an epic series Drew is sad
CFL Saskatchewan crosses over to the east and plays in Ottawa. Winner plays Toronto.
West Edmonton plays in Winnipeg – winner gets Calgary.
Weird Eskimos season. Won first 7, lost next 6, won final five. Stamps looked like a lock but lost last three. We shall see.
Raptors look okay. Oilers are surprisingly horrible and Flames are 500
T- we won’t know who he is until wednesday night – who do the raptors have this year? – i also hear ben simmons is carving it up, is that true?
K- I hope he is from somewhere warm… coming to Darwin might be a little bit of a shock. I was talking to grandpa today and this will not surprise you at all, he told me a fun fact about Australia. I guess somewhere (maybe he was saying all of the Northern territory) there are more crocodiles than people???? Who knows.. just laughed that he remembered that. Have you seen a croc yet?
T- that is in katherine. and yeah but not in the wild – sorry a little town outside of katherine
B- Same people. Added CJ miles who is a great 3 point shooter. It will be tough for them to get past Cleveland.
Yes‎ hopefully he stays healthy
K- What is on the map for PDay today?  Do you have to help Elder Shortland? Where is he going? – I love the new pictures, especially the baptism pictures. It will be wonderful to be able to talk to you about them and hear the stories. you’re looking good!
T- elder shortland flew out at 7 this morning to alice springs. he is a new zone leader – i have lost heaps of weight up here with sweating so much 😛
K- My poor baby… drink lots! Do you still have those little spray fans I sent you?
B- ‎Maybe I should try the missionary workout. Super hot, ride a bike in shirt and tie etc. I would like to lose heaps too
T- i used the enitrety of their lives  – entirety
K- Oh dear… guess they were meant for Canadian heat, not Australian heat! I think that is cool that the font in Darwin is outside.. I guess you don’t have to worry so much about heating the water like we do in Canada
T- yeah everyone loves the cold water – i gotta go mom and dad love ya!
K- Love you lots… you are a ROCKSTAR
B- Be amazing. So proud of you. Jake just belched in your honor 🙂

Oct. 30 – tons of pictures and YouTube clips


hey mom and dad so the has been an awesome week. i got the christmas tree fabric im assuming you set me? we got to have a district p-day where we went up to ee point ad went looking for seshells. the cool thing is that we foud a whole unch of crabs and sea cucmbers. so naturally we played with them. so update on the weather here. so it doesn’t rain very much right now ecause we are in the “build up”. so instead it is just humid as all the time and really hot and cloudy. but i am managing fine. just hotter thn my body is used to. So the really exciting thing coming up this saturday is peter’s baptism this saturday. he is sooo keen. he asked us how he can apply to be  missionary and is going to fly to adelaide for fsy (basically efy). so also i got my halloween pckage about a month ago so i already ate it…… it was really good thank you. where is carter going again? its exciting to see the missionary crew heading out!

Brent – BAPTISM!! So awesome. Carter is going to Tennessee Nashville. He gave his farewell today and reports on Wednesday. He did a great job. I am ocean jealous again. What a cool PDAY. If it is feeling too hot for you I am guessing I would be dying!

Tommy –

thats right, thats realy good to here he is doing well!

its like 35-39 every day with 70% or higher humidity

Krista –

I’m so happy to hear about Peter. That will be a great experience for him. Is any of his family interested? The fabric is supposed to hang on your wall like a decoration. You should also be getting some more decorations in the next month or so.

Holy Cow…. it must be a sweaty experience! Do you have AC in your apartment? How much have you been on bikes


President Craig says hi. I am actually at Stake Priesthood right now. We split into quorums for instructions. I went with the Teachers. Then I saw your email and ducked out

Pres Craig just walked by and said I am doing something more important. They introduced about 18 new Deacons. Pres Craig wants you to know he remembers introducing you and it seems like yesterday.


we are on bikes every day almost so really sweaty, i have lost 5 kgs. and yeah we re acually starting to teach his brother and cousin


That is great about his family! How old are the brother and cousin? How are your shirt’s holding up? Do you need a fresh one or two?


That is very cool. The connections you make when teaching one person can go on directions that surprise you.

The exciting news now, Daelene is hosting a cinnamon bun party right after Priesthood. It is good to marry a Steed.

T- Peter’s brother is 13 and his cousin is 23

Benny – It is Ben so MidSun junior boys volleyball is practically awesome. So yeah how are you


realy good ben we found heaps of animals at the beach and have seen lizards as big as my arm


That is awesome!  It’s so exciting that Peter is already thinking of his future in the church. He is 18 right? How long has he been in Australia?


he is 18 and is a refugee from south sudan and has been in australia for about a year and a bit

Ben –

Ben-what color we’re they oh and I’m being the great hambino/sandlot for Halloween –

Benny. That is really cool about Peter


the crab was brown and the lizard is called a goana so basically the aussie iguana and it is yellow and brown. it’s a monitor lizard and we have one that hangs out around our house –

usualy in our front yard

Ben – Benny. Send a pic of it it would be really cool to see


Yeah photos! I love them. I was showing Audrey M some of your photos of animals last night at the party. She really liked them!

Oh wow! I LOVE the photo of peter and his brother. What a great family to teach!


we couldnt get a photo of te lizard because it was  going to attack us but yeah just the same type as before

Ben – Benny. Aww that sucks that you can’t get pics but it’s okay. Drew’s Marty mcfly for Halloween


Ok… that makes a little more sense! When are your next transfers? A couple of weeks??? How much longer does Elder Ellingson have before he goes home?


i heard, what is jobs going as?

Ben – Benny. I think a baseball player again like always


haha ok transfers are next week and i gott go love ya

Brent –

We love you. Benny misses his roommate. Happy Baptism on Saturday

K –

Love you lots… have a great week. Excited for your baptism!


Oct. 22

hey mom and dad,

so this has been a fantastic week! so i forgot to tell you that for a period of time we were kicked out of the city for proselyting but we are back! president worked some of his legal magic and we are able to be back in the city. peter is doing really well and is set for the 4th of november for baptism. also dad yes people are just giving us mangoes left right and center. soooo many mangoes. so funny story this week, we were knocking doors and in darwin everybody has a large gate and usually a big dog, so as we come to go in a gate to knock on a door we usually whistle to see if there is a dog. so this time elder ellingson was leading so he whistled and no response so e proceeded to the door. when we were about 20 feet from the gate a huge pitbull woke up from his nap and was not happy we were in his yard. we proceeded to yell “go, go, go” to elder hammond who lead us as we ran as fast as we could for the gate. just as the dog was about to chomp down on elder ellingsons leg the heaven sent owner comes running out to stop her dog. i am convinced that we were protected there. so that gave us a jump this week but it definetly brought some energy to door knocking!


Elder Dickson

Brent –

Pit Bulls. Not making me a dog fan. What do you mean it was illegal to proselyte in Darwin? Glad to hear your investigators are doing so well. Baseball update. The Houston Astros are playing the Dodgers on the world series. The Dodgers beat the Cubs in 5. Astros beat the Yankees in 7. Astros won 2, then Yankees 3, then Astros 2. I like the Astros and are bandwgonning them so Drew and I are on opposite sides.


so the city had specific rules where we weren’t allowed to talk to people. Go astros


So how did your Pres get it overturned? Tell them What is your problem? I’m a raging Canadian.

Tonight I am heading to Noah Laycock’s open house. Any message for him?


the second counsellor on the mission presidency is a supreme court judge. open house for what?


Nice bringing a little heat from a judge. Open house for leaving on his mission to California. Mom an di both would have gone but she ditched me for LA 🙂 – Any Mountain biking today? Those pictures were awesome. You made me beach jealous!


nah no biking today

B- Maybe some interpretive dancing on the beach? You could be the Canadian Moose.


haha maybe the birth of a flower?

B- I gotta Head out to his open house and then pick Benny up from Steed’s. Anything else exciting we need to talk about?


not really hope you enjoy the open house!


Love you tons. Rock Darwin this week



love ya bye

Oct. 15

hey mom and dad

so this has been a great week, we had the parkers come up from adelaide to do our zone conference so we hosted the assistants in our flat for 4 days. that made it so we had 8 missionaries staying in our flat! crazy hey? good to hear that the stamps are still beating the eskimos. thats crazy seeing waterton. so on the future note i have been really thinking about it and i was thinking of studying special education at the university of alberta.

Krista – That is very cool. I’m sure that having all of those missionaries was a blast!

Would you like me to look into applying in Edmonton? You could start out at Grant McEwan and then transfer if your marks are not good enough. Calgary?  I will do some investigating.

Did you do anything special for conference with the Parkers?

Ok… I can look for information here too. i wasn’t sure what the process was with you on a mission. I didn’t want you to be distracted on your mission.

Do you do any different things with Zone Conference? Special meal?  What did you learn from the Parkers and the assistants? Benny wants to know what other position you played other than setter?

Tommy –

yeah we have a special meal with the parkers and assistants for lunch. and for volleyball i played outside hitter and right side


Any crazy 8 missionary stories from the flat? Did you have the Katherine elders with you too?

How long do they stay 2 days?


no so elder hammond has joined us in  trio for the rest of the transfer and there are three assistants. they stayed for 4 days and the coolest story is that elder rupe shouted us a giant feast at kfc


Nice!… he is going home soon isn’t he?


How is life in a trio? Was Elder Hammond in Katherine before? 4 days is a long time. There must have been a bunch of interviews and other business. Do the assistants teach and tract with the Darwin missionaries?


yes he goes home at the end on the transfer. yes so elder hammond was in katherine but is now with us. and yeah we go on splits with them. –

because the northern territory is a district president parker is basically the stake president for the nt as well as misson president,


That’s great.It must be interesting to have different combinations of missionaries. How are your investigators? Any potentials?

Hmmm… I never knew that. That is a big responsibility. Very cool to see the branch in Darwin and the people there? Do they go to Katherine too?

Brent –

Just put Jake to bed. You would be an amazing special ed teacher. I think Edmonton would be a great decision.

Sounds like you have been zone conference busy.


our investigators are doing awesome, our investigator peter is the man. he is from south sudan and is 18 years od and is keen to be baptized –

yeah so they travelled to katherine as well


Wow, that is great. What is Peter’s story? How long has he been in Australia? Does he live with family?


yeah so peter is living with his aunt and uncle in darwin so he can finish high school in an english speaking country. he is really really interested in god


That is very interesting. I’m glad it is going so well with him. We will pray for him and you. How did you first find him?


he came to sports night and was really loving it so we asked if we could come by some day


That’s great. Is sports night at the Darwin chapel? Have you been running other activities?

T-yeah so sports night is still at the chapel – the p-day plans are to meet with elder and sister lea about school and then no plans past that


How close do the Leas live to where you are?  Are they in an area where there is a companionship?


yeah so they just live near to the chapel in our area  – i have to go love you


Love you heaps! Have a great week. Know that we are always praying for you!

Oct. 1 & 8 Letters

Oct. 1 

hey mom and dad  

so this has been a crazy week. it is hot as up here. yesterday we had our first day of wet season so it was pouring rain in 30 degrees and later that afternoon it was 80% humidity. so it has been a great week. i love darwin so much and am so glad to be back in this branch. we are really doing all of our work in the city with the immigrants, primarily the nepali people and the chinese. but the most exciting of it all is because it is wet season it is MANGO SEASON!!!! we had a member give us 100 mangoes so we had a lot to eat. yes mom i knew the lea’s before just barely though so its really cool to work with them.  

love elder dickson 

Brent – MANGOES!!!! 

Are you in the Celestial Kingdom or is it just Zion on Earth? 

Krista – What on earth do you do with 100 mangoes????? You should cut some up and freeze them for smoothies. Have you done any trainings yet? 

T- we have been giving them to other missionaries and eating them with everything. yeah that is also the plan to freeze some the best is mangoes on ice cream  

K – Well I’m sure dad is jealous! Mangoes are his favorite. Tell me a little about your investigators.

T- we had a really good week we found 6 new investigators, most of them are from nepal and china

K-  That is really cool, tell me a little about them, are they all students? How is your flat? Is it just you and Elder Ellingson or do you have other Elders?

B- Big news, Benny made the Gr. 8 volleyball team

T- YAHOOO!!!!!!!!! – so we live in a 3 bedroom house. it is awesome. we share a flat with the darwin city elders so elder mcdonald and elder shortland. oh and elder mcdonald says a huge thank you for the pants – almost all of our investigators are foreign students or workers 

K-  That is nice to have so much room. Do you use one room as a study? I’m glad about the pants… I hope they are ok and they fit. They were not exactly like yours but I had a hard time finding light pants at the end of the season. Is Elder Shortland the district leader? He was there when you were in Darwin last time right? Where are those Elders from and how long have they been out? Will you watch Conference next week in the branch? That would be a neat experience. Are any of your investigators ready for that experience?

T- yes elder shortland is the district leader, he  came to darwin the same time as i went to malak. elder shortland has been out 3 months longer than me and elder mcdonald has been out 6 months  – yeah we watch it next week, and we have heaps of investigators coming

B- Cool, you went on a mission to Australia but are teaching China and Nepal. World Missionary!

K – That is really cool. Conference was fabulous, you are going to really enjoy it!  Are all of your flatmates from the US?  Did you get to see John and some other friends in the Darwin Branch yesterday?

T- who would’ve thought that we would be teaching anybody but australians?

B- I‎ went to Sweden to teach Africans.

T- no so elder ellingson is the only american in the flat elder shortland is from new zealand and elder mcdonald is from south africa

K- You are a truly international flat… any interesting things you have learned about their countries yet? Any great new cooked meals? I am excited for you to work in the city, that is great.

T- elder mcdonald qualified for the olympic in karate – nah nothing about the countries though

B- ‎So are you driving all the time now? How far away is the furthest part of your zone.

K- Very cool. It sounds like you are happy to be back in Darwin again and that missionary work is going well there. What has been your favorite moment this week?

T- probably the miracle of finding so many new investigators

B- ‎That is awesome. Do you have any specific stories of how you found them?

K- I’m so happy for you. Any trainings coming up?

T- yeah so we train every week so we will have one tomorrow

K- Oh my goodness I just saw the pictures of the mangoes… you weren’t kidding about the number! Those members must love you!

T- yeah i wasn’t kiddding

K- What is in the plans for your first P Day back in Darwin?

T- go shoping and get some chores for the zone done

B- Maybe eat some Mangoes?

K- You are starting to sound like an adult! That is about what I do on my day off too.  Remind me again how big is Darwin? Do you have your driver’s license yet?

T- its about 200,000 people not including students

K- That is a big area to cover. Do both you and Elder Ellingson drive? Do you bike when you are in your area?

T- yeah we both drive and bike in the suburbs

K- SO… never off the bike. There is just a little irony in that. Did they give you the same bike you had before?

T- no i have a nicer one – i gotta go love ya

K- Love you heaps! Have a great week and enjoy Conference!

Oct. 8

hey mom and dad,

how are you? so this week has been an exciting one. we needed to drive to katherine to transfer a missionary so it was really busy. so mom the lea’s have told me that you have been in contact with them……..typical. haha no i’m just kidding. they are awesome aren’t they? so other than driving to katherine we have had a lot of big success in the darwin city. we have been working on getting a teaching center and getting heaps of activities run there. so dad i have been cashing in on my leadership experience in running activities and it has been paying off. we had 7 people just walk off the street and come join our activity and now they are potential investigators. do you have any ideas on inexpensive things we could do for outdoor activities? anywho to answer your question conference was awesome! there has been a lot of strife in darwin about the same sex marriage law which is being discussed in australia and darwin is very pro same sex so it was really good to hear dallin h oaks talk. the one tradition they do here is between showing the sunday sessions at the chapel they have a big potluck
love elder dickson
B- Sounds like life is good. The teaching Center sounds awesome. Glad the leadership skills are working. Give me a little more details. What kind of activities are you looking for?

Hi Love,
Leas have lots of good things to say about you too. I had to contact them about a Christmas thing… can you believe it… I’ve already finished your Christmas stuff. What about traditional games for outdoors like egg and spoon and musical chairs, relays etc. Do you love your neighbour? Ultimate frisbee….how about a game of capture the flag? That’s interesting that Australia is having the same discussions that are happening here about marriage. I thought Elder Oaks did a great job of explaining our beliefs while respecting others.
Will the teaching centre be like the one in Adelaide?
T- basically anything that would be fun to do that would be approved for missionaries. for example last week we did minute to win it  – sort of but smaller
K- Is it setup yet? Do you spend a lot of your time there?
B- I will work on it this week. Guess what, Drew is going to be the head angel in the Mativity. Mom and I are nervous 🙂
T- no its not set up yet we still need to secure a lease – Drew is?
B- ‎He could be the most epic angel ever. Adam and Billy S are Roman soldiers. I’m betting at some point they end up in a sword fight with each other. 🙂
K- That is cool and it s great that you are having so many potential investigators. Who are you teaching right now?

Did you go to Katherine with the Leas or did you go as Zone leaders?
T- we went to katherine as zone leaders
K- Tell me about some of your investigators? Did you finish all your mangoes?
T- yes we finished all the mangoes and we have a few awesome investigators. one family is from india and is really keen to hear about the gospel. we met them through english class. another one of our investigators is from south sudan and we met him at sports night
K- That is so cool. What do you  do for sports night? Do you also teach an English class?
B- ‎Let’s talk more about Mangoes. I was bragging to a lot of people about your mango adventures.
K- I was just showing Brooke and Bronwyn your pictures from last week
T- we play basketball at the chapel and the sisters teach english class but for safety we have to be there – is everyone still there?

‎Leadership idea.
Doughnuts hanging from a string, hands behind the back, eat the Doughnuts.
Panty hose on your head with a ball in the toe. You try to move a bigger ball or balloon to the finish line by swinging the ball in the nylon with your head. Huge pants race – two people in huge pair of pants, each in on elegant. Race to the line. – ‎Grandparents wuss early and uncle Ryan left too.
K- Daves and Shane’s family are still here
T- ok im adding some pictures you can show
K- From Isabelle: First off not cool that you are eating all those mangos without me!

‎Jake is now tying up mom. He is jumping up and down for joy and ice cream.
Jake has new headphones Mom got for free. Panda and teddy bears. So cool.
T- haha sweet and sorry isabelle all mine
K- Isabelle doesn’t think you are sorry at all. Taylor is working for a political campaign because Aunt Christina didn’t want him to just hang out in the house all day…. or maybe it’s all about Taylor’s passion for civic politics!
T- haha good on ya taylor maybe you can work from the bottom and in a few years be trumps vp
B- ‎Taylor will make America even greater again.
K- Bronwyn s now painting her lips with whipping cream…. she is decorating her feelings…. a true artist
T- haha sounds like a good plan
K- Now Bronwyn is trying to kiss aunt Christina with her whip cream lips and her family has kicked her off the couch….love at home – Yep… the biking lots like it was very hot… is there ever a breeze? I like the tag pictures. Are the other pictures of investigators
T- no not yet and sometimes theres a breeze but its usually a warm one
B- ‎Mom is showing Bronwyn how to use our sewing machine. Jake is interested too so he is doing the Jake dance. And now he has dragged her upstairs. Things don’t change much.
T- haha typical jake
B- ‎There were snow flakes as I headed to church this morning. Any snow flakes in Darwin?
T- gotta go love you
K- Love you heaps….
B- Have an awesome week! Hopefully you baptize your Indian investigators and maybe get some Indian food too!


Sept. 24 – Tommy Heading back to Darwin!

hey mom and dad so president parker threw me another curve ball.

Im being transferred! so im going back to darwin with elder ellingson in an area called nightcliff. so i have no clue what i got sick from but something got me. the mission took care of us really well and we are fully healed now. some missionaries in the missionhave the scripture cases but i don’t know if they have them anymore. if possible i would like red and short. but i dont know if they exist anymore. so i fly to darwin at 6pm in adelaide so i have a little bit of time to get all my stuff packed. to be honest i’m still a little shocked so my email might be a little bit scatterred.
Elder Dickson
Krista –

Wow….that is exciting! Darwin again…. did he give you any indication of what the needs are there? That is really cool to get to see some of the saints you knew there. Do you know Elder Ellingson? – Are you excited about Elder Ellingson? You will get to be with a new senior couple too in the Leas. Are there still some missionaries who were there when you were there before?
Tommy – no i just found out last night that i am moving there. yeah i know elder ellingson he was my zone leader in firle – yeah we will get a long great, i love him! yeah there will still be a lot of missionaries from when i was there before – elder masten is coming in behind me. he actually is elder hartmans other trainee
Krista –

Masten?.. new Zone leader? Haven’t heard about him yet. How long has he been out? Where is he from?
Is there anyone else going to Darwin with you?
T- yeah he is new. he has been out 6 months and is a great missionary. he is from Louisiana. yeah so the list is sister ili, sister white, elder mcdonald, elder siaw and me
K –

That’s quite a few going to Darwin. Is Elder Ivory still there?
So you said you know nothing about the area. Was it in your district last time you were there? Are there still two districts?
Brent – ‎Hey Tom very cool. You are a cross continental traveller. Are you still a zone leader?
T- no elder ivory is leaving as i am going up. it is in a different district as last time, all i know is that it is the zone leader area and that they sometimes work in the city center
B- Are you and your companion the only zone leaders for Darwin?
K- Hmmm…. that will be cool! City centre will give you some great opportunities. So Elder !Masten is a new Zone Leader. Any other new zone leaders or transfers of your previous companions? Did Elder Hartman and Elder Degn stay put?
T – yes me and my companion are the only zone leaders in darwin. – and seriously hopefully i don’t come down after one transfer haha – i am going up during wet season, so i should lose heaps of weight –

elder hartman and elder degn stayed put, elder green has been assigned to be a zone leader in alice springs – elder ivory is in golden grove, and elder angelo is in port pirie
K- Me too because now I am going to mail your Christmas packages to Darwin. Did you get the Halloween one already? ( Grandma also put $ 20 in your account for Halloween) . There is also another package somewhere on the way that has Christmas decorations but it is definitely going to Adelaide…. so you may get it after the holiday!
T- just mail them to the mission office and they can mail them to darwin. no i haven’t gotten the halloween one so i’ll get it in darwin. – wow it feels like yesterday i got a halloween package. – thank you mom for sending a package 🙂
K- Oh…serious humidity. Do you still have your good rain coat? I’m assuming the zone leaders will have a car so you will probably have to get a NT drivers license. Did you get that working with kids card last time you were there ?
B- ‎Isabelle and I had heaps of fun (sounding Aussie) at the game today. It was Bautista’s last home game. Hi is a free agent and won’t be resigned. The crowd went crazy every time he was at bat. – ‎Mom works hard on those packages. She is always asking my opinion of what to put in and I always have no idea. Your mom loves you heaps!!!
K- Well two packages on the way before Christmas then! The mission sent a letter with addresses for Christmas packages, so at least that. One will go straight to Darwin
T- no i didn’t so ill have to get that all this time – do the jays not want him anymore?
B- ‎He is 37 and production dropping significantly. I agree with the decision not to resign him. The Jays are doing a good job of honoring him
K- Maybe you’ll get to see a croc this time! I’ll have to tell Grandpa Steed he will be interested
B- Don’t punch a croc, just Kangaroos!
T- yeah thats kinda what i thought with bautista, any big free agents this year?
B- ‎We will see in the off season. The Jays will finish with a losing record. They lost 17 of their first 20 games, got hot in June, and then faded.
K- I think it will interesting to see your convert John and how he is doing. That is a neat opportunity. Is Darwin in the same time zone?
T- i’m sooooooooo excited to see john. and no they don’t do daylight savings
K- So was showing Ms Mann some of you photos on Google Drive at Matt Proctors farewell. A great missionary tool! She and I were both wondering about what the heck was that FLOMBY
T- haha so the story with the flomby is there is acrazy guy in mount gambier who makes them all day long and just leaves them in random places in mount gambier  – hey so i have to go to transfers, love you heaps talk to ya next week
K- Love you heaps too… rock it in Darwin!
B- Miss you – being at CSLC brings back good memories of leadership stuff we did together.

Sept 20

Email came later this week and sadly no parent available to email back


hey mom and dad,

so this week has been fun. elder hartman and i got salmonella so we were in the flat for 5 days but we are all good now. so there isn’t really heaps to talk about this week. In the past week we had two training’s from the second counsellor in the pacific area presidency. it was really cool, learned lots of ways to be a better leader. also since there isn’t much to share i thought i would tell you about something i learned in my studies. so this week i was focusing on the story of lazarus. as we all know jesus raised him from the dead 4 days after he had died. the cool thing is that jewish culture believes the body and spirit stay together for 3 days so jesus christ was showing his fathers power through that. cool. so i think the only request i have for christmas is a kangaroo scripture case. you can order them online and i was wondering if i could get a compact quad one?


Elder Dickson

(the coolest)

Sept. 11

hey mom and dad,

so this has been another crazy week. we had three district meetings again and we went on trade off to mount gambier (5 hours south). the elders are doing great. other than that this week has been pretty normal. i got a cold so my emails aren’t exactly the best. there hasn’t been much else.

love elder dickson

Brent – Drew and I are watching Cowboys Giants. Our mutual disgust of the Cowboys unites us.

Krista – What happens when you are sick?  Do you get to take some breaks or sleep a little bit more?  I didn’t know that Mount Gambier was in your zone. Who are the elders there?

Tommy –

elder peihopa and elder smith (both from new zealand) and when you are sick you can call president and seek permission to stay in the flat but ill be fine


PEIHOPA!! I know that name. Is he feeling famous now that he is on


yeah he framed the article

K –

Oh your mom is feeling sorry for you. Make sure you take care of yourself. Don’t be a Dickson man and take some Medicine or at least some juice and chicken soup.

B- Now it is my mission to get you into Maybe if you punched a kangaroo….. – Be a Dickson MAN!!! We are magnificent!


haha rest is for the weak 😛

K- Saw some great pictures of you in arrivers training. Are things still going well in your flat? – Oh your mom is going to get all protective! Pretty hard to do from across the world


yeah things are going great! –

haha im ok 🙂

K – Ok, I believe you… won’t pull any crazy helicopter mom stuff. Did you see the pictures of Waterton? Kind of crazy. It’s a little strange because we just are sitting and waiting to see what the fire will do

T- I really hope it doesnt hit the townsite. what happens if it does?

B- Ian Tyson is coming to Centennial tomorrow. He is speaking to 3 Leadership classes and giving a keynote. A busy and fun day.


oh tell him i say hi!


Don’t know what happens. They will fight it if the fire gets to the town but the fire is so huge that I don’t know what they can do. it really depends on the wind and weather. if we could have rain it would make a difference. Is it getting warm there?

T- yeah about 20 degrees


How are your shirts and pants holding out. Do you think any of them need to be replaced?

B- It is soooo dry Tom. The driest since 1945. Calgary is brutal too. There is a fire ban in the city. No fire pit. I can’t ever remember that happening before.


they are holding really well –

K –

I’m glad… that will mean you are not getting pants for Christmas… always a good thing. Oh Elise  is going to Australia for about 6 months. I am not sure yet where she is going. i haven’t had a chance to talk to her or her momyet


oh cool why is she coming?


Not sure… touring? I don’t know if she has a visa to work or not. I will get details and let you know. How are your investigators coming along?


they are doing good we found a new investigator named george who is from china and he is on date for the first of october

B- You have the magic touch with those great people from China

K –

That is so exciting! People from China are certainly joining the church in great numbers in your mission.  Is he a student?


yeah he studies software engineering


You and Elder Heindel were meeting to get onto a campus right? Did that ever happen?


Dishes done … I’m back

Matt Proctor’s farewell is next week. I saw him today. He looks ready. Watch out Hong Kong.


president is still working on the campus –

i gotta go love ya

September 4

hey mom and dad so first of all i have repented and put photos onto my google drive!

this week has been crazy we have only had about 6 hours total in our area. we have had so many meetings and trainings that we didnt really get much time to proselyte. this has been a really good week though the mission is making really good progress and continuing to sky rocket. last week i got to go on trade off with elder miague and elder degn so it was cool to be with both of my sons and continuing to teacjh them a little bit. its really cool to see hpow much elder miague has grown since i was with him. so to answer your questions. when we go and do zone buisness we just put elder degn with the glenelg elders (elder miague and elder mikami). our african investigators are doing alright they aren’t progressing heaps well but are slowly working. im still doing really good its a weird feeling to think that i have already been out a year it seriously feels like 1 month. 
Krista – Well that’s great! That is the best way to feel! I am glad to hear about your repentance to add pictures for me….. they make your mom happy ! Dad and Drew just headed out to a seminary fireside so it may just be me this time. Are your meetings MLC ? Zone meetings? Are you still getting along with the elders in your flat? 5 must make it interesting
Tommy – so this week we had three district meetings, MLC, a zone p-day to tab book of mormons, and arrivers training. yeah we get along to great, there is a video i added to the drive of when elder hartman degn and i made it seem like the flat was broken into and we scared them.
K- Oh dear…. I’m not so sure I should celebrate that 😜but I’m glad you’re having some fun while you are working so hard.  Do you have three districts in your zone? Is Elder Mikami one of the district leaders?i’m trying to imagine the elders so use one word to describe each of the elders in your flat.
T- we have three districts and are the only zone in the mission with three. Elder mikami: laugh elder degn: prankster elder hartman: tricky elder miague: goofball
K- Ok well then….. that seems to make an interesting mix ! Did you get to go t the Royal Adelaide show or was another zone manning the booth? It would be really cool to see that tabbed Book of Mormon. Did you get to keep one?
T- i kept two and am adding my own tabs as well. and no its the city zone that runs the show
Brent – ‎I’m at the opening seminary fireside with Drew. There seems to be some excitement and some dread in the audience. Drew didn’t complain about coming so that is a good sign.
K- I will love to see that. It would be great to study like a missionary. You really are specialists because you spend so much time immersed in the scriptures and the work. How is the zone doing? It sounds like they are on fire!
T- they are doing great and there is a lot of room still to go but overall are smashing it
B – ‎Cole P and Kim H are the seminary Council presidents for Centennial. Kim will be great but I told Drew I am worried about Cole because he has shady friends. (Drew and Cole are buddies)
K- Do you have senior missionaries who are associated with your zone? What has been the most inspiring thing you did or learned this Week?

Oh and by the way they switched Seminary times so Drew now gets to go at 7 instead of 6:30….totally spoiled!
T- what the heck lucky duck. you should see the seminary classes here. 15 kids from all ages in one class at 6:30

no we don’t have any senior missionaries associated with the zone but the withingtons are in charge of our housing. i have been studying jesus the christ and that whole book blows my mind
B- ‎Kids these days slacking at 7AM. It moved later because Centennial now starts at 9:15. So far Drew has no spares so he will be early. He is taking all 3 sciences, leadership, and calculus this year. He may have to do homework this year. He isn’t playing football. Decided to focus on school, work and Rugby.
K- I loved that book while I was teaching Gospel Doctrine. I felt like sometimes I would have to read passages several times over before I really understood. When we were all in St George a couple of years ago I went to a lecture about how Talmage wrote the book in An office in the Salt Lake Temple. How do you decide what to study by yourself and as a companionship?
T- thats really good maybe his grade 12 marks will be better than mine 😛 and i dont know i just picked it up and started reading
K- I’m fascinated by the pancake picture…. what is that?! – Elder Maganda?….
B- ‎Cole talked about how his brothers were an example to him for attending seminary. Drew and I decided you were an excellent example of early morning attendance but maybe not quite as good with release time 🙂
T- so the man we made them for is named r_________. he has a mental handicap but is determined to have the missionaries over so every wednesday he makes us crazy spicy food and every saturday we make him “flapjacks and french toast”  – so we made a special one for his birthday.
B- ‎Is he a member?
T- maganda means beuatiful in tagalog so we taped it to elder miagues badge as a joke
K- I’m impressed. That is kind but also some serious culinary skill!
T- yes he is was baptized 40 years ago the photo i have on the drive of me saluting is with him
B- ‎Can’t think of a better thing for you to be doing as a missionary than spending some time with him.
K- I am looking at the pictures now. I think I see your flat and some zone pictures. What is the statue with a sword?
T- oh thats a statue of ned kelly (kinda like aussie john wayne)
K- Ok….Elder Maganda?
T- maganda means beautiful in tagalog so we taped it to elder miague’s badge as a joke
K- He is pretty darn beautiful! Heard it was Father’s Day yesterday in Australia? Do they do anything different than here?
B- ‎I’m sure you had a moment of silence for me.
T- no they just do the same thing – haha fathers day was in june
B- ‎Every day should be father’s day cause we are awesome.
T- haha maybe not
K- I think Dad would like every Sunday to be Father’s Day. We might have to invest a little more heavily in root beer. Layton got home this week. He is in Waterton for the weekend and then back to school. Do you have any idea of what you wan to do next year? Work? School? Do you know your release date?
T- i want to upgrade my english before i go into school. ill be relased on august 19th – hey mom i have to go love you heaps
K- Ok…. interesting… I didn’t know that. When we get a little further into the fall, I will look into some of that for you so you can make deadlines. Are you starting to see signs of Spring in Adelaide? The nights are definitely getting cooler here
T- jokes im not leaving yet – yeah we are seeing spring now
K- Layton made me think of it…. no rush and no need to think about it yet
T- i do have to go now love you heaps bye!
K- Like be you lots… have a great week!

August 27

hey mom and dad how are you?

so this week has been a crazy one. first thing that happened is that a missionary in the zone had a huge bike crash and she tore several muscles in her back and neck. elder hartman and i had to rush to the hospital and give her a blessing. also this week we are having a zone p-day which we are going to be marking 1000 book of mormons to be giving out at the adelaide show. this week we were also able to find a new investigator family from a very small country in africa. they are really solid. the new missionaries name is elder degn the senior couple must have spelt it wrong.
love elder dickson
Krista – Oh that poor missionary! Is she out of the hospital? That sounds like a great P Day 1000 Book of Mormons… how many is that per missionary? I am at home. We were at Isabelle’s birthday dinner but Jake got obsessed about popping balloons so I went home. Dad and the boys are still there
Brent – Awesome week. Is the Adelaide show like Stampede?   How is the sister missionary doing now?
Tommy – the adelaide show is like a giant bmo center kind of thing. lots of stands. and yeah the missionary is doing ok she is out of hospital now and recovering.
K – That’s good! Tell me about the new investigators. How did you find them? How many in the family? What country?
B- Maybe if it is like comicon you could be super missionaries. Everyone is playing Mario kart. Joseph says he is best.
T- we door knocked into them and there are 4 in the family  – haha maybe
B- Since Taylor is all gimped up maybe he should be an online gaming missionary. While he battles people he could bring up the book of Mormon etc
T- haha dont know if they have that one
K – Are your Nepalese investigators still interested? When is the Adelaide Show? Will you get to be in the booth for any of it?
B- ‎I think he would be excellent!   I go back to school in two days. Mom tomorrow. She is whining but I don’t feel sorry for her. She gets 2 weeks at Spring Break and three for Christmas.
T – they have dropped off the map so we are trying to get in contact with them with little luck
B- Use your Stampede skills and you will rock!
K – That’s too bad…l did you do anything for your hump day? Is that what they call it in your mission?
T- they just call it the year mark and no we were really busy
K- I guess being busy is the best way to be. How is your greenie doing? Do you have time for finding and teaching?
B- ‎What!!! No hump. We would bump, hump, slump, and then do when we went home. Call your mission to repentance. Sounds like a good tradition. When does Australia’s school year rin@
T- we burn a shirt at the year mark but i havent done it yet.
K-Ok…. now you are sounding more like a 19 year old boy. ! Are you still the cook or do all of you take turns?aw you driving and waking that poor greenie up… maybe a little jet lag?
T-im still the cook and he isnt really jet lagged anymore and they are in school until christmas
That is all for this week

August 13, 20

Fun cousin picture 2/3 of the way down

Letter from Tommy August 13

hey mom and dad so the big news is that my new companion is elder hartman (my former zone leader in darwin)! also we will be training! the other cool news is that they falt mates have changed. elder miague is now companions with elder mikami! so all of the missionaries i have been around in one flat. its crazy tpo think that i have already been out one year. yes i did get the package and i smashed the soft licorice really fast. other than that this week has been pretty normal. oh and another cool thing, elder riding ended up giving me his drone!

love ya
Elder Tommy Dickson
Brent – What do you mean you will be training?   How does that work as a Zone leader? I am in Wa‎terton now. It was warm this morning but cold now. We are hiking Akimina Ridge tomorrow. Taking on the three peak challenge.
Tommy – so we will be in a trio training a new missionary
Krista – That is cool that you have Elder Hartman! Who are you training? When do you get him? That will be fun to see how much Elder Miague has grown since you knew him as a greenie….. and a drone???? Fun week! Do you just fly it around the apartment?
Brent – ‎Funny story, Joseph asked if we were doing a big dinner after church today. I told him I didn’t know and sent Joseph and Benny over to cement to ask Joan. She said there was no plan so I told the boys I would make something. 1 hour later we got an invite from Joanne for dinner. We may have moored our way in a bit but it was delicious.
Tommy – i will find out who i am training on wednesday – we start transfers at 2pm today – its 11 here
Krista – Fun! I am excited for you. That sounds like some great combinations and challenges. So believe it or not I am starting to think about Christmas…. is anything wearing out? Any requests? Where did the other elder in your flat get transferred to?

Do you go and pick up the new transfers in your zone? Are you the only Elders with cars in your zone? Do you still have Elder Heindel until tomorrow?
Tommy – no so most of the companionships have cars so they all come to the chapel at 2pm and we move them to and from the zones. elder heindel is at the mission office until he flies home on wednesday
Krista – What about the senior couples? Did any of them move? Any of your old companions get moved? Transfer week must be very busy.
Tommy – no so the senior couples don’t really move – transfer week is chaos
Krista – How many new missionaries do you have transferred to the Marion Zone?
Tommy – 8
Krista –

Good kid!
Sundays are always an adventure in Nursery. I am relearning the basics of the gospel and it is really sweet to see the little ones as they learn and talk about simple things. Today was about the sacrament and thinking about Jesus… a good reminder for me as I was talking to Drew! you can learn a lot from Nursery!
Tommy – its suprising hey how much we learn from the kids
Krista –

Well some great spiritual moments but I also got  “my hair cut”, told about multiple Batman cars, tried valiantly to prevent a little one from throwing up when her parent left for a minute and got more shots from the doctors kit than I can count… got to say much more entertaining than sitting through the adult lessons!
How are your Nepali investigators?
Tommy – they are doing well, progress is slow but coming along
Krista – I’m glad that even with all the busyness of being a zone leader that you still get the opportunity to teach investigators. What are you teaching them right now?
Tommy – we are focussing on clearing up the doctrine of the trinity. stupid nicene creed……
Krista – That’s interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed that doctrine would be that challenging. I guess you just take some things for granted when you grow up in the church. Any Christmas needs??????
Tommy –  yeah its annoying but all good and no not that i can think of now.
Krista –

Ok… you just are going to get Mom ideas… probably some cheesy stuff, some stuff your companions think is crazy but hopefully it will make you feel like not much has changed at home.
Where is Elder Hartman from? How long has he been out?
Tommy –

elder hartman is from draper utah and he has been out almost a year and 3/4
Krista – Is it starting to warm up in Adelaide? I am fighting off the thoughts of fall here. School is coming too fast!
Tommy – yeah its starting to warm up but its slow still. i got to go and organize some transfer logistics, love ya!
August 20
hey mom and dad so this week has been awesome. so first of all we got to meet gary e stevenson and he was really awesome. he did a personal training for the mission on saturday morning and i sang in a choir for him. i dont even know how to describe it. so elder hartman and i are like the same person its crazy so we get along really well. also my trainee is elder degn (pronounced dane) from malad idaho. he is really good and is so excited to be better. he is very quiet so the opposite of elder miague so its a little different. one of the big points of elder stevenson that stuck with me is that he said. “when people ask leaf questions, don’t respond with leaf answers. respond with root answers”
Brent – Nice!!!‎ I think mom will be impressed you sang in the choir. She is in Waterton and I am in Calgary with Jake. Where is Elder Hartman from?
Tommy – he is from draper utah
Brent – he is from draper utah
Krista – I’m here , just biking to the church so I don’t use all my data emailing you

we just had one for the missionaries and one for each stake
K – Did you just attend the one for Marion Stake? S Elder Degn is quiet. What else do you know about him?
B- ‎That is a great opportunity. Not many missionaries have that happen. So do you do everything in a group of three or do you split off. I’ve never heard of two zone leaders training a greenie.
K – Ran into Noah L at church today. All his mission papers are done and he just has to have the final interview with the stake president and hit send. He is trying to get them in quickly and then he’ll see where he goes and how long a wait. He shouldn’t have visa problems because he also has a Us passport. I’m excited for him
T – he is really big into snowboarding and yeah we also attended one for marion stake – the zone leaders in our mission train heaps. and thats awesome for noah!!
B- Billy S got sustained to be ordained an Elder today. He also spoke and did a good job.

no i didnt but elder hartman did
K- We had a fun afternoon in Waterton. I brought down a bunch of Food Network magazines and all the kids in our family and Pollock’s picked something to make. It was a little hodgepodge but lots of fun and tasted surprisingly good. Benny made white chocolate mousse and Drew mad stuffed zucchini, vegetable pasta , and also made sweet potato chips with Isabelle – Funny moment . I am sitting at wifi to email you and guess who just hobbled up…. you are right Taylor.!!!!! He is getting better and has a huge brace on his leg
B- ‎I’m sure he came for WiFi just so he could email his favorite cousin!
K- He is emailing his cousin now…. so maybe not his first motivation but still doing a good thing –

From Taylor….
Hey. So you can now sleep easier now I have be tentatively cured from the afflictions of my knee. I know it is a big deal, don’t get to excited. How has your boring mediocre life going so far other then sleepless nights thinking about my health?
T – hah its been good tay
K –

From Taylor,
Anything interesting happening? Taylor wonders about companions, animals, people you are teaching etc
K- I’m also wondering how your investigators are doing? Was this week too busy? – How’s this for a memory. Drew is running the dishes game for all the cousins and they are doing dishes in two cabins… poor Mark and Winston got called up tons
T- how come drew got to weasel out of that one  – my companions are really good
K- He did dishes yesterday and he was the only cousin old enough who knew the game and could run it
B- Gotta be some privileges for being oldest. Anything fun planned for PDAY today?
K- Everyone is getting dessert here….you can imagine the chaos… one of the funniest desserts is Nate who made a cake that looks like a wheel of cheese…..”cheesecake” get it!!!!!! -Benny says hi smelly how are you doing? Walker wishes he could send you a batch of his brownies. Clara misses you and remembers pulling candy off your shirt
Tommy –

haha tell them i say hi! and not really just have to get a lot of zone things done. we usually dont really have much of a p-day because of responsibilties. its all wporth it though to help the missionaries
B- Love the Oilers shirt. What a righteous and Noble cousin. – Maybe help the play a game of pool or help them improve their bowling game? 🙂
K- Clara wants to tell you that Kathlyn and Grace are in Singapore right now so they are the closest to you. Sabrina and Clara and Walker are watching me email you right now
T- haha not really – tell clara “apa kabar”
K- What does that mean? – Saya Suka Tommy says Clara…. that means I like Tommy
T-  it means how are you?

The kids here were quite interested in your pictures and knowing about your     mission. Sabrina was surprised that we didn’t FaceTime you all of the time so we talked about how you need to be focused on missionary work and we are proud of how you are focused.
Clara says Bike Saja which means I’m doing good

‎Better butter up to Mom and send pictures. She is currently assembling your Christmas package.
T- i have put a few on and will take more this week
K- Missionary Christmas is challenging!!!! The package has to be under 4 pounds and mission appropriate???? A great challenge!
T- i have to go love yous!!
K- Love you heaps!!!!!!

August 7, 2017

hey mom and dad, so nothing much has changed since we thursday. the zone is one that needs a lot of ministering. we are on the phone every night counselling missionaries so really busy. this weekend we were able to find 3 new investigators from nepal so i am learning some nepali. also yes elder heindel flies home on the 15th of august and his leavers trainings and stuff starts on friday so i basically become a single zone leader as of friday. The university is going great we updated presidnet parker and he has a member from firle ward (former state judge) working on getting us permits. other than that nothing really new. are you talking about lexie from the yellow cabin or lexie leishman?

love elder dickson
Krista – Lexie from the yellow cabin ( which is now the green cabin) . That is interesting about the Nepali inestigators? Are they Christian? A family or students?
Tommy – two are christian one is hindu, they are all students at flinders university. They painted it green? we spend majority of our time working around the university
Krista – That makes sense… It sounds like students are the most open to listening to the gospel. How is driving going? Are you getting used to having a car or do you sometimes still bike?
Brent – That is exciting teaching people from Nepal. You seem to be meeting people from many places, especially Asia. Matt Proctor’s grandpa died last week. He was 92 and died in his sleep. Sounds like a great way to end an awesome life. I am taking Grandpa and Grandma D up to the funeral on Wednesday.
Tommy – we still try to get on the bikes as much as possible because we can talk to more people that way but when we have to take care of zone business we usually need the car
Krista – Tell me about a couple of new missionaries you have met and something cool about them.
Tommy – oh goodness there are a lot of great missionaries mom, so ill tell you a little about a few

elder mikami: elder mikami’s grandma is a dickson so we are related. he is also one of the most patient people i know.
elder mcdonald: he is from south africa and has qualified for the olympics in karate
elder fepuleai: he is a big ol teddy bear. he is sooo loving and accepting of everyone
Krista – That is great that you are learning so much about them. Speaking of pants… where are you at with clothes? Are you running out of stuff? With the pants for the elder do you want me to shop and ship (might take a while to get there) or do you want the money put in your account and you can look on a PDay?
Brent –  Funny thing happens when you serve others, you come to like and love them. What is leaver training?  Do they do something special to get them ready to go home?  The Calgary Mission President and his wife were in our ward and bore their testimonies. They said that 37 missionaries went home last Friday and 29 new ones came. I guess they borrowed members vans to get them all to the airport. That would be quite a transition.
Krista – So how can you tell it is a holiday in Canada? This week Sundance Ward had 128 people and Waterton branch had 187 children under the age of 12. There were at least 75 people sitting outside on the lawn of the church. They even had chairs and a speaker out there. Waterton was so busy today that they closed the gates of the park for the first time ever for about an hour!
Tommy –

leavers training is when the missionaries going home get prepped for home and do things like “self reliance training” and others. to be honest in our mission it’s like a big secret what happens there
Krista – That cracks me up…. what do you do while he is in leavers training? Do you get to be in a group of three?
well another missionary in the zone is leaving also so i get his companion and we go out for the day
Brent – Sounds very mysterious:). Mom has been binging on disaster movies lately. She loves them and I admit I got sucked into some too. Now she is with an old friend Harry Potter. I am guessing that doesn’t surprise you – Tomorrow will be an exciting holiday Monday, more house painting!! Love that. I have had a pretty awesome July so I can’t complain. Haven’t been to Waterton yet but may get there for a bit before summer ends. I watched the Super Rugby final yesterday. It was the Crusaders from N Zealand vs the Lions from South Africa. Crusaders killed them. I think I am hooked on this Rugby thing.
Tommy – its crazy how good new zealand is
Krista – I saw a Facebook post today of the Farrer’s in the Darwin airport and then on the plane on the way to go home. I have loved seeing Sister Farrer’s posts. I feel like I really got to see a lot of your Darwin experience so I am grateful!
Tommy – she is in adelaide right now
Krista – Did you see the fabulous “Flat Tommy”? A little ridiculous I know but it was fun. I was laughing at how the teenage boys loved to kiss it!!!! Dad told you about Noah Laycock getting ready to go on a mission. That is really exciting for him! We are so glad
Krista made a Flat Tommy and took it down to Waterton for the Steed Family party on the long weekend.  He got a lot of attention from family and friends!
Tommy – yeah i was so excited to see that!
Brent – Some pretty big boys on the Crusaders. The Jays have fallen apart. It will take a miracle for them to make the playoffs. Drew’s Dodgers are on fire. They are on a 35-7 tear right now, best of any team in a stretch since 1927. My Eskimos are 6-0 despite having 18 players on the 6 game injures list. Calgary, BC, and Winnipeg all look really good too. The rest not so good. I think Calgary is the team to beat.
Krista – The Byams are starting to get excited for Layton to come home. he is serving in a Filipino ward right now so he is getting fed lots and getting to learn a little Tagalog. It is fascinating how you are learning little bits of so many different languages and cultures.
Brent – ABC – anyone but Calgary says the diehard Edmonton fan 🙂
Tommy – whatever
Krista – Grandpa Steed did the unbelievable and went to get blueberries at the coast with Isabelle and Bronwyn instead of going to the party yesterday… people were surprised. i’m sure he will show up in Waterton any minute and then over at our house by late tonight. Hopefully they were worth it!
Tommy – wow unbelievable
Krista – Boy those blueberries better be worth their weight in gold, or maybe it was just an excuse to go on a road trip!
Tommy – i thinkit was an excuse
Brent – I don’t care if it gets me some sweet Abbotsford blueberries. You will probably always think those are the best since it is your birthplace. Good stuff comes from Abbotsford!
Krista – I agree… or maybe just the desire to be a man of mystery! He also loves the social part of getting all of that fruit. What are the best fruit and vegetables to buy in Australia? Is there anything that is more expensive because it has to be imported?
Tommy – we get really cheap mangos and really cheap passion fruit but my fav is durian
Krista – Durian? I don’t think i have every tried it… isn’t it stinky????? Who introduced you to it?
Tommy – yeah it stinks but tastes sooo good, a member in darwin showed me
Krista – Hmmmm…. you will have to show me. Any pictures this week?
Brent – Never heard of it. Mangos, cherries, and blueberries are my jam.
Tommy – sorry im the worst at taking photos, i will upload next week  – sorry im the worst at taking photos, i will upload next week
Krista – Ok… I know you are busy but we love seeing you! What is coming up for the Marion Zone?
Tommy – nohing really big coming up other than transfers on monday. oh we are going bowling today as a district
Brent – Mangoes on the trees!!! Sounds Celestial, if it wasn’t for the intense heat and humidity. Maybe the price you pay for mangoes.
Krista – Mangoes on the trees!!! Sounds Celestial, if it wasn’t for the intense heat and humidity. Maybe the price you pay for mangoes.
Tommy – i will! and yeah staright up celestial  – has benny and drew gone through all my stuff yet?
Krista – Have fun! That will be a busy place with all those missionaries… take a few pictures. Benny is headed off to Volleyball camp this week. If he is decent a lefty is always in high demand
Tommy – ya i saw drew wearing my brown shoes
Krista – Yes I have to admit I offered those up…. they weren’t in your buckets and I figured you might want to buy new when you got home anyway…. My bad
Tommy – ok thats alright no worries
Brent – That could be. I don’t know who is who’s. I can punch him if you want. Benny and I are going to have a fire tonight. He found some Weinhards root beer we forgot about in the storeroom so we are going to get root beer wasted!!!
Tommy – i got to go ill email you next week love ya!

July 24, 2017

In Darwin Tommy had his scriptures dot painted by a member – it is a traditional aboriginal art form


hey mom and dad,

thats soo great to hear that moroni’s quest went well. i remember the one i attended vividly. i specifically remember when president craig walked over the hill. i will never forget that. It’s so good to hear that drew was able to have such personal spiritual experinces. Its really those that carry you through the trials.  this week has been pretty normal. as zone leader the chaos never ends. we are always running around solving problems. i cant really remember any other specifics.
love ya
Krista – I am glad to hear that you could help that Elder… helping him feel Christ’s love is the most important thing you can do. Hopefully he will continue to feel positive about being on a mission. It seems like you are very busy as a zone leader. Is it rewarding? What parts do you feel best about?
Tommy – yeah its really rewarding. we get to help a lot of missionaries. i feel best when we can encourage a missionary that they can do it and to not give up. we dont really get pdays just due to lack of time but thats ok
Brent – ‎Hey studly, that is awesome you were able to help that missionary. You are very good at that. I am off to the closing Moroni fireside with Benny and Bronwyn. Drew is at work. He had to work Sunday so he could be at Moroni Quest.
Krista – I’m glad, that seems like something you would be a natural at. Do you have more frequent interviews with President Parker to take care of all of that? I have to tell you a funny story. I posted the picture of you and Elder Heindel on the Adelaide mission site…. did you notice in the picture that you look a little like twins? I had to look twice!
Tommy – yeah but i got a new hair style so now we look different

Krista – Are the Farrers gone home now? Who is replacing them in Darwin?

Benny says cool scriptures and wants to know if you heard about Teigan… He goes to the Dominican Republic MTC?  Benny says loving your bed trololololol Bronwyn wants to know if you feel really cold after all of the hot weather.  They are gone now but I will tell them your answer
What is the new hairdo?
Tommy – yeah its really cold. and thats crazy i didnt even know there was an mtc there – ill send a picture next week
Krista – I can tell you are busier  as a zone leader because we don’t get as many pictures. Or maybe that is just because you are back in basically the same area. Do you go on splits as zone leaders? How many different areas are in the Marion Zone. I remember Aberfoyle and Trott and you are in Oaklands Park… What else?
Tommy – there are 12 companionships in the marion zone. – just busier
Krista – So does that mean 12 areas or do some companionships share an area? How many sisters?  I am kind of sad I don’t get to see the Moroni’s Quest Fireside. There are a ton of our ward who are characters. Brother O’ Brien is King Noah and dad said he braided his beard!!! Sister Frodsham made cupcakes for all the youth today… amazing! and Sister Mullen was asking about you today… I said you are good at helping others so being a zone leader lets you use your talents. Even is you are a little busy
Tommy – 12 areas, 4 sets of sisters – thats good to hear! sister frodsham is the best
Brent – ‎Sitting on the Parkland gym waiting for the fireside to start. It has been a hot day so I am cheating and came with no suit coat. Brother Torrie is doing the music so it should be epic. He had his grand piano shipped on because he didn’t like the church’s – ‎The cupcakes were delicious. They were celebrating pioneer day July 24 tomorrow. Brother Hudson and I had two each while counting tithing.
Krista – Do you get  Pday today or are you busy with Zone business?
Tommy – usually too busy
Krista – Do you remember when you got mom volunteered to be in the orchestra with Brother Torrie? We are lucky to have him in our Stake…. crazy talented! That males me want to go watch that video of you playing trombone for that carol festival. That seems like AGES ago!
Tommy – i gotta go, talk to you next week

July 17

hey mom and dad,

just a fair warning this email is probably going to be short because we are crazy busy. this week has been a gong show. I guess ill answer your questions. 1) i am starting to get comfortable because its just like being a district leader with a really big district. so we train every week just like the district leaders except we train at three meetings. we also meet with the stake president every month to discuss missionary work.  2) no we dont get very much time in our own area, at least not as much as i would like. 3) we are working with a few people we have on baptismal date, yan, daniel, alex and thanh. they are all progressing well and are all foreign except for alex. and to answer your mom question yes i got a coat. because it is really cold and wet.
this last week we had zone conference given to us by president and the assistants. it was really weird conducting it.  we have some great missionaries in marion zone.
Elder Dickson

July 9

hey mom and dad,

well its flipping cold down here. the past few days have been a killer. i have come from 35 degrees and humid every day to 11 degrees cold rain and dry. so im serving in an area called oaklands park. so that puts me in a new ward (marion ward). a zone leaders life is crazy. we attend 3 district meetings and we have to run errannds for companionships. plus trade offs and flat rock ups. so its pretty crazy. we have spent a total of like 4 hours in our area this week. it should be a little better now that we are over week one.  its nice to be back in marion. i get to see a lot of missionaries that i knew before. its pretty much like being a really big district leader except my companion is there to help. so elder heindel is from idaho. this is his last transfer and he has been in oaklands park since christmas (a long time). ill probably need to buy that coat. we are in carge of the biggest zone in the mission and im the designated driver so that means i do a lot of driving
Krista – What are s a flat rock up?
Tommy – yeah im comfportable with driving just took a little while to adjust and a flat rock up is when we crash another missionaries companionship study to check on them. we have keys to every flat in the zone so we will show up and make sure they are doing tjhe right things like not coming back to the flat early and stuff
Brent – ‎Hey, freezing at 11 C. You are a true Australian. Sounds like lots of different duties. Change is a good thing.
Krista –

That must be a little strange…
 Did you have that happen to you before you were a zone leader? How is the new ward? Do you have other missionaries in it?
Brent – ‎You sound like the enforcer! Just make sure to do it with love and a smile. Mission letters have changed from back in the day. Instant communication from Calgary, adelaide, and Washington DC – It is still really hot here at 7PM. I think I will take Jake to the lake at 8PM. I don’t think he can break the sabbath. I will read the ensign on shore :).
Tommy – that happened to me but i had never done it. the ward is awesome. the bishop ois really on board for missionary work and we have a gung ho ward mission leader who is smashing it! and yes we are in a flat with 4 missionaries. we have the glenelg elders with us (elder riding and elder mikami (cousin!!!)). and we also have the marion sisters in the ward sister buyanbadrakh and sister afualo
Krista – I remember seeing that picture of Elder Mikami. Who is Elder Riding? How long has he been out? Do you enjoy being in a flat with more missionaries? Well I guess the one thing that will be definite is that you will get a new companion in 6 weeks.
Brent – ‎Guess you won’t get lonely. Good to hear you have Bishop and mission Leader support. So are you going to brave the Cole and do something fun today? – ‎So the TV keeps getting interrupted for a Tornado warning just North of Calgary. Super hot day with a Tornado possibility. Not sure you get those down under.
Tommy – he was in firle with me. he has been out 4 months  – i love 4 elders, never a dull moment – not even close
Krista – What is your area like? Is it similar to the area you served with Elder Punou?
Brent – ‎Of course when I go swimming not so worried about crocs
Tommy – no its closer to evandale. a lot more units and like closer to the city. the photos we are sending is a member named rob deromano or “captain”. he has some handicaps but always has us over every wednesdya and we make him pancakes and french toast every saturday. – he loves the us navy – yeah i guess so, oh wait we dont swim  – i gotta go i love you have a great day
Brent – You are awesome. Have a great week
Krista – I love that. It is so nice when members support missionaries and missionaries return the favour. The US navy huh… well I am in the middle of Everything US military in DC right now. Wow that last picture of you and Elder Heindel was wacky….you look like you could be twins!!!!! I have been meaning to ask you . Would you be interested in having contacts? – Love you have a great week. Rock Oakdale!!!!!!!!
Tommy – jokes im back apparently we have longer email time as a zone leader because we have to update so much stuff – Oaklands park (we call it OKP) not oakdale – no not at all
Brent – So any big plans for today?
Tommy – we are going to costco!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brent – ‎Is it the same company as here? Do they have sweet hotdogs and lots of socks to buy?
Tommy – yeah its the exact same – tell drew to open to zachariah 5:1 (first documented food fight) – or psalms 137:9
Brent – ‎I’m getting him right now for his thoughts. – ‎He likes the idea of throwing stuff. It spiritually moved him. ‎Drew fun fact. At EFY he ate a lot of melons. ‎Not sure the significance of that.
Tommy – i think the second one is how we all feel when we are annoyed – if he reads verse two he will find out how big the bun is – why melons?
Brent – Drew says that is a huge bun. Drew is quite insightful.
Tommy – oh and big news gary e stevenson is coming to adelaide in a month
Brent – They taste good. As you can see he is a big talker. He has now left to watch Simpsons. He was able to give five minutes of his time for you. Touching. ‎Very cool. Is that the first General Authority visit for you. They have very cool and direct messages for missionaries.
Tommy – wow touching
Drew – He is a bit of a Simpsons junkie. He has 22 plus seasons to choose from.
Tommy – well we have had general 70’s in the past but now we have an apostle – i gotta go now. i love you
Brent – Proselyte like a boss! 🙂

July 3 – Tommy is back in Adelaide

So much to our surprise, Tommy was transferred back to Adelaide after only 6 weeks in Darwin.  That trip is a little shorter than a flight from Calgary to Houston.  He was on the move most of the day so we got a brief email in the middle of the night.  Should hear more this week.


hey mom and dad, so the big news is I was transferred! I am back down in Adelaide but I am now a zone leader with my new companion elder heindel. we are the zone leaders for marion and are in charge of the biggest zone in the mission. other big news is that elder ivory stepped up to district leader after I left. he is the man I don’t have much time to email so I will fill you in on more next week love you

June 18

hey mom and dad,

so you met sister townsend? she told me right before she left that she was sister woodruffs neice. we have had a great week here. its been all over the place. first of all we went on trade offs with elder arnaud and elder mattie. i went to palmerston with elder arnaud and we were able to see their struggling recent convert. us and a member gave him a blessing and it was super spiritual. also this week we have seen lots of cool animals near our flat. so benny can look at the photos that i will add. one of the best things about darwin is the people. they are so nice always kind and wanting to talk. one of the people i will never forget is brother maloney. he is a solid member who loves elder ivory and i. he always has us for dinner and is always looking to help us out.
love ya
elder dickson
Drew – You’re a noob you are a ret -drew
Krista – Hooray! I totally cried when Sister Townsend came and gave me a hug. She said great things about the Mission and the Parkers and said how much faith the parkers had in you. It totally surprised me because I was in the middle of Nursery Chaos  and I had forgotten about the Woodruff’s niece. I was so happy to see her. It was kind of like seeing you. I’m glad you are getting meals. How old is Brother Maloney? Does he have a family?
Tommy – the daughter is 6 – he is in his 40’s and has one daughter. he is recently returning from less activity and his wife is a recent convert.
Taylor – ‎”Email him something cool or something” your dad telling me to tell you. Anyway hey it is taysteed. How are you doing? I may or may not have torn my acl so that is fun. So what is going on for you right now?
Krista – That is cool. It sounds like it was a great week in Darwin. Where is Palmerston?
Here is Joseph to say a few words:“ Piitsburgh won the Stanley Cup and Warriors won the NBA final. I won my tournament. How is it in Darwin?”

Brent – ‎So for Father’s day we had a rootbeer bar. Lots of brands and taste cups. I liked the grizzly brand out of Canmore. Mom likes Crim City rootbeer. We think it is because there is a cartoon picture of a guy with tattoos on the front.

Krista – I was proud of my 8 different kinds of rootbeer… not even Barqs or Mug! I had to go to like 4 different stores to find it all.! Some of it was really gross.

Tommy – hey taysteed, so guess what up here in darwin nobody cares about trump (yes that is possible) but the trade off is that everybody here is a bogan (aussie word for hillbilly) – hey well taysteed how was grad?

Krista – I am asking … how do you define an Australian Hillbilly?

Tommy – they drink a ton of beer and all think that they live in the outback even though they live in the city. literally the australian version of a redneck

Krista – This is fro Grandpa Steed… Do  you spend any time climbing termite mounds? Grandpa is now giving me info on termite mounds!

Tommy – there arent termite mounds in darwin only in the bush

Taylor –  was good. We went as a group of people in my grade.  I went with Sophie Carter as my date, and it was good.  The day after a lot of the people came down to waterton and were able to hang out for a couple of days, the guys stayed in the big cabin and the girls stayed out at the Remington cabin.

Well that is kind good and bad, in that you can’t have any type of mutual hating session with the people, but on the good side you don’t ever need to worry about people giving you baggage about Trumps new policies or what he tweeted about.  Are you spending time to keep up with the us’s politics or is this more of a general hatred you have with you? Like what if I was to say that Trump was impeached, would you even know or not?
Brent – ‎Jake is lounging on the swing in the back yard and talking about who just went pee and peeing in the toilet. Some things don’t change.
Tommy – no we would have no clue unless people tell us. thats sweet! and guess what? everybody in darwin has flipping gates and a big dog so we cant knock on their door
Krista – Is it a single mom with kids? Have you started to teach them? What are their names?
Brent – So any fun stories with contacting. ‎Any fun stuff happen on PDay?
Krista / Bronwyn – Here is Bronwyn… Hot? Warm? Or Cold?    Yes that is really all Bronwyn wants to know. Well you know your cousin…. just a “little different!”
Tommy – yeah a single mom with kids and their names are linda, hartley and i dont remember the rest but we are seeing them tonight – it is 30 degrees or hotter every day – not really except for aboriginals telling us that we are brainwashing them by talking to them
Brent – ‎I didn’t know you had such amazing mind powers. What are your top tips for brainwashing 🙂
Krista – It sounds like Darwin is busy with new potentials! Palmerston? Where is it?
Tommy – its 30 minutes from darwin. its like okotoks to calgary
Krista – Ok… that makes sense. Where is Elder Arnaud from/ How long has he been out?
Tommy – he is from tahiti and has been out for almost a year and a half – taylor. the gates are like 6 feet high and man some people have the angriest dogs. its probably just cuz im white :p just kidding
Krista – Are all of the missionaries in Darwin on bikes?
Tommy – you wanna know something funny actually? australia doesnt have rabies – no food and no we are the only area exclusively on bikes. everyone else has both
Brent – We can send Jake down. He can bring it with him. (rabies)
Krista – As you can imagine… Grandpa Steed was most interested in the fact that Australia doesn’t have rabies. Thanks for the fun fact! – You just are never going to get off that bike..! So much fun in 30 degrees!
Tommy – haha yeah they dont have rabies (at least that is what they claim) but the have a bat virus that a member said is basically the same thing – seriously its lie president knew how much i hated biking before the mission
Krista – Isabelle says it’s 66 days until you have been out a year… She knows that because it is her birthday. Father’s Day is fun but I think I am all partied out. Aunt Christina  made great cake and I ate just a little too much!
Brent – ‎So Drew is working hard at playhouse making dreams come true for the little ones. I would have hated that job. I think I would rather mow lawns.
Tommy – my patience would probably run short too
Krista – Grandpa thinks that makes sense. Grandpa thinks deer tastes like Kangaroo. I’m not sure what I think> What are the plans for the rest of Pday?
Tommy – well we are just gonna go to the mall
That is all for this week.  A little disjointed because cousins were sending in emails too.

Tuesday June 13

hey mom and dad this has been a good week. we have had zone conference with the parkers this week and it was great being able to see other missionaries other than the darwin zone. we have had a tough week investigator wise. our investigator eric has dropped off the face of the earth. hes hasnt replied to our texts for the past while so hopefully he will get back to us. this week the katherine elders also came up and stayed with us. so got to spend a lot of time with them. we also found a new investigator antoine (from france). he is pretty keen so we’ll see how it goes. other than that a pretty normal week. we also took president to a mall we have been trying to get into and he is super excited for it.

Krista – That is cool about the zone conference. Do you get along with the Katherine elders? They stayed in your flat? What do you mean about taking president to a mall? Does that mean you proselyte in the mall?

Tommy – we have a mall in our area that everybody goes to in all of darwin and we are trying to get a pop up stand and missionaries in it. and yeah i love the katherie elders

Krista – That’s cool . Will the mall allow a pop up stand? They have them in Adelaide right ? Did you end up getting your package from the Parkers? I was wondering if it got to Adelaide in time

Tommy – we didnt get the package so im guessing it hasnt got here yet

Brent = Sounds like a little bit of opposition. Makes for some opportunities. The mall idea sounds cool. So what we’re you up to yesterday for the Queens birthday?

Krista – Oh well… it was for Canada Day so maybe there will be a chance that it will get to Adelaide and get mailed up to you. What did you learn at zone conference !

Tommy – we had our zone conference all day and its weird australians take it so seriously. and guess what northern territory day is on july 1st so we most likely will be in the flat early that day

Krista – What happens on Northern Territory day? It will be cool to see how differently they celebrate. Are you allowed to be part of the festivities

Brent – Take a moment to sing O Canada on July 1

Tommy – its the only time and place in australia where they can light fireworks so people spend thousands of dollars buying them. and a lot of people will be drunk apparently last year somebody almost hit a missionary with a roman candle.

Brent – Don’t be a target. Hopefully you see some cool fireworks.

Krista – Wow…. I suppose they really have to worry about fire from sparks… so much for having a holiday as a missionary! How long did Parkers stay? What did they teach?

Tommy – they stayed for the weekend and they taught about working with members

Krista – Did they bring the assistants with them? Did you do anything special as a zone? I am sitting right now watching Benny Marcus and Lance practicing rugby – Was it your idea about the mall stand? That is really smart

Tommy – yes they brought the assistants with them. and no nothing special. yeah elder ivory and i thought abut getting missionaries in the mall

Krista – Smart Smart!!!! It sounds like you and Elder Ivory are a good team. What is coming up for Pday today?

Brent – You must be smarter than the average bear / elder. How much time do you spend at the University?

Tommy – twice a week

Krista – Are there any cool outdoor things you can do or is it too hot?

Tommy – there is but its pretty far away so we have to coordinate with the farrers to drive us

Krista – So what epic training did awesome district leader Elder Dickson work on this week – Oh that must take a little planning. Any more spot inspections? I tell you this neither Drew or Ben would pass right now!

Tommy – i didnt have to give one due to zone conference – no none yet – we played basketball with some kids who are coming to sport night now

Krista – So what is the plan for next weeks training? Any more frog encounters or dinner appointments

Brent – Tell me about sport night. We used to do Saturday morning sports an D invite local youth. Some baptisms came out of it.

Tommy – we do it tuesday night and have heaps of non members come. – not sure yet for the training still gotta pray about it –

Krista – Sounds like you have lots of good ideas. I guess all of that South Calgary basketball is paying off! Is it always basketball?

Tommy – always basketball

Brent – I think the Sports is a good idea. Let’s you meet kids in a more natural setting. Never know where it can lead. Just don’t foul too many kids 🙂 – Only 2 days of classes left. I think I will make it. Did Link Crew training after school today. Drew was keeping the tradition of loud and proud up.

Tommy – thats sweet it feels so weird to not be at school anymore

Krista – I’ll be glad to hear it. I’m glad you are doing great work on your mission. School will come again soon enough

Brent – I think it is okay to miss final exams. Plenty of time for that later.

Tommy – haha it will – yeah im ok with that

Krista – Yep…. dad and I are definitely ready to be missing school for a bit! I’m sure Benny and Drew are feeling the same. Need a new cooking idea…. what is your latest favorite?

Tommy – we have been doing chicken alfredo

Brent – I’m getting a bit Rugby addicted. Recording games on TV and watching.

Tommy – they had an nrl game up here on tuesday. it was the queensland cowboys vs the parramatta eels

Krista- Hmmm sounds like a good idea I don’t make pasta very much. I’m sure with all of your biking you must be able to eat pretty much anything. And I’m sure you’re in great shape – What great names! Not sure. You would have a team over here named the eels

Brent – Go Eels? Not sure I am a rugby league fan. Drew and I weren’t impressed. Maybe we are snobs and should give it another try.

Tommy – its an easier game but they aussies love it   i gotta go i love you bye!

Krista – Love you… don’t get discouraged. You have great ideas and the Lord will bless you. We have faith in you


Brent – You Are my favorite missionary in the whole world!




June 5

Hey mom and dad so this week has been a crazy one. We had a pretty normal week. Lots of finding, especially on the uni campus. It’s really weird proselyting in a polo shirt. Other than that it has been crazy. Elder Hartman and I and the Farrers went down to Katherine for trade offs with Elder Atkinson and Hammond. They have a branch of about 5 people and teach all aboriginal. Other than that it has been really normal. We are teaching two people, Eric from china and John who is half cast aboriginal.

Brent – Sounds like you are having more of an aboriginal experience in Darwin. That is cool. Mom found pictures of your visit to Katherine and the baptism on Facebook. She is creeping you. Do you have any pictures to send?  I want a picture of you in the Polo Shirt!

Krista – It is great to hear from you. Did everything work out with the Khakis? I’m glad you have some people to teach. I just got home from a fireside about mission prep for the priests and laurels. Our sister missionaries and the bishop spoke. They all did a great job  talking about the practical things for mission prep and the spiritual and emotional challenges. They also spoke about how different a mission actually is to what they thought it would be but how it is hard but very rewarding. What would you say is different about mission like than you imagined?

Tommy – I thought when i came on the mission all we would be doing was teaching and finding would be easy

Brent – It is easy to go finding, harder to catch a quality investigator. What are some of the big differences you are noticing in Darwin vs Adelaide?

Krista – I’m sure everyone learns that lesson. I think you are working really hard. I have learned that throwing a big party is not a good idea before the missionary leaves and that I am so grateful for everyone that helps my child in his mission and from home. I have also learned that it is hard to type an email to a missionary while Jake is busy trying to get you to repeat everything he says:)!!!! That picture of you and Elder Ivory makes me smile. I remember the pictures you sent of him in the MTC and it seems like he always had that great smile there too.  Do you need to buy any more pants this week?

Tommy – darwin is harder to find a quality invetsigator because they are very laid back up here but super easy to find. adelaide is the opposite  no i have plenty of pants and yeah he loves the work

Krista – Well, we will pray that your investigators stick to it. Tell me  a little bit about them. What a blessing it is to have a companion who loves the work.  And what a neat opportunity to go to Katherine. I saw the Farrer’s picture of a river you were checking out for a baptism. Do you not have to worry about crocs?

Tommy – the uni is cool because nobody recognizes us as missionaries so they just talk to us as friends. yeah so thats in katherine and there are heaps of crocs there so we were checking if the water is good for a baptism next week

Brent – So Drew willingly volunteered to sing in a youth ensemble for the next Moroni Quest fireside. I got the email asking if he wanted to join. Was sure he would say no but he said yes to weekly practices until the end of June. Who is that kid. Guess I don’t know my son that well.

Tommy – eric is from hong kong and is awesome but he is going back to china for a month. and john is half cast and really committed but work takes him out to the mines – he said yes because there will be girls there im betting 10$ on that

Krista – That’s interesting. Are there a lot of mines near Darwin? Is it kind of like working on the oil rigs here in Alberta? Is the University year opposite to ours here? They must have their big break around November/ December????

Brent – Good guess but you are down $10. It is an all boy ensemble. But he may actually not know that. He just left so we shall see.

Tommy – yeah they have a lot of gold mines out bush. and eah its like living in calgary and doing a week on a week off at the oil rigs. they do 10 weeks straight here and then 2-3 off and repeat all year

Krista – How was MLC training this week?  What did you learn? What do you want to apply or imporve?

Tommy – we focussed on member work. it has been a slow process in this mission but is coming along

Krista – I think what a blessing that would be. I’m sure there would be lots of inactive members to work with like anywhere in the church. It seems so much more personal as I think about family members and friends who have left the church and how happy I would be if they would speak to the missionaries.

Tommy – yeah its something the mission is really focussing on

Krista – I love that! I think you also told me that you are talking to investigators about their family history. i still remember how we both commented on that part of your patriarchal blessing… who knew! Now that you have been in your district a couple of weeks, tell me some strengths of some of your missionaries.

Tommy – yeah who knew about family history eh?

Brent – Tell me how you use Family History with investigators

Tommy – we usually share a family history pass along cards with them and share

Brent – Nice! I think your epic story is checking out a river for baptisms to see if there are crocs. Awesome. All I worried about was drunks.

Tommy – haha probably as dangerous as the croc

Krista – As you know I have a real testimony of family history and how it can soften people’s hearts. I was listening to president Eyring’s talk from General Conference and it was all about that.   Still want to know more about your district than their names. Tell me their best qualities!

Tommy –

elder arnaud is from tahiti and he is always keen to do the work

elder mattie is from mission bc and he is a really good singer

sister angoy is from philipines and is the happiest person i know

sister purvis is from utah and extremely talented finder

Brent – Add in‎ Tommy D and Elder Ivoreee and you have a powerhouse district!

Tommy – we got to go love you talk to you next week

May 28

hey mom and dad!

so this has been a cool week mostly because of wildlife. we see heaps of animals around here. for example last night after our dinner appointment we came outside and there were like 10 tree frogs on our bikes so we were playing with them for a bit. it is really hot up here with humidity. 33 is nice but not when your biking in a shirt and tie. so mom do you remember how i told you some missionarries are on the charles darwin university campus? well thats us. the farrrers buy us polo shirts and khakis that we wear onto campus. we also wear khakis while proselyting up here because the humidity would destroy our pants. i have yet to see any crocs (elder ivory says they arent that common). its cool to be back with elder ivory because i get to see how much he has grown. And another cool thing is one of the elders in my district is from mission bc. (elder mattie) – oh and its not a small branch. its bigger than most wards in adelaide. (150 members) – so the mission buys me khakis

Krista – Mission BC… that is cool. Is he your age? you were probably babies together in the same Stake

Tommy – and yeah we are getting along well. ad our ditrict is great – yeah he’s 19

Krista – Ok… tell me about Elder Ivory and your flat. How are the Farrers? They seem great. She posted something about a flat inspection where 5/6 flats passed and the last flat was maybe … well not so clean Tell me, i have a sneaking suspicion that was maybe you 🙂 Do your old mom a favor and win that cleaning crocodile one time while you are in Darwin! Well that surprises me about the branch size. That is good, you will have lots of members to meet. I will have to check your account for you to buy Khakis. I don’t know how much money is in there right now. Maybe  get a statement and I will put more money in tomorrow. Or if you need to shop today I can run over and put in money when we are done chatting. How is Elder Ivory? Are you getting along? How is your district? Do you have any investigators? Have you been to the University yet?

Tommy – oh ye of little faith…… we passed. our flat is really small and we get lizards in it all the time. the farrers are awesome. sister farrer is sister parker’s sister – not many investigators but yeah we go to the uni twice a week

Krista – Oh… that makes me so happy. I was making your brother’s clean today because I was worried I hadn’t taught my boys anything about cleaning! You are the BEST! What a kid! Benny would be so thrilled about the tree frogs. You will have to send him a picture. That is cool about the lizards… are they annoying or still kind of fun? When you go to the Uni do you teach in a room or do you contact around the buildings?  I asked the Wilson’s about how we get packages to you now and it seems like we still send them to Adelaide and then either the Parker’s bring them or they mail them on. So we will see. I’m really hoping you will get to celebrate Canada Day. Tell me about your area. Is it like a suburb? Are there more aboriginal Australians in Darwin?

Tommy – you still send the packages to adelaide and they mail them to us. yeah so they are nice becuase they eat all the bugs so we let them in our flat. and we just walk around the buildings talking to people and then teach lessons at tables or in the student lounge

Krista – Do you know any of the other missionaries in Darwin? I can imagine that once you are in Darwin you don’t just stay for one transfer. What are your plans for the rest of your PDay? Are there interesting things you want to see?

Tommy – not really they are all new to me. we are probably gonna go to the mall today

Krista – How many Elders and Sisters do you have in your district? Who are they? Do you train every week?

Tommy – I train every week and we have two sets of elders and one set of sisters

Krista – That sounds great. You said you had a dinner appointment. How is the branch? I know you have only been one week but did you meet anyone interesting?

Tommy – not really but we meet a lot of american marines around darwin. (american naval base)

Krista – I’m surprised, I would have never have guessed there was a base there. So Drew has his semi final rugby game tomorrow. As long as they beat Wisewood they will go to provincials. This year provincials are in Edmonton. If they are going I think Dad and I are going to try and take a day off work and go to see them play . It will feel weird to go to Edmonton and have to stay in a hotel instead of Grandma and Grandpa Dickson’s.  Dad is at ASLC, the weather is nice and he is taking 20 kids so he should have a lot of fun. He was picking up licorice to throw at kids on the bus… memories!  We have Joseph and Porter here right now. There is an epic lego game going on in the basement. I don’t even want to think about how much thee will be to clean when they are done. Grace Matthews spoke in church today. She is getting ready to go on a mission in the fall. She is a neat kid.  Oh… what about the tag?

Tommy – she is going on a mission?! thats awesome! yeah and darwin has heaps of historical ww2 stuff. it was bombed by the japanese in the war.

Krista – Yes! I was surprised. There was no note just the tag. Do you get new ones? Is it a tradition to send tags home? The tag is sitting on our mantle right beside the picture of you that is on your mission plaque at the church

Tommy – no i just ordered two new badges from the office so i figured i would send it home

Krista – There are some interesting things about dressing for an Australia Adelaide mission. Sister Parker posted some pictures of a trip out bush where everyone is wearing bush boots because that red dirt gets everywhere. Who knew!

Tommy – yeah you get some big differences from nt to sa

Brent – Hey buddy, sitting in the opening ceremonies of ASLC. They had a million dignitaries. Very painful. How are you!!!!

Krista – I was glad to get it.  the same day I also got a thank you letter from Sister Sennett. i had sent a card when Elder Sennet died and it was really thoughtful of her to send a reply. It was an Australia day in the mail! What did you end up doing with your paintings? Are you hauling them with you?

Tommy – they are in the vault in adelaide. and far out dignitaries suck

Brent – Just read your first letter. Proselytize on Darwin campus sounds really cool. Have you seen any kangaroos? I’m still hoping for the kangaroo punch.

Tommy – yeah we see wallibies sometimes but since we are in the suburbs not so much

Krista – Oh who knew there was a mission vault? I am learning so much. Drew is doing some makeup Seminary assignments right now… sound familiar? He is not too happy with me.

Tommy – haha sad life

Brent – Probably not as cool punching a wallabee. This opening ceremony is a little long. Mama Mcgreggs says hi.

Krista – I am forcing him to finish them in case he ever wants to go to the States for University. Not likely but we’re covering our bases. It’s graduation season here. Centennial’s grad was this weekend and I saw things from Dallin’s grad on Facebook. I guess no matter how much we fight it  you all grow up!

Tommy – tell mama magreggs i say hi too wallabies are small but there are heaps

Brent –  I had a cool discussion with a bunch of advisors. They were asking about you. Got to explain about missions, how you get called etc. It was good. I’m being a member missionary.

Tommy – yeah eventually i guess – which advisers?

Krista – I’m not sure punching wildlife is a great plan. I have been watching Australian Border Patrol shows ( yes mocking inserted here) and let’s just say those Australian officlas don’t mess around! I will be excited to see pictures of your new place and Darwin. What a change! Is your area as big as your Adelaide areas. Do you have to bike far?

Tommy – dad can you send any more photos of our aslc and any more training ideas. they are helping so much, really engaging

Laura McGregor – Hey Tommy…mama McGregs here.  Missing you here at ASLC. Hope you are having a great time. Use lots of sunscreen!


Brent- Wisewood, two Airdrie schools, small schools near Lloudminster, Drumheller.

Tommy – thank you! and yeah its just as big but we cover what is called lee point so its super far

Brent – I will find some stuff for next week. Why do u want ASLC pics? I can send activities.

Tommy – awesome well tell them i say hi – idk i just want some pictures of us hosting it – companions always ask about it but it never really works just to just explain – hey om and dad i gotta go ill talk to you next week. love yous

Brent – I will send pics and ideas. No problem. It brings back great memories of you at ASLC last year. You made an impact on some of these advisors!





Tommy is transferred to Darwin!

Fun fact: Getting transferred from Adelaide to Darwin is the same distance as Calgary to Houston.  Yes Tommy flew.

Hey Mom and Dad so sorry about the late email. So transfers happened and I got shipped to Darwin! I’m the Palmerston district leader in Darwin and my new companion is…… Elder Ivory!(They were together in the MTC)  We are in an area called Malak. So Elder Miague is still in Evandale and his new companion is Elder Hobby. Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. It’s really freaking hot here though. 90% humidity and 30 degrees (there’s the weather report for grandpas). We are doing great and it should be a really good transfer.

so I don’t think I will need a winter jacket

May 8

Hey Mom and Dad, so this week has been a good one. We got 5 new investigators this week! More than all of marion zone. So I talked to Sister Parker and she said I should be able to facetime home on Monday here so Sunday night there. So another cool experience is that I met Brother Steed this week in my ward! Turns out he is from Salt Lake and that he has been in Adelaide for 7 years. #metmycousin. That is crazy that the guys are killing it this year. Far out I’m excited for back to back provincial titles.

We missed Tommy’s email that came a day later so that is all for now.

April 30

Hey Mom and Dad so this week has been pretty good. We were able to get a new investigator named Gideon this week. Gideon is from Kenya and he has had a rough life. He told us stories of watching people starve to death so needless to say he has a tough time believing in God. This week we were also able to go on trade offs with the zone leaders. Elder Leutele (from new zealand) and I got to stay in evandale and smash it here. Other than that it has been really normal. Our converts are doing great and paul is slowly progressing.

  1. read d&c 50 or d&c 112 is what I do to lift myself when I’m feeling down.
  2. adobo is my favorite new food I’ve tried.
    10. Investigators would say this about me i talk really fast and tell stories

Brent – Hey buddy, I’m cheating in the Moroni’s quest fireside and am emailing you. How cool to meet someone like Gideon. I loved teaching Africans in Sweden. Amazing people. The convert  baptism went great. We were in the RS room at Parkland. It was packed. All the YM were standing. At least 10 non members from Centennial came. A good day

Krista – Oh… that is no surprise that you talk really fast and it makes sense that you  are a storyteller coming from your family. I am glad to hear about the two sections of D&C . I will make that my scripture study for this week. So Paul and Gideon and remind me again the name of your Chinese investigator… and what is adobo?

Tommy – his name is martin and adobo is a filipino food that elder miague taught me how to cook. super simple but really good. and yeah the africans are always really receptive – that is sweet i dont even remember convert baptisms in sundance

Brent – Neither do we! It is pretty great.

Krista – Ok… so just saying Philipino food is not that descriptive… any more info? Tell me what you did on splits and a little about your Zone leaders

Tommy – its like meat and filipino soy sauce (very different)  on rice – same as usual finding

Ben – Ben- hey Tommy on our program it says your returning auust 2017

Tommy – one more year

Krista – Hmmm… I will have to look it up and try to find how to make it. Sounds interesting. Where do you go to find in your area? – I think Benny meant 2018 the part he likes is that there is no G in August  …Auust. We look for it every week…  it’s kind of a tradition now

Ben- doh somehow I forgot the year

Tommy – we do a lot of door knocking in a place called campbelltown – haha all good benny

Krista – What is your favorite way to contact people? What are you the best at and what are you trying to improve at?

Tommy – i am not the best at going slow with my contacts, the easiest way to talk to people is on the street because they cant run away

Ben- hey did mom tell you I’m playing Rugby now it is really fun I bit too hard on my mouth guard now it gets stuck in

Tommy – good you want it to get stuck because then it wont fall out – what position are you playing?

Krista – Oh that cracks me up… what a surprise that you are not into details and going slow… sound familiar Benny??? I also laughed at “they can’t  run away”… they also probably can’t send their dogs after you 🙂

Ben- no like have to pop it out from the back. Don’t know my position yey

Krista – Tell me about some of the personalities of the missionaries you work with senior or junior… Who is the most serious? Who likes a good joke?  Who is a good cook? Who is a fierce teacher?

Tommy – exactly – everyone in the district are jokers. i have to be the serious one which is no fun

Ben – in my first practice I scored a try

Tommy – elder garbutt and miague are good cooks – thats sweet!

Krista – That is a hard thing when you have to be a leader… you told me about the adobo… what does Elder Garbutt like to cook? What has become your go to meal for you to cook?

Tommy – i cook a lot of mexican and assorted

Krista – What is coming up for you for PDay… any new training on the horizon?

Ben- thanks, on Friday I went to comiccon. Me and my friend played classic brawl

Tommy – classic brawl how was it?

Krista – What about the senior missionaries? Who is like a mom or dad? Who is a great teacher? Who is a details person?

Tommy – i have been training a lot for meetings speaking of, dad do you have any good leadership trainings that can be applied to the gospel?

Ben- really fun you can be mew two in it witch is awsome

Tommy – and sister smith is like leder miague and i’s mom

Brent – I will have to send you something next week.

Tommy – ok sweet im running out of ideas for trainings

Krista – What!!! I don’t understand, I think you were typing too fast.. explain about Sister Smith and Elder Miague

Tommy – sister smith is like a mom to elder miague and i. she makes sure we are fed

Ben- one thing I got was a pin with cat Head in a cupcake cup with a unicorn horn

Brent – Taylor says hi. The boys and I gotta go. Have a great week.

Krista – What about using the story of Jake in Cameron Lake… He kept swimming deeper and deeper, having a great time and he had no idea that there was a big drop off and that the water was so cold he could be in danger. Finally a man in a kayak pushed him to the shore… could use the analogy of sometimes we don’t know the dangers of what we are doing or what is around the corner… have to listen to people on shore(spirit) and get help from the Lord and others to avoid danger… reminds me of President Packer’s crocodile story.

I have always been interested in animals and birds and when I was a little boy and the other children wanted to play cowboy, I wanted to go on safari to Africa and would pretend I was hunting the wild animals.

When I learned to read, I found books about birds and animals and came to know much about them. By the time I was in my teens I could identify most of the African animals. I could tell a klipspringer from an impala, or a gemsbok from wildebeest.

I always wanted to go to Africa and see the animals, and finally that opportunity came. Sister Packer and I were assigned to tour the South Africa Mission with President and Sister Howard Badger. We had a very strenuous schedule and had dedicated eight chapels in seven days, scattered across that broad continent.

President Badger was vague about the schedule for September 10th. (That happens to be my birthday.) We were in Rhodesia, planning, I thought, to return to Johannesburg, South Africa. But he had other plans, and we landed at Victoria Falls.

“There is a game reserve some distance from here,” he explained, “and I have rented a car, and tomorrow, your birthday, we are going to spend seeing the African animals.”

Now I might explain that the game reserves in Africa are unusual. The people are put in cages, and the animals are left to run free. That is, there are compounds where the park visitors check in at night and are locked behind high fences until after daylight they are allowed to drive about, but no one is allowed out of his car.

We arrived in the park in the late afternoon. By some mistake, there were not enough cabins for all the visitors, and they were all taken when we arrived. The head ranger indicated that they had a cabin in an isolated area about eight miles from the compound and we could spend the night there.

Because of a delay in getting our evening meal, it was long after dark when we left the compound. We found the turnoff and had gone up the narrow road just a short distance when the engine stalled. We found a flashlight and I stepped out to check under the hood, thinking that there must be a loose connection or something. As the light flashed on the dusty road, the first thing I saw was lion tracks!

Back in the car, we determined to content ourselves with spending the night there! Fortunately, however, an hour or two later we were rescued by the driver of a gas truck who had left the compound late because of a problem. We awakened the head ranger and in due time we were settled in our cabin. In the morning they brought us back to the compound.

We had no automobile, and without telephones there was no way to get a replacement until late in the day. We faced the disappointment of sitting around the compound all day. Our one day in the park was ruined and, for me, the dream of a lifetime was gone.

I talked with a young ranger, and he was surprised that I knew many of the African birds. Then he volunteered to rescue us.

“We are building a new lookout over a water hole about twenty miles from the compound,” he said. “It is not quite finished, but it is safe. I will take you out there with a lunch, and when your car comes late this afternoon we will bring it out to you. You may see as many animals, or even more, than if you were driving around.”

On the way to the lookout he volunteered to show us some lions. He turned off through the brush and before long located a group of seventeen lions all sprawled out asleep and drove right up among them.

We stopped at a water hole to watch the animals come to drink. It was very dry that season and there was not much water, really just muddy spots. When the elephants stepped into the soft mud the water would seep into the depression and the animals would drink from the elephant tracks.

The antelope, particularly, were very nervous. They would approach the mud hole, only to turn and run away in great fright. I could see there were no lions about and asked the guide why they didn’t drink. His answer, and this is the lesson, was “Crocodiles.”

I knew he must be joking and asked him seriously, “What is the problem?” The answer again: “Crocodiles.”

“Nonsense,” I said. “There are no crocodiles out there. Anyone can see that.”

I thought he was having some fun at the expense of his foreign game expert, and finally I asked him to tell us the truth. Now I remind you that I was not uninformed. I had read many books. Besides, anyone would know that you can’t hide a crocodile in an elephant track.

He could tell I did not believe him and determined, I suppose, to teach me a lesson. We drove to another location where the car was on an embankment above the muddy hole where we could look down. “There,” he said. “See for yourself.”

I couldn’t see anything except the mud, a little water, and the nervous animals in the distance. Then all at once I saw it!—a large crocodile, settled in the mud, waiting for some unsuspecting animal to get thirsty enough to come for a drink.

Suddenly I became a believer! When he could see I was willing to listen, he continued with the lesson. “There are crocodiles all over the park,” he said, “not just in the rivers. We don’t have any water without a crocodile somewhere near it, and you’d better count on it.”

The guide was kinder to me than I deserved. My “know-it-all” challenge to his first statement, “crocodiles,” might have brought an invitation, “Well, go out and see for yourself!”

I could see for myself that there were no crocodiles. I was so sure of myself I think I might have walked out just to see what was there. Such an arrogant approach could have been fatal! But he was patient enough to teach me.

My young friends, I hope you’ll be wiser in talking to your guides than I was on that occasion. That smart-aleck idea that I knew everything really wasn’t worthy of me, nor is it worthy of you. I’m not very proud of it, and I think I’d be ashamed to tell you about it except that telling you may help you.

Those ahead of you in life have probed about the water holes a bit and raise a voice of warning about crocodiles. Not just the big, gray lizards that can bite you to pieces, but spiritual crocodiles, infinitely more dangerous, and more deceptive and less visible, even, than those well-camouflaged reptiles of Africa.

These spiritual crocodiles can kill or mutilate your souls. They can destroy your peace of mind and the peace of mind of those who love you. Those are the ones to be warned against, and there is hardly a watering place in all of mortality now that is not infested with them.

On another trip to Africa I discussed this experience with a game ranger in another park. He assured me that you can indeed hide a crocodile in an elephant track—one big enough to bite a man in two.

He then showed me a place where a tragedy had occurred. A young man from England was working in the hotel for the season. In spite of constant and repeated warnings, he went through the compound fence to check something across a shallow splash of water that didn’t cover his tennis shoes.

“He wasn’t two steps in,” the ranger said, “before a crocodile had him, and we could do nothing to save him.”

It seems almost to be against our natures, particularly when we are young, to accept much guidance from others. But, young people, there are times when, regardless of how much we think we know or how much we think we want to do something, that our very existence depends on paying attention to the guides.

Now, it is a gruesome thing to think about that young man who was eaten by the crocodile. But that is not, by any means, the worst thing that could happen. There are moral and spiritual things far worse even than the thought of being chewed to pieces by a monstrous lizard.

Fortunately there are guides enough in life to prevent these things from happening if we are willing to take counsel now and again.

Some of us are appointed now, as you will be soon, to be guides and rangers. Now we don’t use those titles very much. We go under the titles of parents—father and mother—bishop, leader, adviser. Our assignment is to see that you get through mortality without being injured by these spiritual crocodiles.

I’m glad Sister Smith is so awesome. Their flat is close to where you live right?

Tommy – around the corner

Krista – That was lucky! Jake is rocking out to the Lion King. I swear I could sing all of those songs in my sleep!!!!!!! Sang with the priests for the first time last week. They did well. Coy sang with them but also showed them a funny email Sister Woodruff sent to him giving him a lifetime exemption from Ward Choir. I suggested Drew go this week… Let’s just say he was hoping for an exemption too

Tommy – haha that is funny

Krista – Yep…there was all sorts of stuff like” it would be detrimental to the testimonies of his family and the ward”. Not sure it is that bad but the priests enjoyed it. May tomorrow finally feels like we can hope for Spring. Have you found that you have adjusted ti the weather enough now that the 19c fall weather feels cold in Adelaide? Are you glad for no more hot weather? I shouldn’t say that because then maybe you will get transferred to somewhere like Darwin where it is always hot

Tommy – gotta go love ypu

April 23

Hey Mom and Dad so nothing much has really changed since Thursday. We had a really cool opprotunity on Saturday though to go to the temple with the youth form our ward. We were asked to come and help with baptisms because of not enough priesthood so we did the confirmations. Other than that this week has been pretty normal. A lot of finding and it is slowly coming. We were able to have lunch with the Smiths yesterday and it was sooo good! oh this week was also firle stake conference which was really cool because the area seventy shared about how we need to catch the wave! Totally a coincidence but he also shared a video of hark all ye nations and that we need to have that enthusiasm. Total testimony builder!

  1. speak many different languages (tagalog, chinese, punjab)  is something I know how to do now, that I never thought I would.

6.. I feel best on my mission when I had the opprotunity to baptize darcy

Brent – Hey stud. We are here. I just got off the phone with Grandma D. She downloaded Rugby rules for dummies an do was explaining stuff. That is a dedicated Grandma. They came to Drew’s game last week

Tommy – haha i heard! so who is playing what position on the back line?

Brent – I don’t know. It shifts around a lot. The key guys are Isaac G, Issac W, Kees, Matt B. They make everything happen. Unfortunately Konor Yee broke his arm. Not sure when he is back.

Tommy – ok i see so pretty similar to last year plus matt b

Brent – Benny’s first Rugby practice is tomorrow. Lance Watson and Marcus Woodruff are on his team.

Krista – Ok, Ok…. lots of rugby. Now tell me about your lunch with Smiths and the temple!

Tommy – the senior couple smiths just invited us for lunch and it was awesome. and we got asked by bishop to do confirmations

Krista – Just you and your companion? Where did you go? How many youth were at the temple? Was it your whole district at the temple or just the two of you?

Tommy – just the two of us and about 6 youth

Brent – Quinn Stewart reported his mission from Iceland today. Only 8 missionaries in Iceland. 100 members attend in two branches on a given Sunday. He bore his testimony in Icelandic and I understood about 70%.

Tommy – we have more youth in sundance ward than all of firle stake  – sweet he’s home now? that was fast

Brent – That’s okay. I bet it takes real strength to be faithful in your Stake.

Krista – Tell me a little about the new investigator that you have committed to baptism.

Tommy – yeah his name is martina dn we dont know heaps about him. he is from china and has moved over for school and our recent convert introduced us to him

Krista – I bet those Firle youth are learning to be very strong and will be great leaders in the church. Quinn mentioned that the mission in Iceland had only been reopened since the 1970s. He also told a story about being up north and in an area 6 hours away from other missionaries where there were only 5 members to begin with. I think that is the way the church is in a lot of places. What a great opportunity and challege – Are the Smiths the new senior missionaries? Did you just go to lunch at a restaurant with them? Tell me a little bit about them?

Tommy – yes they are new senior missionaries and we ate at their flat – and yeah its tough to be youth here

Krista – It sounds like there is a lot of missionary work going on in Adelaide with Chinese students and converts. With the new branch and the teaching centre I hear they are quite busy. It is nice that you have that opportunity to teach someone from China too.  I think without regular missionaries in China this must be the way the Lord is bringing the church to China as all these students either go home or teach their families.  How old is Martin? Single?

Tommy – he is single and 25 – and yeah for sure thats the way the lord is getting into china

Brent – Jake just ran by with his iPad listening to Raffi. He has his cats in space shirt on that we bought him. Some things don’t change.

Krista – So when you committed him to baptism, how much longer do you teach him before his date? Had he had any discussions before?

Tommy – we are going to have to move his date due to his comprehension but we arent sure yet

Krista – Do you have his friend translate for him or do you have a Mandarin missionary come to discussions with you?

Tommy – we teach him in english

Krista -Oh my goodness! Dad was bragging about Jake’s lying cat shirt to our home teachers. Lets just say I think they thought Dad was crazy. Flying cats maybe not too much their thing! Benny also went home teaching today because Drew had to work… Now all three boys have home taught the Mc Cues. I really should be checking to see if there are any new Who’s Your Hero books… You can only find a mouse so many times!

Tommy – yeah seriously those saved us

Brent – I went rogue with a different lesson today. Talked about being joyful. In the middle of it Kathryn accidently dumped a bunch of nacho chip crumbs on the floor. Jenny Lynn just said to keep going. I think they are pretty comfortable with us.

Krista – So Dad heads to Winterpeg (AKA Winnipeg) tomorrow. He is sad to be missing rugby but I think he might like the peace and quiet. Too bad it is not a more tropical destination but hopefully no snow

Tommy – hahah love winterpeg

Brent – Mom is overestimating the peace and quiet factor it can be pretty busy.

Tommy –  I have to go, love you!

April 19

This week has been pretty normal. We were able to put somebody on baptismal date though! His name is martin and he is a referral from our recnet convert wei wei. he is super solid. other than that it has been a really normal week. Lots of finding. One day this week we found for 6 hours straight. heres those ad-libs you wanted :p


  1. The funniest members of the ward are szas mckay and that’s because they are sooo caring and loves to laugh. he will literally crack any joke he can to get the missionaries to laugh.


  1. One of my prayers was answered when we put martin on baptismal date



  1. “did you know that cumquats are a fake fruit”  is the funniest thing an investigator has said to me.

April 10 New Tommy Video

hey mom and dad,

Yes at this point we have seen conference and it was awesome. Us as missionaries were jumping in our seats when Elder Costa started to talk! Nothing too interesting has happened this week other than transfers. But we didn’t move. So all good means I don’t have to pack! Elder Miague and I are getting along really well. And no paul has had a rough week. He had his alarm system go on the fritz when he was supposed to come to general conference so he wasn’t able to attend 😦 I had three favourite talks 1) L. Whitney Clayton on how whatever Christ says, do it 2) Gary B Sabin about how we have to be all in not just lukewarm 3) Deiter F Uchtdorf on fear. other than that its been a pretty normal week. crazy with transfers but normal.

Brent – Hey,hey Sitting and watching Star Wars the original with your Bros. Classic – Maybe you need to go live with Paul and guard his house. He has had it rough.

Krista – We figured you would stay put because you have only been in the area for one transfer. Did anyone else in your district move? Will you have some new missionaries?

Tommy – did you like gary b sabins refrence to star wars? – there are 12 new missionaries and nobody moved in the district but sister jorakhe will be training. and seriously satan is working on him

Brent – Yes it must mean Star Wars is true. I really liked the missionary talk. I was thinking of you.

Krista – I will have to go and check that out… I don’t remember. How do you continue to reference conference talks? Do you all get an Ensign? Are you allowed to print talks out? Does that mean 12 new in the mission? Are any of them in your district.. is Sister Jorakkhe in your dostrict?

Tommy – yes sister jorakkhe is in my district and is gonna train one of the 12 new to the mission. we put them on a usb and listen to them. in a bit we will get the ensign and we can print if we want

Krista – Are there any other new trainers that you know? Do you have any plans for Easter. I didn’t send a particular Easter package because I think it would have melted, but buy yourself some chocolate eggs for me 🙂

Brent – So great you have access to conference. In Sweden we would see one session two months later. We only got an English Ensign if someone mailed it.

Tommy – oh wow we watch all the sessions but they are a week late and no not that I know

Brent – Just watched your video with your companion. Drew says it is Mom funny but I think it rocks.

Krista – Just watched your mission motto video. Cracked me up!!!! Drew just thought it was “mom” funny. That is really cool. Did President Parker write that? It seems like you are enjoying each other as companions

Tommy – yeah president wrote that

Brent – So any special plans for Easter?   I plan on stealing from the boys baskets.

Tommy – not that I know of

Krista -LOVE IT! You are becoming a powerful missionary.  I am excited to go and read your favorite talks this week. That will be my scripture study focus – Yep the young missionary teaching his mom… how do you like that! There should be a package that will get to you before your next transfer. It is pretty silly… maybe that can count as Easter. How are your shoes holding up? ( How’s that for  a mom question!!!)

Brent – So Sis Johnson asked me to be involved in Moroni Quest reenactments but I had to say no because I am in charge of activities. She wanted me to be Laman. Not sure if that is a compliment. They didn’t seem to think of me as Nephi.

Tommy – yeah my shoes are holding up because im applying the advice tanner steed gave me for shoes. to alternate pairs each day -that’s ok in all the skits we do here for zone trainings im always the bad guy

Brent – So it runs in the family. I guess you are a missionary shoe Ninja.

Krista – I think you get to be the bad guy because you are big and can look scary… probably the same for dad. I’m not sure your smaller companion would look all that scary! We had our 18th priest ordained today (Cody Rice) I am lucky or foolish enough to get to work with them and have them all sing in Sacrament meeting at the end of May… I will be sure to bring treats!!!! We are doing a missionary medley

Tommy – far out that is more preists than all of the youth in the firle ward

Brent – I think we are up to 84 total youth. Keeps the Bishop busy with interviews.

Krista – What mission events are coming up for you?  i am still in love with Sister Parker’s blog . It gives me such a great picture of what is happening in the mission. I also sometimes look at the blogs of the senior missionaries in the other areas. You are so blessed in having the Parkers and the great senior missionaries!

Tommy –  I don’t know of any big events really and that is almost the whole firle ward dad

Krista – It is a little ridiculous but very exciting. it will be quite the choir but I have to admit I will be talking to a couple of men in the ward to be “ringers” in case the priests don’ sing too loud. I think Sundance Ward is an anomaly even in the rest of the stake. There certainly aren’t the same number of youth in the other wards. Have you got to know the youth in your new ward? Are there any priests? What a great opportunity for mentorship and strengthening! I think you are really blessed to serve in a ward  that is small and you can really serve the members and make a difference. What a great mission!

Brent- We have had a lot of people move in, even since you left. Take the opportunity to connect with their youth. You never know the impact you can have.

Tommy – that’s what we are trying to do

Brent – The Millennium Falcon just escaped the Death Star. Spoiler alert Ben got killed

Tommy – nooooooo    (editorial comment by Dad – this is my favorite response from Tommy this week)

Krista – Good for you… you would be a natural at that. It will be so important for those youth to be strong for their communities and their families. Our ward is doing a big focus on Family History (right up my alley) We are having a ward temple day coming up soon and one of the new couples in our ward is working on a new temple and family history program. the snacks in Nursery are great but I have to admit I am a little jealous!

Brent – I feel confident they will be able to take out the death star. A little creepy watching Luke oogle Leah. I prefer the ASLC version. Carrie Fischer who played Leah passed away around Christmas.

Tommy – yeah I heard about that. sad…..

Krista – And the kids are pretty darn cute… there is this little boy who has the biggest cheeks you have ever seen and he is a dancing and singing machine. He reminds me a little of you. Although Brother Gilson does like to bring recorders…. so imagine recorders in 2 year olds mouths…. just a little less than musical!

Tommy – haha about as talented as me :p

Krista – Oh those nursery kids have some pretty awesome moves… a little London Bridge, some 5 little Monkeys, Ring  Around the Rosy… it has been a while since I lived in that world. Benny asked me if he could skip deacons and come instead maybe a little more active ( on second thought maybe deacons is busier) Benny uses all his active self on Drew since you are not here to distract and let’s just say Drew is not all that impressed! I can’t remember, remind me , where does Elder Miague sit in his family. How many siblings?

Tommy – he is the oldest of four

Brent – The oldest child must make him extremely noble.

Krista – So you are similar… cool. Are you busy contacting this week or do you have any other possible investigators you are teaching? Dad and I have a SLIGHT oldest child bias… and if you stretch because of Jake we might just let you in that club!

Tommy – very busy contacting – haha yes! I have to go love ya bye!


March 26, April 2

March 26

hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been crazy sooooo many meetings. We had the funeral on Wednesday and arrivers training on Thursday and zone conference on Friday. Crazy. But singing at Elder Sennetts funeral was a really good experience. We had 70 missionaries singing and it was really powerful, and YES! Darcy got baptized on Friday night at 7pm and boy was he nervous. He asked us a million and one questions before going into the water. It was a really good baptismal service half the ward attended it! We were also able to get a lot of less active members along to the baptism. Other than that this week has been awesome. Tons of meetings and boy was I spiritually drained after Friday. Going to conference should be a great experience but don’t tell me anything because in Australia we see it one week later.  Ofa atu!

Elder Dickson

Krista – Ofa atu???? What is that ?  I’m so glad about Darcy and I’m glad you had some less actives at the baptism. Do you have a picture? Do you work with the less actives alot?

Tommy – ofa atu means love you in tongan

Krista – Hooray… I’m surprised arrivers training was so late… didn’t you do that already? Or did those visas come through for the other missionaries? How is Elder Miague doing?

Tommy – its the second one and he is doing great far out I swear he’s training me

Krista – That is great. Did you do anything for your birthday? What are you going to spend the money on?

Tommy – we made puffed wheat squares and a cake and im not sure yet

Krista – I saw that picture of the puffed wheat squares… that cracks me up. Do Australians know what puffed wheat squares are? How was Zone conference… what did you do?

Tommy – no they have no clue I brought them to ward correlatrion meeting and the ward mission leader was really confused and it was really good we got trainings from sister parker, president and the assistants

Krista – So did they like the puffed wheat squares? Maybe it is just a Canadian Prairie thing. What did Sister and President Parker teach?

Tommy – they loved them and asked for the recipe and the taught about teaching repentance

Krista – That’s great I just wanted to be sure I didn’t miss you. It sounds like Evandale has lots of work to be done. I was so happy to see the baptism photos. You will always remember that. That one event is worth your whole mission. I’m proud of you and so happy for Darcy. I’m sure this week will be a little quieter after such a big week. I cant even imagine training, funeral, baptism, conferences. It will be nice to just teach. Do you have any other investigators?

Tommy – yeah we have a man named paul who wants to be baptized

Krista – Cool… is everybody an islander ? New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa etc…..How far is Morialta away from you?  Tell me a bit about Paul

Tommy – New Zealand isn’t considered islander unless you are maori – and its like a 30 min bike ride – paul is a wonderful man in his 50’s who just lost both his parents. he already has a testimony of the word of wisdom. he was a former investigator of the assistants who just lost contact with them

Krista – That sounds like a great opportunity. What stage is he at in his teaching? Are you working with him or are the assistants?

Tommy – we are working with him and he is just starting again

Krista – Paul??? Your investigator? How did they ever contact him then? Just goes to show a change of heart is real!

Tommy – yeah we are working with an awesome family who are just being butts and not coming to church

Krista – Well… that’s an interesting way to put it… do they have kids, teenagers?

Tommy – yeah they have two young kids 3 and 1 and they love the missionaries and the gospel but aren’t coming to church

Krista – Ofa atu… got to go and get Jake in the bath… Have a wonderful week. Mom

April 2

This week has been a crazy one also. So we were only able to see Darcy once this week because he is preparing to go down to tazzy (Tasmania) this week. He is doing great though, He is super keen to be a home teacher and president Kelley (EQ) is super pumped for that. Paul has been having a very rough month. For the past three weeks his water line was sabotaged. This week his house was broken into. It just goes to show you how satan works on those that are preparing. other than that it has been a normal week. We went on trade offs with the other elders in the district this week and had to build them up on a few things but they are really great missionaries. Its been a lot of finding this week and not very much success but we know that it is coming so we push forward.

Isaiah 43:2

love Eder Dickson

Brent – Is Paul an investigator or less active?

Tommy – investigator

Brent – Are you able to help Paul out. Maybe guard his house :). mom and the boys loved conference. They were on the main floor row 13 on the left side. They didn’t know the tickets were so good. They came in and we’re told to take the elevator down to the main floor. Whooooo – So it has been a weather and geographic themed dinner with the two Grandpas.

Tommy – haha yeah lots of talk about Chinooks im sure – lots of door knocking and some street contacting. and really good just slow

Brent – No, lots more talk about what can kill you in Australia. People were worried about the cyclone that hit NE Australia. Is Tom okay. That is the same as asking if the storm in Halifax impacted us in Calgary. Grandma D wants to know if it is still super hot and are you on bikes.

Tommy – no that’s like asking if an earthquake in chile affected Calgary. there arte a set of mountains and a whole desert between us and the cyclone -no it has started to cool down 18-25 degrees and lots of rain. yes we are still on bikes

Brent – Grandpa Steed is really impressed but questioning the accuracy of your geography. Super nerdy  Grandpa said something really needs about the height of Chilean mountains. You fill in the blanks. – Grandma D – do your pants still fit. Are u losing weight.

Tommy – of course but it is as insignificant as that – losing weight and the pants are still the same

Brent – Grandpa S says takes a Nerd to know one. One day you will be obsessing over the clouds at the head of the lake just like Grandpa

Tommy – haha actually I predicted the weather like that a day ago

Brent – Grandpa D is lazy and laying on the couch. He has no questions. Just thinks you are pretty cool. Grandpa S is telling Grandma D about sharks. True Story in Australia. In that cyclone a shark got thrown inland. A 3 foot bull shark showed up inland quite a few feet in a pool of water. They confirmed it got thrown from the ocean. Sharknado is real.

Tommy – sharknado strikes again

Brent – I think Grandpa S has a tear in his eye. He is so proud. Turns out the flooding pushed the shark inland and whe the water retreated the shark was stuck

Tommy – sharknado Adelaide edition…..but I don’t think chainsaws are approved

Brent – As your father and patriarch if danger from a sharknado arrives I give you authority to find a chain saw and arm yourself. How is your companion doing? Do you see the Parkers much. If I don’t ask mission questions Mom will get mad. She won’t want everything about sharks.

Tommy – we see the parkers quite a bit considering we live down the street. and he is doing awesome will for sure be a future leader

Brent – Grandpa D wants you to know the Oilers are now in 1st and Flesh fourth. Both made playoffs. 5 points from first to fourth. Final four update. Gonzaga beat S Carolina and N Carolina beat Oregon. Both super close games. Go Zags

Tommy – oilers are first in the west?

Brent – 1st in Pacific division. Anaheim 2 San Jose 3 Flamers 4. It could all change with one week to go. All four are in. Who knows where they finish. Anything exciting or different this week? We had a great experience in the St. George temple. Crud, it is rain snowing now and Rugby is supposed to be outside tomorrow.

Tommy – haha tough it out

Brent – Oh, the fat flakes are sticking. There is a by election tomorrow to replace Jason Kenney. Pretty sure the conservative will win.

Tommy – that’s a pretty safe bet – we see all conference sessions at the chapel and a week behind

That is all for this week




Happy Birthday Tommy! March 19

Hey Mom and Dad,

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! So the funeral for Elder Sennett is on Wednesday and we will be singing each life that touches ours for good. I didn’t really know him very well but I did know that he was a great example to us missionaries. Presidents Lien would always be “would Elder Sennett do that” he was a real hero to our mission. Yes we still have the baptism coming up. This Friday at 7pm. So a little bit about Darcy. Darcy is 19, He is Aussie, studying to be a nurse, originally from Tasmania, got in contact with the church through his girlfriend from another ward, is literally the golden investigator. Elder Miague is doing great. He really stepped up in confidence this week and is starting to take the lead in most things and yes his culture shock is almost gone. Anytime we see food he hasn’t had, we buy it. This week has been pretty normal. I made some pancakes Grandpa Steed and Dad style (mickey mouse blueberry). We had trade offs with the zone leaders and I was able to learn a lot from Elder Radovan from the Phillipines. pretty normal overall.

lots of love

Elder Dickson

Krista – Did you get your birthday package? I mailed it in January but I hope it got there. I have been watching this cheesy show about Australia’s border patrol where they stop people flying in who are smuggling things and they open packages if they contain stuff they are suspicious about so now I am hyper worried about your packages.

Brent – Glad all is good and Elder Miyagi is feeling more comfortable. Taylor and Teigan were pretty proud of their picture.

Tommy – yes I got the package and just different ways to do the work than what im currently doing. and im sure teigan and taylor were sooo proud of that

Brent – Teigan is a ward missionary. He is learning the discussions and sharing them with members. Taylor is supposed to start th soon too.

Krista – Good, I am looking forward to seeing some epic birthday pictures with your decorations!

Tommy – that would have been soo helpful to do before the mission

Brent – President Craig has been encouraging this. Our missionaries don’t have lots to do so hopefully this engages them. Our new sisters are doing a lot with the Laurels.

Tommy – so who does teigan go out with?

Brent –  Teigan goes out with Bro So or Brother Blanco. It seems to be working well.

Krista – The apartment looks small but relatively clean. Do you have laundry in the suite? That is interesting to hear about Darcy. I’m glad you will get to be a part of his baptism. Does he have a good support network outside of his girlfriend? Are you enjoying the new ward?

Tommy – yeah he has a really good support network in the ward. yes we do have laundry in the flat and yeah im loving the ward. we have great members who just love us

Krista – You have been very fortunate in the wards you have served in. Tell me some more about what you have learned from Elder Radovan. How does he teach differently?

Brent – Well you are just sooooo loveable. So far my biggest contribution as a rugby coach is my driving the bus to the Soccer Center. It is warming up but lots of snow on the field. Just signed Benny up for the Hornets. He will play with Lance Watson.

Tommy – hes just very bold with the way he invites people to do things. I would say “can we give you a card” and he would say “ill leave you with this then” – benny will love rugby – and ahhhh the soccer centre turf

Brent – I hope so. It will help having Lance there. They both want to be like their big Brothers.

Krista – Do you have any other investigators other than Darcy? How will singing for the funeral work. Will all the missionaries in Adelaide sing or just some?

Tommy – all the missionaries in the adelaide zones and yeah we have a few but none super solid yet

Brent – So who else are you working with. Any cool stories? Mom has been watching a cheesy movie titled Australia from the 90s. She is hooked.

Krista – That will be a great experience. That must be at least 40 missionaries. Have you been practicing? I’m glad you have some more investigators, hopefully they will stay interested.  What do you do that is special for a birthday in the mission?  Ok… in my defense Drew and I both decided this movie is super dumb but I feel like I have to finish it.

Tommy – so for our birthdays there really isn’t anything special other than sister parker calls you in the morning and we are going to practice at district meeting – what is it about?

Brent – I think moving cattle. Hugh Jackman is in it. It would have been better if he was Wolverine from X-men

Krista – It’s kind of confusing. The first half is about  a cattle drive from the outback to Darwin before WW2 and then it switches to a story about the Japanese bombing of Darwin. It has Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman… but no Wolverine vibe. Trying to finish it right now… not sure I am getting through it!

Brent – Everything is better with Wolverine!

Tommy – that sounds kinda weird

Krista – I taught my last Sunday School lesson today. I am going from teaching Gospel Doctrine to Nursery….I think I got a promotion!

Brent – I don’t think we will save it for you. Chambers went to a big international 7s tournament in Vancouver. I tried to convince him Australia over New Zealand. He didn’t agree.

Tommy – who won the 7s tournament? and I heard talk about an upgrade

Krista – But you will be happy to know that the boys won’t let me delete ” In the Good Old Summertime”. They say we have to watch it when you come home!

Brent – It is weird being in Bishopric and talking about your wife’s calling changing a month before it happens and not say anything to her.

Tommy – haha that is a little weird and I swear  I will never watch that movie

Brent – South Africa beat England in the final. I watched most of it. Best game was Fiji vs. USA in the 3rd place game. Fiji won – Canada did really well. Finished 12. Biggest Rugby crowd ever in Canada. 72,000 over two days.

Tommy – Fiji is supposed to be really good at 7s. was Canada in the tourney?

Krista – OOOOOOOHHHHH I sense a challenge!  Now I really do want to save that movie!!!!. Lots of good things about Nursery, cute kids nice people but have to admit the snacks are a little awesome! Benny would love Nursery too. He spent all night at the family dance playing with Eddie Trim who by the way is a fabulous dancer. Drew’s only reply was lucky you, runny noses and stinky diapers. I don’t think he is as keen on the under 3 set!

Tommy – snacks is all im for and that’s really good Canada did well

Brent – I can get my own snacks. I will pass on the diapers. What is some of the best food you like that is Australian.

Krista – Grandpa and Ry came over for dinner… somehow Joseph ended up here too. He has a good sense for good food(today was ribs). Then Benny went over to Steeds when they were having Beatons for dinner so I guess it goes both ways!

Tommy – some of the best aussei food is the aussie burger hands down the one with beet and pineapple

Krista – Tell me about Darcy’s baptism. Do the missionaries make up the program or the ward? Will you have any part in it?

Tommy – im doing the baptism but the ward makes up the program

Brent – Beet? Not sure I can support that. I had the most amazing burrito in San Diego. Probably won’t have one that good any time soon. 3 more days of students 2 days of PD, then spring break. I am ready. Be sure to send us some pictures. I am excited for you.

Krista – What a great experience. Today in Sunday School my lesson was about missionaries and we spent a lot of time talking about the joy that comes from bringing one soul unto Christ. You will always remember this.

Tommy – we are sooo excited – we have to go ill talk to you next week.  love ya!

Krista – Love you heaps! Happy Birthday

Tommy – wow mom you’ve already adopted the aussie term



March 14

Hey mom and dad,

This week has been a really somber one in the mission. On saturday night we found out that Elder Zobrist (a senior missionary) had had a stroke and was taken to hospital. He is fine and recovering. But the really sad news is that yesterday Elder Sennett (senior couple) was killed in a car crash. There have been lots of tears and mourning throughout the mission. I didn’t really sleep last night thinking about it. But we know we will see him on the other side. So other than that this week has been pretty normal. We taught Darcy a few times and he is progressing like crazy and will be baptized on the 24th. Elder Miague is doing well. He is really lacking in confidence though so thats been our focus for this week. He came from the Phillipines mtc and was there for 3 weeks. He is the oldest in his family and a recent convert (when he was 14, hes 20 now). Teaching was a little interesting because he is nervous to teach so he will just testify of what I said and repeat me. Overall he is doing really well.

love ya

Elder Dickson

March 8 Tommy is a Trainer

hey Mom and Dad,

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM (3 days late)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week has been absolutely crazy. So first of all for the first few days of the transfer until I got my new companion I hosted elder Nelson and elder Mikami. and guess what? Elder Mikami’s grandmother is a Dickson. We looked at our fan charts and are like 8th cousins! So anywho iIproselyted with them for a few days until arrivers dinner. So turns out that elder mikami and elder nelson aren’t getting companions until next transfer because the two americans didnt get their visas. I got my new companion……..elder Miague from the phillipines. (yes Dad his name is pronounced like mr miagy from karate kid). He is 20 years old so it feels a little weird training someone who is older than me. So its been a real culture shock for him. He has never seen a toaster before, a washing  machine (before the mtc), chocolate milk, a microwave or potato chips. He is from a very isolated part of the Phillipine but his english is pretty good. So the new area? We live literally down the road from the mission office so we see president and the assistants all the time. Yes all the senior couples attend our ward. So as for investigators we have lots! We have one man named Darcy who is going to be baptized on the 24th of march and a few other solid ones that elder Miague and I found that we are going to invite to baptism. One of the hardest things this week was becoming a district leader. They didnt even tell us how to do it they just kinda said here’s a folder with indicators sheets, good luck. So its been a steep learning curve. its been an over all awesome week.
love ya heaps (aussie way of saying it)
Elder Dickson
Brent – 8th cousins. It would probably be safe to marry his sister.
Tommy – haha we were laughing because he came up to me and he looked at me and is like “elder dickson im your cousin”
Brent – ‎I am missing San Diego. It has been -10 and snowy since I got back.
Tommy – haha thats the opposite of here im getting tired of the heat
Brent – I would like to get a little tired of it. Are you getting the pictures I sent?
Tommy – yes and i know that teacher! wasnt she mrs.mann’s student teacher?
Brent – ‎Just watched the Raptors beat New Orleans. Lowery broke his wrist and is gone until playoffs. They are in 4th right now but starting to play better. Ibaka is a stud. Yes, Ms. Lowey. She said she taught you PE in 10. She taught at Wisewood for a while and just came to us in September.
Tommy – ok ya i knew that i recognized her. and how is ibaka playing?
Brent – In San Diego we found a funky sock shop. Remember the Red Sox socks I had. Same thing. I got Drew Dodgers Raptors, and NY Giants socks. Benny got doughnuts. They were happy. Got Jake a shirt that says

I hate tacos – said no Juan ever! ‎Ibaka is awesome. Great shot blocker. Sweet inside moves. Didn’t know he could shoot the 3 so well.
Tommy – haha jake always has the best shirts – whats his numbers?
Brent – ‎He may not get them but they make me laugh. He wore the Bob Ross PBS art guru shirt today. A classic. No‎t sure. Lots of double doubles. Often second most points after Derozan. We need Drew for stats. He is at Tree house working.
Tommy – hahah that one is the best – far out turns out that was a steal
Brent – Benny had Baden Powell banquet tonight. I missed it. Had Jake duty. So we went to DQ for blizzards and burgers. I bought a 2 for 1 blizzards coupon that is unlimited for 1 year for $25. I have more than got my $ back on that.
Tommy – I have to go love ya lots bye!

Feb 27 – Tommy is on the Move!!

Hey Mom and Dad,

We had two new investigators this week. First we had Dimitri. He is half chinese half russian and is really interested in the Book of Mormon so we gave him a copy and he tried to give us money to donate to the church. He seems like He will be pretty solid. Our other one is name Rod Ventura (thinking to myself his name should be ace) and He isnt as solid but was willing to listen to our message. The big news though is that sisters are moving into the trott park area! So there will be two companionships’ in the ward, aberfoyle elders and trott park sisters. The biggest news this week though is I am being transferred! I am going up to Evandale (right by the mission office) and I will be district leader and training a new missionary. I’m gonna miss this ward a lot. But I’m excited to have the opprotunity to train. So ill be in the same ward as President and Sister Parker and the assistants. It should be a fun adventure!

love ya

elder dickson

Brent –

Trainer and District Leader. What a great opportunity. But maybe no bikes. Will you lose all that fitness?

Krista – Wow, that is so cool. Evandale??? What zone is that in? What is the name of the elder you will be training? Where is he from. That shows a lot of confidence in you. I’m proud of you – What ward does that put you in?

Tommy – that will put me in firle ward and i am still in a biking area and i dont know who im training until wednesday and thats in firle zone

Krista- Ok… cool, does the missionary just arrive on Wednesday then? When does that mean you move? Today? Do you know anything about the apartment?

Brent – Oh good. Wouldn’t want you to loose that fitness!  ‎Are you still close to the ocean or far away? Training is an awesome responsibility. You set the tone for their mission. Love them a lot and out them to work. I trained 3 missionaries. It was a great experience.

Tommy – I am far from the ocean 😦 but im close to the city. and ill move today and the new missionaries arrive on wednesday. I know nothing about the area because im being flushed in, they flushed the entire happy valley ward . elder angelo is going to an area called semaphore (firle zone) elder martin is going to golden grove (modbury) and elder atkinson is going to victor harbour – oh and elder punou is going out bush!

Krista- So do you stay with another companionship until Wednesday? Do you know who? In your apartment or theirs?

Brent – So you have a busy day. I’m assuming you have another missionary to hang with until Wednesday. So no more ocean shots for a while. I’m excited for you.

Tommy – I have no clue until i get there at 2pm

Krista- That’s an adventure! Take a few pictures. How do you know all about the other Elders like Elder Punou? Do you email them? How exciting to get a new missionary. Is the area by the mission home in the suburbs still? You said it was closer to the city. You have been to the mission home a couple of times . Is the area quite different from Aberfoyle/Trott?

Tommy – yes the area is alot more apartments and more like students. and we do a mission wide onference call where they announce where everyone is moving

Brent – We used to call each other after to find out what is up. The letter to transfer would arrive same day for everyone. Not sure we were supposed to do that.

Tommy – haha yeah probably not

Krista – Oh that is cool! It is neat to figure out where everyone is going. It must make you feel more connected. I always look at Sister Parker’s blog and see the new missionary training. It will be strange to see you as the trainer and not the trainee. So in your mission is a district usually 3 companionships? and then 3 districts in a zone?Watching the Oscars red carpet… must be getting old don’t really care about the dresses anymore!

Tommy – well it all depends on the zone, in firle there are three districts and in my district there are three companionships including mine.

Joseph (cousin) – Hey its Joseph the flames have a playoff spot. In my basketball I got to the final and lost but someone on my team broke there best players ankles

Taylor (better looking cousin) – Hey. How are things doing? Surprise you are talking to Taylor.  I heard that you are now are now a district leader.  I am happy for you. Is there anything that I should know from the last time we talked?

Tommy – nah there really isnt anything too new that has happened just hot all the time (im getting sick of summer) and come on taylor they dont say how are you doing in aiustralia they say “how ya goin?” – Joseph what spot are the flames in?

Taylor – Taylor here I am sad to here that. It just snowed again today in Calgary so you got something to look forward to when you get back. School is going okay. There isn’t anything new for me, other then the fact that I am in the shadow of my sister with math as she got a 100% on her final exam so that is fun.

Brent – 7th place. And the Steed’s have left the house

Tommy – why are you guys at my house right now anyways? – oh ok

Krista – They were picking Benny up for the eternal cousins switch. I don’t think Joseph can be happy unless he has someone to hang out with. Taylor would have been happy to sit here and email but there was considerable pressure from Joseph because they have a short window before Ben has to go to Stake priesthood. So the assistants and the Parkers are in your ward. Are there any other Elders or sisters in your ward?

Brent – They came to pick up Ben to party so we had them send a few words. Surprise, Joseph didn’t have a lot of patience.

Tommy – yes i will have the morialta elders and firle sisters (both in my district)

Krista – Wow that’s a lot of missionaries for one ward. It must be an area that has a little more teaching but probably not as many dinner appointments. You’ll have to get out those cooking skills! Does someone come to pick you up today? Are you packed already? Do the sisters move into your apartment? Better do some cleaning 🙂

Tommy – yes we are completely packed so we are getting picked up by victor harbour and taken to transfers. and yeah dont worry the assistants called ahead of time to make sure it was clean

Krista – That cracks me up! Well this will be exciting and  waiting a couple more days will be interesting. How many new missionaries are coming this transfer?

Tommy – 8-11 depending on visas

Krista – Hmmm… is there a possibility that your elder won’t arrive. That seems like a lot of missionaries. That is like when you arrived. I don’t think there has been another group since that was that big

Tommy – yeah i dont know i guess we will find out

Brent – That is a lot of new missionaries. Just think one lucky fellow gets a elder with great Leadership skills but poor taste in hockey teams.

Tommy – wow….. taking a shot at the flames  – are the oilers in the playoffs?

Brent – Right on they are. Second place in their division. Pretty sure they will make it but not sure how far they will go. Think the Flamers will make it too as a wildcard.

Tommy – whos the best player on the oilers right now that made the difference?

Krista – I’ll be curious to see where your companion is from. You might get your first American! Drew is busy making cookes right now. He is a bit of a whirlwind in the kitchen! Let’s just say there will be some mess to clean up… kind of like his mom!

Brent – Connor McDavid is leading the league in scoring his second year. Way more assists than goals – Cam Talbot their goalie is top 5 in the league.

Tommy – so he actually is ridiculous

Brent – So do you have a special training program or just do what everyone else does?

Tommy – we do the 12 week program. its the same as everyone else except we have trainings that are also given by president and the assistants

Brent- Could be a little different from 1989? What are some of the things you have greenies do?

Tommy – its just teaching them preach my gospel and how to do the basics of missionary work. lots of roleplays and practice

Krista – So does that mean you get your greenie for a guaranteed 2 transfers?

Brent -I was not the biggest fan of role play. You are a better Elder than me!   Saw Ibaka play his first Raptors game Friday. He looks good.

Tommy – not necessarily we will see if i get to finish his training  – I hate roleplays too and sweet how does the team look?

Brent – They traded away Sullinger to Phoenix for PJ Tucker. ‎Good utility player. It will take a bit of time to jell. The had a big win against Boston Friday. Boston is playing really well. I don’t think anyone will be able to stop the Warriors this year.

Krista – I’m glad you are staying close for now because your birthday package will reach you. Hopefully in time.! What will you miss about your old area?

Tommy – I will miss the members and we have a youth in the ward that we play basketball with who is a huge fan of okc so he hates durant

Brent – Understandable. But I don’t blame Durrant. He was a free agent. Rugby starts March 13. Pretty sure we will be inside and at the Soccer Center. Not as warm as last spring.

Tommy – I have to go now, ill let you know about my new trainee and area next week love ya!

Krista – Love you… we’re very proud! Be good to that greenie. Somewhere is a mom praying he gets a good trainer

Feb 20, 2017 – Happy Family Day


Hey Mom and Dad,

So these four days have been pretty uneventful. It has rained the past two days and has been “cold” as elder angelo calls it. (21 degrees) So we called our referral and she picked up we said it was the missionaries and she instantly hung up. I guess we are just being tested in our faith. nothing super interesting in happy valley ward. Just loving the members! They love our companionship and request to have us over for dinner. I’m gonna be really sad when I leave this ward., They have basically become my family. This week we have just been doing a lot of finding and unfortunately to no avail. The flood gates will open eventually though! Oh and funny story so this week we biked to the very top of our area (seacliff) and we locked up our bikes and went finding. When we came back to the bikes my tire was flat so since nobody could pick us up we had to walk 8 km from sea cliff to the flat uphill pushing our bikes. Lots of fun but a good chance to see the ocean view. Thats my week
love ya
Elder Dickson
hey hey hows the last few days been?
Brent – ‎So you can go crazy eating at members houses because you work it off on the bikes! Guess you don’t have tire repair kits with you. Nothing too exciting here. Jake is obsessed with slamming doors. Makes him super popular in our house.
Krista –  Oh goodness… I guess there is balance in all things… tough missionary work but a great ward.! i guess you just have to keep working and serving and hope that some people are touched.

It sounds like you are doing lots of biking and walking… you sure haven’t had much luck with bikes. Are you learning to fix them?
Tommy – yeah thats one thing i regret i didnt know how to do was to fix bikes. but ive taught myself
Krista – I’m sure you are learning lots of practical things as well as spiritual things. How is your household knowledge holding up?
Brent – You should see my form in a scrum now. I would have made an awesome loose Head!
Tommy – household knowledge? – loosey as they call it – so are you going to be coaching the forwards?
Krista – Can you clean and cook? Broken any more windows???
Brent – ‎I also got better at going north south rather than side to side in touch rugby.
Tommy – yes i can clean and cook mom and nope no wrestling between us. and yeah that confused me the most dad was the lack of side to side. took me a while to learn but chambers smashed it into me
Brent – ‎I am doing forwards for juniors and working with Chambers who is doing the Sr forwards. The goal is to practice together as much as possible. Planning on learning a lot from him.
Tommy – ok who is going to coach the backs?
Brent – ‎The clinic was really good. Led by a coach from Thirsk and one from Rundle. Gave great coaching technique. But I am sore today. ‎By the time you get home I might look like I know what I am doing.   Chmilar does juniors. Not sure about senior backs yet.
Krista – I’m glad you’re doing well. Can you believe you have been out 6 months????  That’s so exciting! Grandpa is telling me details about New Zealand geography. Is all of Adelaide as hilly as your area?
Tommy – ok thats gonna be good – no adelaide is very flat except for my area – i put some photos in the drive, youll have to show grandpa the spider one. it was about the size of half my hand
Brent – ‎So glad you get the hills! If you have to walk 8 km at least it is by the ocean.
Krista – So where in the Philippines is Elder Angelo from? City? Rural? What part of the country?
Tommy – hes from manila and yeah look at the photos i got dad
Brent – ‎So what kind of numbers do you have to report. We used to have to report contacts and teaching appointments.
Tommy – we report 1) baptisms and confirmations 2) baptismal dates 3) investigators at sacrament 4) new investigators
Brent – That sounds pretty good. We counted every person we talked to while finding. Sometimes I found we were more worried about the numbers than the person.
Tommy – yeah we have to count that but we dont report that to salt lake
Brent – Keep the pictures coming. They are lots of fun to share.
Krista – Grandpa and I just looked at the photos…. I’m not impressed by the spider!!!!!!! But the view pictures are super cool. Is that the area you were talking about where the bike broke down? I also liked the tag pictures and the picture of the smiley face dinner. Whose idea was that?
Tommy – tag pictures were me and thats elder angleo’s birthday dinner
Brent – So there were only 3 out of 17 priests at church today. Drew seemed kind of confused. Jake is now saying your name in his room. Maybe he senses we are emailing.
Krista – I love it! Did you make the smiley face food for him? He looks like such a nice boy. Every time I see him he is smiling. No wonder the ward likes the two of you. you are a big social guy and make friends easily and it looks like he is easy to get along with. it’s your old volleyball bag… he has adopted it! Dad is going to be so jealous of the ocean view pictures. They are very beautiful!
Brent – ‎So next week is pi.k tshirts day. The fashion show was impressive. This year the shirts are grey with hot pink lettering that says “Dude Be Nice”. Got the idea from a shirt at CSLC last fall.
Tommy – do you have a picture of them?
Brent -I’ll send you pictures next week. The Pink shirt day is wednesday. Not sure what else we will do this semester. Last year ASLC kept us busy.
Krista -That’s cool! Uncle Shane’s family is down in Provo at Maddie’s recital.  It is a big deal and Maddie has worked really hard for it
Tommy – yeah grandma sent me photos of it
Krista – That’s good! Not sure you are going to get any pictures of recitals from our family anytime soon… Maybe I will just take a picture of Drew working at Treehouse 🙂
Tommy – haha thats a recital i guess
Krista – SIster Parker had a great picture  of your Zone she just posted. You are on the end with Elder Ivory. It’s fun to see those missionaries that you went through the MTC with.
Tommy – how has leadership been this year? whats the coolest thing you did?
Brent – ‎It is different this year without the conference. I would say the pep rally was awesome. I also liked Coyote Week. The funniest day was Are you smarter than Trump. Fischer was dressed as Trump and competed with students on stuff like who could build the best wall. ‎This week I am going to Shaw and MidSun to teach their Gr 9 Leadership classes. Gotta recruit for next year. I have fun doing it.
Tommy – so do you go for a day and just teach? or is it a workshop?
Brent – ‎I just go when they have their class. I show some pictures and do some fun activities with them to get them to take the course next year. Between that and the feeder conference last November and I should get enough.
Tommy – are a lot of grade 10s signing up for leadership?
Krista – So how have the new mission “rules” applied to you? Have you changed your schedule at all? Are you keeping the same hours?
Brent – We had four classes this year. Two each semester. They each have 35-40 kids. The most we had before was 3 classes. Keeps getting bigger.
Tommy – so far they havent implemente them yet, they will start next transfer (monday)
Krista – Hmmm… interesting. Remind me again what will change
Tommy – just the times of different things and we will get an extra hour of sleep and longer p-days
Brent – So transfers… think you are on the move or staying put? Always fun to speculate.
Krista – Right… now I remember. By the next time we talk to you, you should know whether you are staying put or moving. It will be interesting!
Tommy – i think im gonna move because i have been in the ward i was “born” in for 6 months
Brent – ‎I vote for the outback. I want you on a walkabout! Maybe then you can punch a kangaroo!
Tommy – im quite determined to punch a kangaroo
Krista – We can’t wait to hear. Either way would be great. A new adventure or you get to stay with people you love. Win either way
Tommy – seriously win win
Krista – Oh please… the last thing we need is to hear about the missionary arrested in Australia for assaulting wildlife!
Brent – That would make Drew proud.
Tommy – rocky 6 elder dickson vs. kangaroo
Krista – Great! Just like “Fist Fight” but the Australian version!
Brent – ‎If someone questions you just say “I’m Canadian, how it going eh?”. They will give you the Canadian pass 🙂
Tommy – ill just tell them that my divine mission was to fight this kangaroo
Krista – OH that will be a great missionary tool for the church! I can see the media now!
Brent – I have never been more proud. Have you had any more Yankee rootbeers?
Tommy – no it makes me feel sick to drink them then ride the bike – i have to go i love ya bye

Feb 15, 2017

Hey mom and dad,

First of all those cards are hilarious! Brought good laughs. This week hasn’t been all that exciting. We biked and we biked and we biked some more. It has been crazy hot here and I have been sweating like a pig and losing tons of weight. Yes dad I’m winning the contest. I have lost 13 pounds since being on the bikes. We had a cool experience with some finding this week though. We have had some pretty solid potentials come up this week! But like I said it has been extremely hot all week. We had three days in a row where it was above 40 degrees. The coolest experience that happened this whole week was at the temple today. I was fasting as we went into the temple that we would get a sign that there is some promise in our area and we could have someone to teach and in the temple I had an overwhelming feeling of peace. As we came out of the temple our phone buzzed and …… WE RECEIVED A REFERRAL!!!!!!!!!!!! #miracle in trott park. other than that it has been a very normal week.
love ya
Elder Dickson
Brent – That is a cool experience. Those are the things that keep you going.
Krista – I am so glad you got a referral!!!! That is truly and answer to prayer and fasting. I could tell from your last pictures you have lost some weight. You are probably in fabulous shape. Does it ever get so hot that you are not supposed to go out? When I was telling people about the weather there, the universal response was … OOOHHHHH that it too hot! I’m glad you liked the Valentines. I thought they were hilarious. Your brothers and dad thought I was a little crazy but  they fit my sense of humour.
Brent – ‎It is too bad we can’t feel spiritually like that all the time. I think Heavenly Father expects us to stay strong between experiences. ‎So Benny got braces yesterday. He is suffering a bit. I think he may need Rugby to toughen him up a bit. It has been warm. 10degree High. Not bad
Tommy – yeah I think thats it exactly. Its like a tree growing. We can’t just grow when we its raining (spiritual nourishment) but we need to grow between the storms. And no mom if it gets above 45 we have the option to move our studies to the middle of the day (hot hours) but we go out everyday. What color did he get them?
Brent –

‎I’m the Dad. How would I know? Mom said he wanted rainbow and she said no.
Who is this mature young man talking in tree metaphors. I’m still remembering a slightly goofy 16 year old. Impressive Elder!
Tommy – haha it just came to mind
Krista – Benny decided on Silver , black and red…. that was after I vetoed rainbow elastics. I think those would have been a social death sentence in junior high. He still has a pretty sore mouth. He didn’t even want to eat pizza. Drew is at young mens tonight. They are playing board games and uncle Dave is leading the priests in an eipc game of werewolves so we’ll see if all that family experience helps Drew to devour some villagers.
Tommy – haha is Dave in preist quorum?
Krista – So you have a referral. Any other interesting people you found this week? Hmmm…. don’t think so. He is a cub assistant I think but he likes hanging out with the boys and Coy and Brother Dilling so he makes guest appearances. Drew got Cole a job at Treehouse so they are having fun at work together. Drew is getting used to the man van and loving CALM as much as his big brother did. I am hoping for a little more than 51% 🙂
Brent – ‎No, Dave is a cub Leader. He is just helping out tonight. Priest leaders are the same as when you left. Raptors news – they traded Terrence Ross and a first round pick to Orlando for Serge Ibaka. He played for OKC until last year. The Raptors have two 1st round picks and they keep the higher one. I am loving this trade. He plays his first game after all star break.
Tommy – no we havent found anybody that has let them teach us yet, that is a wonderful trade, the raptors could really use serge. Ugh the dreaded CALM . I regret not working harder in school.
Brent – ‎So fun news for me. CSLC is in Waterloo near Toronto next year. So I do my safety visit in June. This blew my mind. U2 is playing a concert when I am going. I got a ticket. I will also catch two Jays games. Oh and Mom is going to visit Palmyra. I can’t go to the US on a school trip, but who cares U2!!!!!
Krista – HOLY COW… you have grown up! It’s amazing what travelling to the other side of the world as a missionary can do for you. How is Elder Angelo? Any good games or food lately?
Brent – ‎Music to your parents ears. Are you just sacking up for care packages :). Just kidding, you will do great in school when you get home.
Tommy – thats sweet that youll get to see U2! and hes doing well it was his birthday on monday so we had a mismatched meal and cake. – and yes sister chambers (super member) fed us this week – I wanna redo english when i get back
Brent – ‎Mismatched meal?
Krista – Dad was mocking me because I am trying to start to think about your next care package. Although I’ve been watching this strange show about Australia’s border security at airports. Drugs in shoes and mascot masks, full cooked chickens, a bear head from Canada. It is interesting! I have been watching all of these people and packages get opened and turned back so now I am a little paranoid about what I am allowed to send.  Did you bake for him? What did you do for him for his birthday?
Brent – ‎Benny is in mourning this week, Flash was a rerun. Old flash keeps messing with the time line. He found a new show called powerless. It is about people who build safety equipment to protect against superhero s. Supposed to be a co.wdy but so not funny. But he loves it so we watch together. He did watch Godfather 1 and 2 with me and stayed awake so I guess it balances out.
Tommy – oh just whatever food we had in the flat. no our oven is terrible so we went and bought one. we just went down to the ocean and took photos  – haha reminds me of the dc one about the heros who time travel
Brent – ‎Not jealous of 42C. Jealous of the ocean visit. Nice choice.
Tommy – we have some sweet views from our area
Brent – ‎So bad but he loves it so we watch together. I am still into Flash though. You can binge when you get back. ‎Teacher Convention tomorrow. Only three teaching days this week but it seemed like forever. Funny how that happens. Mr. Hornby and I are doing Level 1 Rugby on Saturday. Should be good.
Krista – Was your whole zone at the temple today? Any of the senior missionaries or the Parkers? Do you always do a session or do you sometimes do other things? Can you access your familysearch account? The next time you go I should send you a family name.  I can share it with you and you could get it printed at the temple. would you be interested?
Tommy – yeah mom id love to do that but i think i would have to organize that in advance. and no its just the whole zone.
Benny –  did you get the animals facts and loving your bed trololololololol
Tommy – yes i got the animal facts but im in a different area so i dont see that girl anymore
Krista – Hmmm…. ok I will look and figure out how to share the name with you and then you can look at it. If it  doesn’t work it’s fine. You only go once a month right?
Brent – ‎Benny is obsessed with that bed. Maybe I should make him sleep on the Lego bed a couple nights.
Tommy – once every six weeks – for all missionaries in the adelaide area
Brent – ‎Ben says he is glad you got them.
Krista – Ok I sent you a name. Don’t know if it will work but you can keep it until you have a chance to do it. Who have you met in your zone that is new and where are they from?
Brent – More important question than Mom’s. Have you punched a kangaroo yet?
Tommy –  no we dont have any kangaroos around here
Krista – Ok I want to know about some of the new missionaries you have met
Brent – ‎Bummer, that would be epic
Tommy – we dont really have any new ones other than elder nelson from katherine  – oh and you remember elder bennion from my first transfer? he’s our new zone leader – its gonna happen before i leave (the kangaroo)
Krista – I think we saw him in the ABC video about missionary work in Katherine. It was an interesting article/ broadcast. I think I should be worried about dad. he seems a little obsessed with punching. He wants to see this movie called Fist Fight which is about two teachers who are going to fight after school. Of course Drew  was all over that bit since the rating is not too great we will have to see…
Brent – ‎A very worthy goal!  ‎Fist Fight will be The Wizard of Oz of this generation. A movie beloved by all!
Tommy – fist fight sounds like a promising movie, and yeah they had that special
Krista – If I remember correctly dad also said that about Hot Tub Time Machine… so you might want to take that opinion with a grain of salt. have you discovered any new great foods or interesting things you didn’t notice before about Australia?
Tommy – but hot tub time machine is a classic and yeah they have a wonderful asian influence. so tons of great asian food – have i told you about the aussie burger?
Krista – No… what is an Aussie burger… and what is the best Asian food you have had?
Tommy – an aussie burger is a chicken burger with lettuce, mayo, a slice of pinneapple, a slice of beet, a fried egg and whatever else you want
Brent – ‎2 words to justify my taste in movies. John Wick – right Tommy
Krista – Beet? We will have to try that. Is it breaded chicken or just a grilled chicken breast? Where do you get them?
Tommy – john wick enough said
Brent – ‎Not sure about the beet, too squash like.
Tommy – just breaded chicken and at mcdonalds, hungry jacks (burger king) and any members home – I leave out the beet also
Krista – Cool….. !!!!! Maybe I will have to find some of those ingredients for a Australia themed family dinner soon. Maybe some Pavlova, definitely not going to try the vegemite again. Ok… but if you are defending vegemite you are truly turning into an Australian! Are your pants still fitting with the weight you have lost? On the missionary moms facebook page there are some kids who go to places like South America who lose lots of weight I think more from the food than the heat
Tommy – yeah everthing still fits just loose – i have to go i love ya ill talk to you on monday
Krista – Well maybe you’ll be in a car area next… You never know. Love you… talk to you Monday!
Brent – Peace out kangaroo warrior

Feb 6, 2017


If you are reading this as an email you may not see the attached youtube clip – go to the website to check it out.


Hey Mom and Dad,

This week hasn’t been very exciting at all. We got absolutely poured on while we were riding the bikes and taught a lesson in elders quorum yesterday. It’s been a real wave of emotions this week from discouragement to happiness. We had zone training this week which was the happy part and we were able to see all the other missionaries. The discouraging part was that 2 out of our 3 investigators dropped us. This week we also went on trade offs with the district leader. I got to go back to aberfoyle park! I got to see a lot of the investigators that I hadn’t seen in a long time. So some more sad news. Cliff got news that he has terminal cancer. So we have been fasting and praying for him that he will be able to accept the gospel. But other than that it has been a very normal week.

love ya

Krista – That’s too bad  about your investigators… Keep working it will come! I’m glad you got to see the old people in Aberfoyle. That is too bad about Cliff… We’ll add him to our prayers too that he will accept the gospel. If he does would you be able to attend  the baptism. Got an email this week from a Cook relative in Australia… might be a connection in Adelaide. I’ll keep you posted

Tommy – No I wouldn’t because I’m not the missionaries currently teaching him. Is the relative a member?

Krista – Brooke says hello I’m eating ribs… Monica says the superbowl is boring. Uncle Brent says  Monica is boring… Monica and Uncle Brent are going to stop now. Grandpa Steed says he bets it’s warm and was happy to chat Waterton with Drew.

Duuuuude, its dad.  Superbowl is on and I am lacking focus.  14-0 Falcons over Pats.  Mom is being mean to me.  Love you

Mom is NOT being mean to him.

Aunt Joanne says… ummm go missionary.  and not to drink caffeine Aunt Joanne and I are both addicts. Grandma Dickson says Hi sorry I missed writing this week.

Benny says loving your bed trololololo….

Drew says hi, hello, Drew says the colts suck and he is not saying anything else.

Grandpa Dickson says he can’t say anything. Dad says you are going to inherit everything he has including his shoehorn collection

Adam says ball is life

Uncle Shane says… hey buddy we wish we were in the warm weather… don’t be homesick its frickin’ crappy here….

Boy our family is so articulate.

No The relative is not a member. He is in Queensland but there might be another set of cousins in Adelaide. I am investigating but it might take me a while  to find out. I know there are moments of discouragement but I am proud of you that you are working through it and staying faithful… that is great! How is Elder Angelo?

Tommy – oh he is doing great we are getting along really well and loving the bikes!

Krista – Loving the bikes…. that must be a joke! How is the ward?

Did you end up buying a game this week? How are your shoes lasting.

Shane says he loves Monica less because she doesn’t like meat… actually loves her to death!

Oh cool thing about the picture I sent you.Coy lined up the priests in order of availability to serve a mission… from Billy at one end to Drew at the other… Blaze and Connor were at basketball so they would have been behind him.

Tommy – Oh wow I didn’t know that. And yes it was a joke. The ward is awesome. We are getting fed 5 times this week and they love us to death. My shoes are lasting really well (good idea with the insoles) We dont have any new missionaries in our district but a few ones that are new to me in the zone, and yes the candy arrived intact

Krista – Good I’m glad… It’s always hard to know what to send. What do you appreciate getting the most? What is the plan for the rest of PDay? Any pictures this week???

Tommy – idk I loved the snow in a can and sleep and clean the usual

Krista – Ok… you need to plan something cool for next week… I’m looking for a great, epic missionary PDay story!  Tell me about district meetings.. what do you do?

The snow in a can was a shot in the dark… I’m sure it was some chemical  junk but since you said you were missing snow I had to send it. Any requests for the next  package? Probably not until April or May.

Tommy – no I don’t really have any requests but I like the cheesy stuff. The problem is with doing something epic is that we are on bikes with a limited budget. At district meetings we just get a training from our district leader, pick up mail and leave – I’m uploading pictures now

Krista – I am just teasing you I don’t need EPIC…. I am just glad you have some time to relax and have a break. Is it still super hot? What was your training about this week.  SUPER CHEESY! YEAH!!!!! I am on it… that totally fits with my sense of humor!! Do you like sharing things with your companions? When is the next transfer day… three weeks?

Tommy – yeah its still hot but to add to the torture its rainy this week so it makes it very sticky, its too hot to wear a coat but too wet not to yeah we always share the candy. and yeah february 27

Krista – Grandpa and I were cracking up about the rock picture! too funny! I liked the praying MAntis and the picture with Elder Angelo. What is the Diary Milk and Book of Mormon picture about?

Tommy – oh the perfect p-day lunch. cookies, dairy milk, and the book of mormon. thats what happens when we get paid we spend it on junk

Krista – You should be almost through the worst of summer now…but I suppose if you went to Alice or Darwin anytime it is always that hot… You are going to get back to Canada  and be freezing all the  time. Maybe you can go to school in the Caribbean or something. Taylor is working on his mission papers. It seems like he might go in the summer. very exciting!  Ok… so you are still really teenage boys!!!! Now that Drew has a job he comes home quite often with a Wendy’s bag (right by treehouse) or a slurpee… yes even in -20.  Who is the guy with the cars?

Tommy – oooooooo taysteed is doing the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah I suppose it would be just hot all the time. Tell Isabelle I have the worst glasses tan ever!

Krista – Who is the girl in the picture on your desk? Is that Taylor G????  That is funny, you are going to be tanned and fit with all this bike riding. Has the bike broken down again???? No I mean who is the person with all the fancy cars in the pictures? Corvette????

Tommy – yeah she sent me the photos of our grad so I have been switching the photos around -that just happened to be the one when I took the photo, its now Taysteed Teigan and me – a potential investigator we met

Krista – Those cars look beautiful! A little step up from Dad’s truck!!!! See I can write this because Dad is not paying attention. He is watching Lady Gaga  at the half time show.  Keep working hard, be kind to your companion so that every companion can say you were the best! I am proud of you. A mission  is not easy but your obedience will bring blessings.  What is the joke video, something about clothes????

Tommy – oh thats me using the fake spider on Elder Angelo

Krista – Cracks me up…… I’m glad you are having fun together.  What is up for this week… more finding?

Tommy – yes a very large amount of finding due to the lack of people to teach – whats happening in your guys week?

Krista – Not too much. Sister Banfield and I are going to a play on Tuesday. The Priests are roller skating on Wednesday but I think Drew has to work.  Benny will continue the undefeated record of the mighty PUGS! Dad has a rugby clinic coming up but  I think it might be next weekend.

Tommy – ok sweet I got to go, I love you and i’ll add some photos

Krista – LOVE you lots… work hard. It’s not easy, we are proud of all you are doing. I saw this great pinterest thing that said I have a perfect record of getting through hard days . It is 100%… so you are 100% well done!


That’s all for now



Jan 29, 2017

Hey mom and dad,

Yes I have settled into life with my new companion. We get along really well even though we have our struggles. We haven’t had any success this week but we know that it is coming. No the weather is still very hot and now it’s getting sorta humid (weird for Adelaide).  Yes the missionary broadcast, so they have completely changed the missionary schedule. We get to go to bed at 9:30 instead of 10:30 and p-day is two hours longer (it starts at 8 instead of 10). There hasn’t been any changes yet because President Parker still needs to decide how it will go. And no I have not gotten the package yet but i might get it on Wednesday at district meeting. This week has been pretty uneventful. We did a ton of finding and we have a return appointment for tomorrow so hopefully a new investigator. But the best news is that this week was ice cream Sundaies! On the last Sunday of the month happy valley ward does a soup/sandwich/ice cream Sunday where the whole ward goes into the gym and eats food together. It is my favorite Sunday of the month. On the 26th was Australia day so literally everybody was at the beach (where we can’t contact) so it was a super boring day. The bikes have made me so much more in shape then I thought possible on a mission. Biking in a shirt and tie is a lot harder than it seems. My cardio is through the roof. It is funny because we always pass people in their biking gear and road bikes on our dinky little mountain bikes and in ties. Other than that a very normal week.

love ya

Elder Dickson

Krista – That cracks me up… I am imagining the two of you biking in your ties. I was wondering about Australia Day. Do they have parades or other things like Canada Day? That is great that you get to sleep a little longer and have more time on PDay. That will make a real difference. I saw Sister Parker’s post about the new missionaries and I saw Elder Peihopa. He is just a taller version of his brother. Did you get to meet the 2 Canadians? Where are they from?

Tommy – I didn’t get to meet them. I wish because elder Deitze said one is from Calgary.  No they treat it more like a day off

Krista – That Ice Cream Sunday sounds great! You have probably been in the ward long enough now that people feel very comfortable with you. Who do you have a great relationship with?

Tommy – yeah I’ve been here long enough that everybody knows my name. And i have the best relationships with a member who just moved in named Johnny Benellack. He is actually the same person as me. and ezra auseuga a ysa

Krista – Tell me about Brother Benellack. How old is he, does he have a family?

Tommy – he is 25? and just recently got married and no not yet. He served his mission in France Leon. We just have very similar personalities

Krista – Who do you have an appointment with tomorrow? I sat by Sister Laycock today at church and she was telling me that Noah is having an easier time this semester because his courses are not as hard. Sister Low and Brother Low are staying in Vancouver for a while so the Laycocks are now in our ward. Sundance was crazy today. There were so many people that there were no seats in Sunday School. Dad spoke in church today and did a great job. It was about reading the Book of Mormon and he brought his collection of B of Mormons to show. I think people always like to see that old Book of Mormon that looks like the Golden Plates. Our ward is doing a read every day challenge in February so that will be exciting. Happy to report already read today!

Tommy – haha thats good to hear. Noah is at UBC right?

Krista – Yes, Sister Laycock says there are not that many LDS students there. They have a very small branch but he is hanging out with an LDS girl who she thinks is great! Not a couple I think but casual dates and good friends

Tommy – ok thats good that hes doing well

Krista – What is the best experience you have had on your mission with personal revelation? I have to teach a lesson next Sunday and I am looking for some inspiration.

Tommy – oh thats a good one a cool experience I had with personal revelation was when we were planning for an investigator we had a weird prompting to teach about temple marriage (weird for first lesson) and it was exactly what he needed.

Krista – Why do you say that was exactly what he needed? Give me a few more details that I can flush out in my lesson… no not flushing an area:) See I have learned a few things about Australia!

Tommy – he was concerned on how his family can be together (they were separated) we said that baptism and the temple lets our families be together forever.

Krista – Ok, that gives me a little more information. I’m sure that revelation is a thing you are constantly working to be in tune for. Missionary work wouldn’t happen without it! So poor Taysia  had her purse stolen this week on her mission so she has to replace bank cards and stuff. Luckily her passport was safe but what a pain!  Are Elder Martin and his companion still assigned to the Happy Valley Ward… even as I am typing this I think I know the answer… yes?

Tommy – yes they are

Krista – What is planned for the rest of Pday today? Do you have any plan with other missionaries? How do you shop on your bikes?

Tommy – so we aren’t allowed to gather with other missionaries on p-day unless it’s a district p-day which happens only once a transfer. The grocery store is across the street.

Krista – That’s good… I was having a hard time imagining ow you brought groceries home. So what are you doing for Pday… Anything interesting? What does Elder Angelo like to do?

Tommy – He got a wikipedia board game so we will be playing that

Krista – I have never even heard of that… interesting? What else does he like? What were his hobbies or interests before mission? Did he work? Go to school?

Tommy- he studied architecture before the mission

Krista – That’s cool, you have architects in your family. So what would Elder Dickson’s perfect pday look like? I wouldn’t have guessed that you could play games.

Tommy – sleep and games

Krista – Can you buy games? Can you play cards?  All these things I am learning. Is district meeting at the mission office or the church this week?

Tommy – yes we can buy games and play cards but only on p-day

That’s all for now

Jan 23, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

Life is good with my new companion. His name is elder Angelo, he is from the Phillipines, is 21 years old, comes from a family of 8. He is very quiet though so nights in the flat are very quiet. Things are going well, the area doesn’t have very much success but thats ok. We are working hard and it’ll come. So the reason you haven’t heard anything about the car is…………….we are in a biking area! So we cover this massive area on our bikes and you know how much I hate bikes. Funny story with that though. Do you remember the time my bike broke on a priests activity and I had to ride it like a strider? Well the exact same thing happened here. We were biking hard one day and all of the sudden my pedal snapped off so I stopped and put in in my backpack and rode my strider for the 20 minute ride back to the flat. So this is the third time I have had to send my “new” bike to be fixed at the office. But on a positive note because the area is incredibly hilly (most in the mission) I have already lost 6 pounds biking.

love ya

Elder Dickson

Brent – Bike fun. Look who is over for dinner right now. Our missionaries and the Mandarin missionaries had no DA so mom volunteered. Drew requested Brinner, breakfast for dinner.

Tommy – haha tell them I say hi , and who did drew go on a date with? oh and Dad guess what? Do you remember elder Peihopa served in our ward forever? His brother just became one of the new additions to the australia adelaide mission. I got the chance to talk to him about his brother.

Brent – What’s up for PDay?

Tommy – sleep -I’m not really willing to bike anywhere to do anything

Brent – Mom gave an awesome lesson about Martin Harris but Benny’s lesson to Deacons was better because he had licorice.

Tommy – Bribery always works

Brent – Are you doing any driving.

Tommy – no we don’t have a car – Where’s Mom?

Brent – She is cooking waffles for the Elders. Mom is in Super Steed mode

Tommy -haha I’m not surprised at all

Brent – How is your companions English?

Tommy – His english is good and yeah the other area gets the car

Brent – That sounds good, the English, bummer about the car. Guess you won’t gain weight.

Tommy – haha no we wont

Krista – Haven’t had a chance to read your emails yet…. so I might be repeating. Do you feel positive about the companion change. What does he bring to your companionship that is cool or new? Is it still super hot?

Tommy – he is just a different personality from my last comp

Krista – Are you still in the Happy Valley Ward? Are they still taking care of you?

Tommy – yeah I’m in happy valley but we get less meals due to the bikes

Krista – Well you can learn something new from each one so I will be curious to see. Has he cooked for you yet?

Tommy – No not yet

Brent – The Elders are polishing off the bacon. You would be impressed.

Krista – What have you cooked for him? Are you still doing a lot of contacting at the train station? Is he tidy, brave, shy?

Tommy – He is tidy and shy and no we got kicked off the train station

Brent – So we are really enjoying ‎sending Drew driving on errands all the time.

Tommy – haha that sounds like fun , who was his first date with?

Brent – This girl Emma.  Says Drew. Chapparell ward. Drew – Dating machine.

Krista – Oh that,s too bad about the train station . Someone must have complained. That is good that is his tidy and shy you two can rub off on each other. Where are you having the most success?

Tommy – finding because that’s basically all we do

Brent – We will keep Drew on the double dates. Safety in numbers.

Tommy – good!

Brent – So who is doing the cooking now. Are you making noodle magic?

Tommy – we split the cooking – we dont really make anything to complicated so its both of us – mostly just like sausages and rice or sandwiches and stuff like that.

Brent – Drew is keeping the missionaries entertained. The Mandarin missionaries cover everything south of Glenmore. And the Bacon is all gone. When is your next zone meetings.

Tommy – we will have one on the 8 of February

Krista – What are you looking forward to this week?

Brent – Drew wants you to jump in the pouch of a kangaroo. Drew is a scrub. Drew is Drew. You should hear the conversations in the basement when Cole, Adam, and Drew are gaming.

Tommy – we are going to be doing lots of finding this week so im pretty excited for that and no drew….. haha im sure they are interesting

Brent – The missionaries here say they don’t whitewash an area. They call it purging.

Tommy – we call it flushing

Brent – The Elders here are impressed with flushing. New term to them. Drew is going off now about rednecks and hipsters.

Tommy – that doesn’t even surprise me

Brent – Drew says he is going to Dallas Japanese speaking. Sushi and rednecks.

Tommy – and don’t forget the cowboys

Krista – Dad is now entertaining the elders with Oilers Flames talk. I would love some scenery pictures of  your area. I must be chanelling Grandpa steed . How about the outside of your flat.

Tommy – I left my camera at the flat sorry –  tell drew they cant hear that they need to be consecrated 😛

Krista – Ok I get it… I’ll make you a deal I will forgo pictures if you promise to eat a vegetable

Tommy – I have been we have carrots at our flat!!

Brent -I have started a new workout program. Nike has an app with varied workouts. There are parts I crush and parts I cry like a baby.

Tommy -oh sweet we have a exercise dvd we do as a mission, it was made by the assistants –

yeah the bikes are doing a good enough job of that. how many times do the sundance elders get fed?

Brent – When mom found out the missionaries ha no where to go for dinner Mom immediately volunteered. She was thinking of you. I think it makes her feel closer to her boy. I think they get fed most days. I have to go to High Priests. Mom is still here. Saw the pictures of you, Teigan, and Taylor hiking and realized I miss my boy. Work hard. Be excellent. Love that companion and support him every way you can.

Tommy – love you got to go





Tommy Gets A New Companion – Jan 15, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

so transfers came and…….. elder punou and elder martin got transferred. I am getting my new companion today and I will be with elder Angelo from the Phillipines.  This week was pretty uneventful. We did a lot of finding to no avail. It was also elder Martins birthday this week so we had lots of cake and treats. Its funny because now I do all the dishes in our flat because the other elders always are “busy”. We met a funny bible basher this week who told me “god sent you to me so I can tell you the truth” and another interesting person who is moving to the middle of nowhere because she believes that the world is going to end and that if she moves there Satan cant get her. Not anything too exciting. I haven’t met my companion yet so I’ll tell you about him in the next email.

Krista – Well I thought you would get a new companion. Where did Elder Punou and Elder Martin go? Do you stay in the same flat? What area is Elder Angelo coming from? Are you looking forward to a new companion? It must be nice to have someone different.  So I am getting your birthday package ready… after celebrating Elder Martin’s birthday this week what is good to send?

Tommy – I do have one request please. Can you send me an American sign language book? Elder Punou is going up to Paralowie (the ghetto) and Elder Martin is just splitting the area that we were in. So I am going to cover half the area and Elder Martin will cover the other half. I have no clue where Elder Angelo is coming from and yeah ill stay in the same flat.

Krista – Ok…the internet is a great thing… Elder Angelo is coming from Darwin! He looks nice… but I’m not sure you can tell that from a picture. I assume he is the senior companion? Paralowie… is that still in the Marion Zone? So is  your area now the new area that was added last transfer and Elder Martin gets your old area? Is your flat just for one companionship?

Tommy – So yeah my area is now the area that was added and Elder Martin is in my old area. My flat is just one companionship and he will be the senior companion but I will lead the area because I already know it. Paralowie is way up north adelaide so different zone.

Brent – Mom is asking all the good questions! Last night Ben and I went to watch Oilers Flames and Grandpa Dicksons. Glad to report Oilers won in a shoot out.

Tommy – Oilers suck

Brent – 3-0 vs Flames this year my friend.

Tommy – They’re just letting the Oilers build some fake confidence, classic technique

Brent – Very kind of them. NFL report- Falcons beat Seahawks yesterday as well as Patriots over Texans. Packers were up 21-3 over Cowboys but they are now tied at 28 with 4 minutes left. Ouch. Steelers play Chiefs tonight.  Cool to have a companion from the Phillipines. A chance to learn new stuff. More interesting than Utah or Idaho!

Krista – So who is your district leader now? Did your zone leader change? Which investigators do you keep and who goes to the other area?

Tommy – So Cliff is no longer in my area, there aren’t very many investigators in my area. Lots of finding here I come. Yes I have new zoneleaders elder heindel and elder bennion. My district leader is elder martins new companion elder atkinson. So who do you think will make the super bowl?

Brent – I think Patriots for AFC. Not sure for NFC. Depends on what happens with Packers in the next 5 minutes.  Raptors are playing well. Something like 27-13. Solid second place in the east. Cleveland still on top. Celtics look good and will push the Raptors.

Krista – Do you know any of those new elders? That’s too bad that you lose Cliff… at least for my sake, I liked hearing Cliff stories! I assume you lose the brothers too? Who do you keep?

Tommy – We don’t really have any investigators on this side. So I’m starting fresh and yes elder bennion was in my district in my first transfer.

Krista – Oh well… a new challenge! Do you like Elder Bennion? When does Elder Angelo arrive? Will he drive? Are you allowed to drive now?

Tommy – No he doesn’t drive so I will be driving. and yeah elder bennion is one of the funniest elders out there. I will go and pick him up from the office at 2pm here.  Who do the celtics have that have made them better?

Brent – I’m surprised you made the switch on PDAY. We had PDay to get ready and then moved the next day. You missionaries must be more righteous.  No one really new. They are just getting better. Raptors played them once and beat them in a close one. Does your new companion not have a licence?   Is that why you drive?

Krista – AHHHHH driving? Have you driven there before? Are you adjusted to the other side of the road? Are you still splitting time between bikes and the car?  Are the other elders already out of the flat?

Tommy – I have driven once here so this will be an adventure. So no I haven’t adjusted yet. We only have a limited amount of kilometers per month so we will hit the bikes as much as possible. All of our transfers are on p-day.  Did the raptors get anyone new?  No he doesn’t have his license

Brent – They have Jared Sullenger who signed from the Celtics but he got hurt in training camp and should play in Feb. So the team is basically the same as last year. Derozan and Lowey playing even better this year.  Packers up 31-28. 1:38 left. Cowboys have the ball. Go Pack. Just hit a field goal

Krista – Did you have to get a special licence in Australia? Now I will have to worry about 2 teenagers driving! For two very different reasons… good thing you have that  “god protects missionaries ” thing

Tommy – hows valuncunuis playing?

Brent – Solid. Good point average an lots of rebounds. Very consistent and reliable.  Stupid Cowboys just tied the game on a field goal. 38 seconds left.

Tommy – my alberta license is fine because it is in english – go pack

Krista – Maybe Elder Angelo will be a good cook and introduce you to some Phillipino dishes.

Tommy – elder martin used to be in the same flat as him and apparently he is a wicked good cook.

Brent – Maybe some CanPhillipino fusion cooking.  Packers threw a 36 yard pass with 3 seconds left. Trying a field goal from 50. Packers kick the field goal. Pack won! Happy Dad.  Packers vs. Atlanta next week. Go Pack. Sentimental Super Bowl pick. Just got a text from Uncle Shane. He says He and Adam are supporting me an pulling for the Packers.

Krista – I was looking at this post from one of the Darwin senior mission couples. they were saying that in their mission they have worked with missionaries from 11 different countries.

Tahiti 2, Fiji 2, Vanuatu 1, England 1, Canada 1, Tonga 1, Philippines 9, Indonesia 1, Australia 6, New Zealand 4, USA 14/Hawaii 1.. I thought that was really interesting. you have already had contact with New Zealand (Tonga) Australia, Ecuador, US…. A real cultural experience!

How far away from the mission home is your flat?

Tommy – about an hour drive

Brent – I am tempted to call the Rices after the win. Bentley Carter prayed for the Cowboys in Teachers Quorum.

Krista – I will look for an ASL book. Is it different in Australia or are the signs the same? I will send it out with your birthday package. I don’t know how long it will take to get to you.

Tommy – they are different but ASL is known by basically everyone who is deaf no matter where you come from. Why doesn’t that surprise me that he did that (Bentley)

Brent – God probably doesn’t care much unless it is the Oilers or Eskimos.

Tommy – Yeah and then he wants them to lose and that is doctrine because “whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same” and myself as a missionary (servant of the lord) said it so therefore it is scripture.

Brent – Using scriptures against God’s teams. I shall pray for you son.

Krista – I’m liking the ability to quote scripture but I’m not sure using it for sports purposes really makes it valid!

Tommy – Well dad how does it feel to “kick against the pricks” do you “find the words of the lord to be hard”? its doctrine that the flames and stamps are the best

Brent – We shall see. Oilers are 6 points up on Flames right now.

Krista – I have to say I am quite enjoying this right now… my RIGHTEOUS son

Brent – Just say thanks Aunt Kathy :). Mom sounds quite Steed like there. That is good for you. Listen to her. Don’t forget she is the one that bought me Oiler tickets.

Tommy – haha yeah its kinda nice when you get to the point that missionaries cant smash you with the scriptures because you know them well enough. but i still have lots to learn. and yeah if they keep running – wow you just got thrown under the bus mom – but ya thanks aunt kathy

Krista – I am taking the high road… an indication of my obvious superior morality… learn from me you mere mortals!

Brent – On a serious note, take advantage of the chance to study. You will be grateful the rest of your life for it. I know I am.

Tommy – I try to as often as I can

Krista – Good luck with Elder Angelo. Go in with a positive attitude. I’m sure it will be great!

Brent – Change is good. This will give you a chance for some Leadership. Make him feel welcome and embrace everything that is different about his culture. Cool opportunity. I had a ton of Americans, 2 Canadians, and one Swede.

Tommy – I’m excited for this transfer

Krista – I’m glad… maybe he will even do the dishes!

Tommy – I have to go now i love you. Bye

Jan 9, 2017


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Hey Mom and Dad,

This four days have been an interesting one. On Friday we got hit with a massive heatwave. We were out proselyting in 42 degree weather. Everybody’s house we knocked on felt so sorry for us and gave us some nice cold water. I was sweating buckets, it was ridiculous. Saturdays heat wasn’t as bad. It was only 39 degrees. But we had a good lesson with a man named Andrew. Andrew is a nice man who is married to a member. He is an older gentleman who knows a lot about religious history so he is hard to teach. But he has a bunch of shrines in his house so I dont know if he even knows the ten commandments. Yesterday we had a good day.  We also sang at a multi stake missionary fireside. Elder Punou, Martin and I and a few others sang “come follow me”. We brought Sister Parker to tears. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Other than that is been pretty uneventful.

Krista -Oh Oh…. I hope you are going to survive at least another week with your companions… As long as you can get the not so nice stuff out in the journal and then try to see the best for the rest of the day you are doing great!  I’m not surprised that you had Sister Parker in tears. That singing at Christmas was a killer for me. How nice that you have companions who are good singers.  Our weather is about as opposite as can be… ! 42… WOW I suppose if you kept being invited in that was a little bit of a blessing.

Brent – 42! Maybe I am not so jealous

Tommy – The weather is ridiculous, it was 36 degrees in our flat even with the a/c on full blast

Krista -Oh my goodness… that has got to be hard on my little Canadian boy!!!  Do your Australian and New Zealand companions manage better in the heat? Are you still teaching Cliff and the boys?

Tommy – They manage way better than i do, but i am pretty decent, and yes but slowly and surely

Krista – By the time you come back to Canada you will be like Sister Gilson’s son who served in Sydney. She said he hasn’t felt like he was warm since. Are the other areas in your mission that hot? Darwin or  Mildura or Alice Springs? What is coming up for Pday today?

Brent – I guess that will take care of any weight gain from the MTC. I saw Joel Patterson at the game last night. He asked about you. He is upgrading classes. He goes March 1 to Portugal. He says he is ready to go.

Tommy – The heat wave only hit Adelaide but Alice is ridiculously hot right now and Darwin is always 30 degrees or above all year round … oh we are finally going to all you can eat pizza hut

Krista – Oh funny story… Grandpa and the Steed girls had a Pride and Prejudice sleepover this weekend. 6 hours of Mr. Darcy…. KFC… Oreos and a Kilogram of Bacon…. Drew said it sounded like it was almost worth it  for the treats but that he would just play on his IPAD . I told him he had to pay the video price and he was no longer that keen!  All you can eat pizza sounds like a good change from constant noodles! Do you still get good dinner appointments? Grady Trim was sitting in front of us in Sacrament and he was drawing Ninja Turtles and it made me think of you

Brent – Remember Canadian bacon is Ham. I figured you will be the meats man.  Packers 38- Giants 13. Happy Dad Sad Drew

Tommy – oh I forgot to tell you kfc is soooooo much better here than in Canada. Australians are crazy for kfc so their quality is better. Yes we get lots of dinner appointments thanks to super missionary mom Sue Chambers

Krista – That’s great… where does she have a child serving? Is she one of the ward missionaries?

Tommy – She doesnt have a kid serving, She is just basically our mom in the ward. Always makes sure we are eating our veggies

Krista – I’m glad you have several moms to nag you in my absence. Between Sister Parker and Sister Chambers and I’m sure some of the other senior missionaries it sounds like you are looked after. Do you see any of the other senior missionaries? Tell me a little about them

Tommy – oh mom can you ask teigan to send me those photos he took of us on the hikes in waterton? … We dont ever see them because we are farther away from the mission home.

Brent – Are you going to show people what a real mountain looks like?

Krista – Yes… I forgot about that. I have to talk to Teigan anyway so I will text him. I am loving the pictures and videos in your drive… I will love to hear the stories behind some of them … Were you still here when there was that bear attack on Forum?

Brent – I think Benny and I need to do the three peak hikes in Waterton this summer. He wants to and you inspired me.

Tommy – no I wasnt, what happened? … those hikes are fun i regret no doing them earlier

Krista – A guy was hiking the ridge I want to say… not completely sure where he was but was attacked by a Grizzly and they had to take him out through the Waterton side… just looked up the new report it was the third week in September and I remember thinking that you and Taylor and Teigan had just been hiking that and I was thinking how bad the visibility was that day… you might not have even been able to see a bear!

Brent – Uncle Dave just texted over to see if we were eating pie. Specifically Drew and humble pie with the Giants loss. What a loving uncle.

Krista – Isn’t it great to see how much we love and support one another!

Tommy – thats the uncle dave i remember

Brent – Your Colts didn’t even get a sniff of the playoffs so I guess we all suffer somewhere.

Krista – A true test of teaching basic doctrine and the power of the Spirit. I taught a lesson today about the atonement and there was a great quote from PResident PAcker that talks about how there are lots of “branches” in the church but that they have to be connected to the root of the Atonement  “[The Atonement of Jesus Christ] is the very root of Christian doctrine. You may know much about the gospel as it branches out from there, but if you only know the branches and those branches do not touch that root, if they have been cut free from that truth, there will be no life nor substance nor redemption in them” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1977, 80; or Ensign, May 1977, 56).

Tommy – nice quote

Brent – Mom made veggie and fruit packages for the boys to take to lunch. I suggested bacon bags but mom said no.

Krista – I love both of those… Here is my other favorite quote from the lesson. It can be challenging to teach basic doctrine that feels like we all know but Brother Matthews and Sister Elford who are both converts spoke about what a revelation those doctrines were to them and about how taht attracted them to the church and they felt the truth of that message . A great testimony of missionary work!  President Ezra Taft Benson said, “We may never understand nor comprehend in mortality how He accomplished what He did, but we must not fail to understand why he did what He did.  All that He did was prompted by His unselfish, infinite love for us.”  (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 15)  

Krista – Do you have any district or zone meetings this week? When will you find out about transfers?

Tommy – we have district meeting tomorrow and we will find out about transfers on sunday

Krista – So I’m a little confused how many elders in district 10??? and then 20 in zone?

Brent – Hopefully there is air conditioning. We don’t want your whole zone to melt. If you are really heat suffering just slowly say I Am Canadian

Tommy – There are three districts in our zone we have five elders and two sisters in our district. our district has us, the zone leaders and the sisters

Krista – Dad just saw the root beer video and he was happy!

Brent – Does it actually taste like A&W

Tommy – no its not as good but its close

Brent – So Jake just turned on the big ceiling fan again. Just what you need with -20C outside. Close is still good. I ha one rootbeer in 2 years and Tim mailed it from Scotland.

Tommy – you can get mug root beer in asian stores but no a&w and yay ceiling fans

Krista – That’s interesting. I guess you never know what you will miss. What else can’t you get?

Tommy – sour cream and onion chips, banana peppers, normal hot dogs … I have to go now, I love you guys bye





Jan 4, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

This has been a very uneventful week. New Years we were grounded to the flat at 6 pm so we just went to bed early. We got to go to the temple today though. Its always lots of fun to go to the temple with other missionaries. Thats it for the week so far. I know this email is lame but its been a boring week.

Brent: Hey buddy, I am at Woodruff’s playing pool and WI with the teachers Quorum. You still there?

Tommy:  yeah send me a photo of the teachers (I did)

Brent:  So we went to pick up the van we bought Saturday and we couldn’t get it to hold a charge. So we got it towed to MRU today. Hopefully it is only‎ the battery or alternator. -20 isn’t good for older cars.

Tommy: oh wow well its supposed to be 39 degrees here tomorrow

Brent: Brother Cooper wants to know what is the weirdest thing you have eaten in Australia.  S‎o that would melt the car rather than freeze it. Lots of talk here about who is best at pool but not a lot of skill.

Tommy:  The weirdest thing that I have eaten would either be the carolina reaper pepper (hottest in the world) or corned beef (new zealand version). It comes out of a can and is crazy salty. Or beans beef and vegemite

Brent: Brother Cooper is impressed. So do you have a full PDay today? Do you go back to Mondays next week?

Tommy: yes we go back to monday next week its just because it was a public holiday

Brent: How many missionaries at the temple. Do you just do a session? I loved being with the missionaries in the Stockholm temple.

Tommy: We do a session together and it was our whole zone so 19

Brent: Some of the kids are talking about going to BYU Hawaii. I think it might be because it is so cold here. Maybe not just for the Education. Mom is going to be bummed she missed you. Shouldn’t have gone out doing errands. Anything newsworthy coming up this week?  Are you nervous about transfers? Could be exciting! Maybe you can go where it is even hotter?

Tommy: nothing really except we have transfers on the 15th … I have to go now. love ya lots bye …  I most likely will lose Elder Punou and could move love ya bye

Brent: Have an excellent week. Praying for you and love you.

That’s all for now


Dec 27

Tommy: Well I have no clue what to say in this email due to having talked to you two days ago.(We skyped with Tommy for 1 hour Christmas night) Yesterday we had a cool lesson with our investigator Claude. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and he commited to read it. We had a wonderful mission Christmas. We got to have a zone conference two days before where we filmed skits and had a great time with President and his wife. Christmas day we went to church and opened presents of course. Later that day we had a zone gathering and got to have food and hang around with the other missionaries. We also watched the polar express at our zone conference.

Drew: Hey tom emailing to tell you I got my drivers license today I thought I would fail but I didn’t the lady who was testing me smelled like 7 million cigarettes I could barely focus on driving it was so bad on my first solo drive I took Ben to his friends house so I’m officially the driving mule of our family good luck out there miss yah lots����

Brent: Drew has his licence!

Tommy: I heard that is scary

Krista: Tell me a bit about the skits and what else you did for zone conference. Who are some of the other missionaries you get along with in your zone? Where are they from. Send me some pictures!!!! I have been busy today doing house type stuff… cleaning drawers, fixing internet, putting a new doorknob on… riveting and exciting stuff! I am tempted to take all of the Christmas stuff down but I am resisting.

Brent: Benny has an iTunes card and it is burning a hole in his pocket. Gotta use it NOW. Sound familiar big brother.

Tommy: haha yeah…….so elder tigafua, elder ivory and elder ward (all in my intake) are in my zone. theres a lot of great missionaries in our zone. For our skit we did “what mission life is really like” so we made fun of that and poked fun at a few missionaries in the process. I’ll send pictures in a second

Krista: So tell me what mission life is “really like”. What did you poke fun at?  I remember Elder Ivory and Elder Ward. Where is Elder Tigafua from? Was he in the Provo MTC?

Tommy: Elder Tigafua came from new zealand mtc and we made fun of the city zone and how they dont have p-day and stuff like they are “too consecrated” for sleep

Brent: It was so fun face timing with you. You look good. You look happy. I know there are tough times but if you can laugh, smile, and have fun you will be okay. Jake just came downstairs, got some White Milk, and disappeared back upstairs. Not much changes here.

Tommy: haha same old Jake

Krista: Is he a New Zealander? What did you do when you were hanging out with the elders on Christmas Day. Did you all bring food or did you have members help? Is everyone back to work now? With the summer holidays there must be some families out of town. Where do people holiday there?

Tommy: Nobody is back to work yet because they have public holidays for a while. We just ate food provided by the senior couples. No he is samoan from Brisbane. Most people go to the beach

Krista: So when you say he is a Samoan from Brisbane or Elder Punou is Tongan from New Zealand, does that mean their families have been in New Zealand and Australia for a while? Were they born there? Are they bi-lingual or just speak English?

Brent: Big plans for New Year’s?   Are you grounded New Years eve.

Tommy: We are grounded and there families are from there but they are born in australia/new zealand. and yes they are bilingual

Krista: It sounds like there are lots of islanders in your mission. Are the wards also pretty diverse or are they more like Sundance?

Tommy: They are more diverse than sundance but the area I’m in isnt very diverse

Brent: Benny bought the new Bourne movie. He spent his $ and feels better now.

Tommy: haha good choice Benny

Krista: OK… I laughed at the guns video! So already learning what to send and what not to send for Christmas… Nerf guns-yes… tree- no since you don’t get them until Christmas Eve. That flat definitely looks smaller but the ocean location makes up for it I’m sure

Tommy: haha we have had fun with them

Krista: Tell Elder Punou that I was impressed with his sharpshooting! Looked like Elder Martin’s aim wasn’t quite as good 🙂 When are your next transfers? I saw that a ton of missionaries went home in December. Are you getting a bunch of new ones?

Tommy: No we aren’t getting a ton of elders just lots of sisters and actually Elder Punou has terrible aim and he got lucky that time. Elder Martin and I have better aim

Brent: Benny also bought Napoleon Dynamite. Now he can practice his bow staff skills and respect the Liger.

Tommy: “girls like guys with skills. nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, bowstaff skills.”

Krista: As long as you aren’t killing each other… although maybe that is a good thing to get out your frustrations… little better than wrestling and breaking a window. Aunt Joan is having her New Years Party on Saturday this year partly at her house and partly at the church with a dance. Aunt Christina is hosting too so there will be people from our ward. I am happy for Jake. He LOVES going to dances so he will be happy. Because Sunday is New Years we are cancelling the breakfast. Grandpa seems ok with it but I hope I didn’t pressure him too much

Tommy: NOT THE BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!! jokes i get it

Brent: Where did you get your lava lava (sp?) from?

Tommy: a member in the ward. the same ysa who gave me the tie

Krista: Don’t worry … it will be back next year… and I’m sure forever after. It just was tricky this year because of Sunday.

Tommy: Is that hockey I see on? (I took a picture of the brothers doing Napoleon Dynamite poses and the TV was behind them)

Brent: Yes. World juniors. Canada beat Russia 5-3 yesterday. Playing Latvia today. Just started, no score.

Tommy: I miss hockey and the cold, I know it sounds weird but I do

Krista: Do your companions skate? Did you ever go to that rink you were talking about?

Tommy: turns out the rink went out of buisness

Krista: You would get tired of it pretty soon. It hasn’t been too snowy until this week but we had two weeks of VERY cold weather. It hasn’t been that bad in a while. The next package I sent you has a can of “snow” from Indigo… don’t know what that means but I will be curious when you open it. I wrapped a bunch of candy but as I was taping it up it sounded like they all fell out of the container… could be interesting!  Drew was looking for his new speaker… he just turned it on and lets just say we ALL know where the speaker is now. It was a good thing we did the Nativity this year and I got a spiritual boost. It is impossible to get respite on Christmas or New Years so I will be missing church two weeks in a row. Returning just in time to start teaching D&C . I am excited for that this year. I love the church history stuff.

Tommy: I love it too

Krista: What is with the bird in the car?

Tommy: oh we found the bird on the side of the road abadoned by its mother so we brought it to a member

Krista: Ok… what did the member do with it? What kind of bird is it?

Tommy: a little australian miner bird. it ended up dying over night but they buried it …it was gonna die so we figured what the heck we might as well try.   I have to go but I’ll try to share the other photos with you. love ya. bye



Dec 11 – Ninja Turtles!!


Photos explanation from Tommy –  the 5 photos are 1-2) Xavier Upton and us being ninja turtles (his request) 3) Ned Upton wearing my glasses (I wasnt allowed to have them back until I took a photo) 4) Elder Punou and I got advent calendars 5) looking skux (Australian for cool)

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been pretty uneventful. We moved into our new flat (not as nice as the other one). Having a huge area has been a struggle. We find that it is so hard to be able to see all the people we have in one week especially with km restrictions. But we have got lots of finding in. There is a train station just down the road from our flat and we go there all the time to contact people. I always wonder what they must be thinking when the see us coming. Everybody just assumes we work there. This week I actually had the weirdest experience in the mission so far. Since Elder Punou had been called as district leader he had to go to Firle for some training. So Elder Ivory, Martin and I went out together. We were at the bus stop contacting and I asked this man how his day was going and then I said “it WAS nice to meet you”. He immediately started questioning why I used the past tense. I just moved on and started talking to him. He continued to tell me that he was part of the iluminati and was here to teach people the truth (I was thinking to myself thats what we do!). But the biggest mistake I made in that conversation is I asked him “how did you come to know that the iluminati was true?”. He got really mad and was threatening to fight me so I just said have a nice day and walked away. #crazy. Other than that my week has been pretty normal.

love you


Brent – Don’t fight the illuminati! They have people everywhere. They may come get us here! I am a big train station fan. We used to go to central station in Stockholm all the time. But most of our finds would end up in someone else’s area. Mom is at the Stake Center getting ready for Carolfest. So you are stuck with Dad.

Tommy – haha all goods. Seriously they are everywhere. He was so ready to come at me. It was quite ridiculous

Brent – So do you like the new apartment better? How close are you to the ocean? Mom made a Koala bear ornament for you today and put it on the tree. So your presence is felt. Yesterday Jake made Drew sit and watch him name all the ornaments over and over.

Tommy – I can see the ocean from the flat. Its nice because its all carpet but very small. We go down to the ocean area at least once every 3 days.

Brent – I am ocean jealous! So I only have one more Sunday when my meetings start 6AM. Last Sunday of the year is Christmas day. Then we move to 11 AM. So my meetings will start at 8 AM. Plus three more weeks of early seminary. Drew has release time 2nd semester.

Tommy – oh hallelujah. I dont feel that sorry for you cuz I’m up at 6:30 everyday

Brent – Good point, you probably aren’t the guy to complain to :). Do you have any Christmas events coming up. Are you using the Light The World advent calendar from There is a big push for it here.

Tommy -yeah we are pushing it hardcore. Basically shoving it down the members throats. We have our ward christmas party on the 17th

Brent – The missionaries were at our party. ‎We were singing carols and I’ll Be Home For Christmas came up. One of the missionaries shouted out “I won’t be”. Someone then pointed out it says even if only in my dreams. Everyone laughed and the missionaries got some warm handshakes and another round of zippy punch. Coy just came to pick up Miles. He was here partying with Ben and Joseph. He was unimpressed with the 50 degree difference between you and us. I’m asking for Mom. Do you have a dinner appointment on Christmas day? Do Australians make a bigger deal of Christmas eve or Christmas day. Do they have some different traditions?

Tommy – haha do your missionaries come to pec and ward council and stuff? They make a bigger deal of christmas day. Depending on what the mission wide plans are we will have meal appointments for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Brent – They come to Ward Council. Sometimes to PEC but that is just once a month. We always talk missionary work first. I think I am more mission conscious. I put all the missionaries emails on the back of the Sacrament program and encouraged people to write our missionaries for Christmas.

Tommy – ok because we go to ward council twice a month plus pec

Brent – Same here, though sometimes they leave early because they cover our ward and Somerset. Sometimes one of them is in Sacrament meeting and the other goes to Somerset PEC

Tommy – oh ok I forgot they cover two wards

Krista – Hey love I am here at the Stake Carol festival so don’t know how much I can say…. but I think it is a rite of passage to have someone want to fight you on your mission. Does your flat have two bedrooms or are you all in one? How is the new elder?

Brent – 3 meal appointments in a day!? Sounds awesome! You Elders deserve it!

Tommy – it has two rooms but we all have to sleep in one because of mission rules so we turned one into a study

Brent – Mom doesn’t know the rule about sleeping in the same room as your companions :). Gotta be patient with her because she makes everything better.

Tommy – haha well now you know

Krista – Tell me something about the new elder . What is his personality like? His Family? It is Steed palooza here. Jenny-Lynn Katherine Lyndi Betsy and Grace are all playing a number. My greatest regret that I wasn’t a tiger mother about my boys practicing 😂

Brent – We don’t need no Momma Tiger. I like how you turned out. Drew is voluntarily on the choir.  So Mom must have done something right!   Do his suit pants and jackets match? 🙂

Tommy – He is from Sydney and is an only child. He is very relaxed about everything and really a lot like me

Krista – Oh that is great working in a group of three is challenging enough I am glad you all get along . How long has he been on his mission? Are you starting to get ready for Christmas? Will you have a dinner appointment?

Brent – I think Sister Parker will take very good care of all you Elders.

Tommy – He has been out almost a year and we dont have any plans from sister parker yet so we are just waiting

Krista – What is the area like that your apartment is in? Were there elders in it before

Tommy -yeah Elder Martin was in it before with his old companion. It is what is called hallet cove where we can see the ocean from our flat

Krista – So cool!!!! Got to go 😘

Brent – I’m out too. Gotta drive to Carolfest. Have a great week. Love you!

Tommy – ok love ya







Dec 4

Hey mom and dad,

This week has been a pretty normal week. So transfers came around and I gained a new companion, Elder Martin from Sydney. We are now in a trio. They also doubled the size of our area and we are moving flats. I also got a new suit for only 150 (killer deal). This week has been fun. We had a chance to teach Cliff again and to teach a new investigator Sam. We found Sam door knocking and he is an 18 year old boy who is really interested. So hopefully we can continue to teach him. Those drinking straw glasses are skux (cool). Its supposed to be really hot this week so time to drink lots of water. Oh ya I forgot one thing, this weekend we got to do what is called mpc. We had a preist age young man come and live with us for the weekend and we trained him on how to be a missionary. I loved it. Oh and look at 2 samuel 12:7 the first line (favourite scripture)

Krista – So, just got the email… Does that mean you stay with Elder Punou but you get another Elder with you. Where is your area now? Does that mean you are in the same wards?  Where is your new flat? Have you met Elder Martin yet? Is he new?

Tommy – So there used to be two sets of Elders in the ward but now there are just one of us, a trio. Elder Punou, Elder Martin and I. We cover what used to be the other elders area and our old area, so alot.

Krista – That’s cool about the MPC… what did the priest think about it. Was it a little shocking to live with the missionaries?

Tommy – Elder Martin is from the other companionship but has just joined us and our new flat is in the other side of our area.  Yeah the  young man didn’t realize we laugh so much

Krista – That will be nice to have an expanded area. It will give you more opportunities to teach. Is the new flat far away? Will it just be the three of you in that flat. Do the other set of elders stay in your old flat?  That’s great. What an interesting idea to get young men used to the idea of mission life. I have never heard of that before. I wonder if it is unique to the Adelaide mission. Will it be strange working as a group of three? I sent a present to you and your companion but I didn’t think about 3…. you will have to share 🙂  I’m glad you got a suit. What color is it? Do you need to have it altered?

Tommy – The other elders are staying in the old flat and we are moving to a flat about 15 minutes away and Elder Punou got called as district leader.  The suit is black and no it fits well

Krista – Oh… that’s cool! Are you feeling like this is enough change to give you some more inspiration? Does the new area have anyone that you will now be teaching?

Tommy – we have absolutely no idea

Krista – So explain skux to me….. ??????? Australian thing?????

Tommy – Australian and New Zealand slang for looking cool

Krista – Do you get Elder Martin today? Are you moving this afternoon? Do you just take suitcases?

Tommy – yeah we get him at about 2 and yes we move after

Krista – I’ve never heard of that . Is it pronounced skucks??? Boy the things you learn with a foreign missionary!  What is going on with your Christmas stuff? Can you get your tree?

Tommy – Yes that is how its pronounced. I doubt I can get the christmas stuff early because Sister Parker is crazy busy right now

Brent – Hey buddy, my plane just landed and we are rolling to the terminal. Sorry I am missing our weekly chat. Mom will be glad to have me home and get a Jake break!

Tommy – no worries Dad

Krista – That is fine. Next year I will know not to send decorations… just presents. I guess you will just have to put up your tree for a couple of days.  Do you have any details yet about when you will be calling at Christmas? Do you skype??? Facetime??? We were at Stake Conference and when we went in it was warm enough that I went in without a coat but by the time we left there was about 3 inches of snow and a snowfall warning. Winter has officially begun!

Tommy – We are organizing with a member to skype home but I have no clue what time yet because we dont have the schedule

Krista – I will have to become reasonably techie before then. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas. We have our ward party this week. the Stake Carol Festival ( which I have Girls playing bells), my concert, a wrestling tournament for Benny and the MEssiah… Drew is not thrilled but I am insisting!

Brent – Looks cold and s.owy outside the plane windows. No snow in Toronto. We are getting off the plane now. Have a great week. I love you.
Or maybe not, there is a plane at our gate. Maybe we should double park?

Tommy – haha tell Drew its good for him and that he should look up that scripture

Brent – Still waiting. So three in a companionship. I did that in the MTC. Make sure to make the new Elder feel welcome. There is danger of 2 vs 1. You will do great.

Tommy – we will don’t worry Dad

Brent – And now we are pulling into the gate.  Stay awesome superstar!

Tommy – will do

Krista – I notice that older brothers always think it is good for little brothers to do things that are “good for them”. You will be happy to know that Drew has tried to take over your role of using Benny as his personal servant/object of job delegation… not working too well for him so far but I think he is hopeful.

Tommy – haha I had it mastered

Krista – Yes… poor Benny he has no one to delegate to. I guess there is always Joseph but somehow I don’t think Joseph will be keen for that possibility.  We already almost had world war three about who was putting what ornament where on the tree. And for a while the angel was missing and we weren’t quite sure what we were going to do. Luckily angel found and we only had to criticize each others placement of said angel  5 times…. oh the joy of brothers!

Tommy – haha sounds like our flat sometimes but we just joke

Krista – So what jobs usually get delegated to you? What jobs do you try to delegate to the other elders

Tommy – usually I do all the cooking and washing of clothes and they clean the flat

Krista – I think that sounds like a fair deal. I would way rather cook than have to clean. And knowing how you are my son I’m sure it is the same.  That’s actually quite funny because right now I am doing laundry and making shortbread cookies instead of cleaning the bathrooms and washing the floor which really need to be done.

Tommy – haha thats the same with me

Krista – oh oh…. you better marry someone who is not like us or you may be in trouble. Are you becoming a good cook?

Tommy – yeah I can do some recipes by memory now

Krista – I am impressed. Do you want any more recipes? Or instructions?   Benny wants to know if you got the animal facts… and as usual he says loving your bed lolololoolol.  We keep telling him that he should claim it as his now, but he is loyal to you

Tommy – yeah I dont know why he still calls it my bed  –  and sure that would be awesome but preferrably recipes that can be made and eaten in under an hour

Krista -Ok I will think simple and summery. That will be a nice challenge in the -17 weather this week.  Ben and Drew went to sing at Grandmas home today with Steeds and Jenny-Lynn, Betsy and Walters family. I think some of the younger Prendergasts went too. I decorated Grandma’s room and if I do say so myself it looks pretty good.  Will you all be in one bedroom in your new flat?

Tommy – I have no clue we havent been there yet

Krista – You will have to take pictures. I am curious. Is it further away from the coast? Do you know the area at all?

Tommy – it’s in an area called trott park near the coast

Krista – That’s cool! Dad would be jealous. He LOVES the ocean! Does that put you closer to the chapel?

Tommy – no it’ll keep us at about the same distance

That is all for this week …


Nov 27 – Getting Hot in Australia


The video is of Tommy and his companion providing service for a family in their area.  Listen careful for the Aussie accents.  The sunset is outside his apartment.  The paintings were made for him by someone in his ward.

Nov 27

Hey Mom and Dad,

Cool miracle happened this week. We were planning to go and see Thomas our investigator and we had a feeling to change the time to see him. So we changed the time and a series of events ended up making us about 1 hour late to just drop in on him. As we were biking there we both felt prompted to take the long way to his house. as we were biking and contacting on the way. I stopped a man who turned out to be a former investigator and he said he had been praying for 1 km for God to give him an answer and we showed up. He said that we were the answer to his prayer. Anyways other than that this week has been a very normal week. We had a big wrestle fight last night between all the elders in the flat and it was all fun and games until a window broke….. fortunately the housing coordinator understood. This week we had dinner with the Trudgen family in our ward and they are coming to Calgary in June! So i gave them some things that they should try and see. Any ideas of stuff to do? This week we committed our investigator Keelan to baptism. Keelan is a uni student who has been christian all his life but he decided it was time to look for more. He said that he would pray about it and give us an answer next time we see him. This week was also stake conference. We got to hear from elder Daniel G Hamilton of the seventy. He was an amazing speaker and was truly inspiring. It was kinda cool though because both him and president Parker rebuked the members of the stake for not helping the work progress. Long story short this week has been awesome and full of many little miarcles and one big one. Mom we have district meetings every Tuesday and last week I gave the training to the district. Elder Johnson goes home on the 6th of December. so its the four of us until transfers. Oh and Mom I probably wont get the packages until Christmas eve if it had Christmas marked on it because sister Parker holds the Christmas gifts until then and we open them as a mission.

Brent – What a cool story. I had that happen a couple of times where you felt inspired to do something different and then figured out why. When is Keelans date? How is he doing?

Tommy – We havent set a specific date because he hasn’t yet committed to it yet. He is doing well and is agreeing with every thing we teach

Brent – Watching the Grey Cup. Calgary was down 20 points to Ottawa but just tied it with 10 seconds left. Going to overtime. If Ottawa wins it would be a major upset.

Tommy – GO STAMPS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent – Sounds awesome. We were at Steeds celebrating Bronzo and Taylor’s birthdays. Taylor and Teigan are now legal adults. Watch out. You know how I cheered. But Drew is loyal and loud.

Red blacks just won 39-33. First grey cup in 40 years. Major upset and a classic. Sorry dude.

Tommy – ugh man sad day for the Stamps

Krista – Hi Tom,  I am back from my rehearsal. I am going to read your  earlier emails later. How is my baby?????? Missing you this week

Tommy – I’m doing good Mom just broke a window you know same old same old

Krista – Oh, my goodness…. saw that. Good thing your housing coordinator is understanding. Is there anyway to get your tree and ornaments out of your Christmas box ahead of time to decorate. Maybe ask Sister Parker?  Otherwise you can just have your flat decorated after Christmas. I just finished playing bells with the Beehives. They crack me up.

Tommy – . Mom, Sister Parker is like a mom away from home. We went for interviews with President Parker and Sister Parker was there and said we looked hungry so she went and got us heaps of food from subway. Mom away from Mom

Krista – I love that. It is good to know she is taking care of you. What a great lady. You can tell her that I am slightly obsessed with her blog. So you will get a new elder in your flat next week. Do you think any of the other elders in the flat will transfer? How is it going with Elder Punou?  Tommy’s Mission President’s Blog link below

Tommy – Well Elder Punou and I could be transferred and most likely he will be. We will find out on Sunday night.

Krista – That is great that you have an investigator that you are committing to baptism. We will pray for him and you.  Dad and the boys put up the Christmas lights yesterday. Now the pressure for the tree is on. My missionary work this season is going to be focused on the Nativity. With Drew and Benny and I in it I think it is a great opportunity to invite people and they have missionaries there. Do they have any special Christmas events put on by the wards in Australia?

Tommy – not that I know of

Brent – Just put Jake to bed. He says hi to the bialow, whatever that means 🙂

Krista – Talked to Adam Walker’s mom the other day.  He is leaving January 10th. He will be a little colder than you in England for the winter!

Tommy – I have to go I’ll email you next week  – love yous

Krista – We are happy and proud…. wow I am even tearing up saying that… I am a true missionary mom!

That’s all for now

Nov 17 & Nov 21


Nov 17 – Picture of Tommy and other missionaries is at the Adelaide Temple

Hey Mom and Dad,

Sorry for the late reply.  We had p-day today (thursday) because we went to the temple. This week has been a normal week. Except I had a cool experience this week. My companion and I have been teaching ourselves a little bit of ASL over this past month and we were door knocking and a deaf family opened up! We ended up bearing our testimony in sign language and even though she wasn’t interested she was brought to tears at the door. And yeah mom believe it our not I do all the cooking. I mostly cook pasta and stuff from that little booklet you made me (genius by the way). This week has been a scorcher. It was 33 degrees today and 30s all last week, and we have been only on the bikes. I have lost about 7 pounds in sweat already haha. So we were following up with a less active and we knocked on the door and she opened up and told us that we should go tell whoever sent us “to get behind me satan”. We had a good laugh about that. I know exactly what I’m gonna use the 30$ on. There is a less active in my ward that does these paintings and he said that he would give us two if we just pay for the paint and canvas. So I’m getting two paintings for 30$. His paintings are appraised at $200 each and he is giving them to us……

anyways just a normal week love yous

Elder Dickson

Krista – That is really cool about the deaf family you met. It is really a testimony that everything is done for a reason. I’m so glad you got to go to the temple today. When we didn’t hear from you earlier I remembered that Sister Wilmott said that you got turns to go as a district. I think you said before that the temple is like Edmonton????? I think that sounds like a great  idea to spend your money on paintings. I’m so proud that you are cooking. Are there any other recipes you would like? It snowed here yesterday so I think the weather has finally turned. Your bike must be fixed. Is it working well?

Tommy – Yeah the temple is the exact same design as Edmonton. I cant really think of any recipes but I’ll let you know. The assistants dropped off my bike.

Krista – So what does the member paint? Landscapes???? I was at mutual tonight working with the beehives on handbells. It is such a foreign world to me to be around so many girls. THen they had a panel of some of the different women in our ward and their careers. It was really interesting to hear about the variety and the stories but i realized taht I a definitely in the right career. I’m not sure I would be a very good accountant or nurse.  Did your Halloween package ever arrive? Boy I am hoping Christmas gets there in time. I did mail it October 4th but you never know!

Brent – Sounds like spring is over and summer is there. We are headed in the opposite direction. I have been Bishopric busy lately. Met with four different youth last night calling them to class or Quorum presidencies

Tommy – haha thats about half of the youth in my whole ward – yes I got my halloween package but I got it nov 2 :p and he paints landscapes and planes and boats and animals and a lot more.

Krista – Ok… well lesson learned about when I need to mail stuff! At least I hope you got to eat the candy.  Will you stay in your area through Christmas?

Tommy – We get tranfer calls on dec 6 so that is when I will find out if I’m staying or if I’m going

Krista –  Any interesting news in Australia lately? It seems like the American election is still big news here but I’m betting with America Thanksgiving coming up people might get a little less obsessed with Donald Trump. What does your American elder think?

Tommy – Everybody assumes I’m American so they ask me about Trump and then when I tell them I’m Canadian they apologize like there is something wrong with being American. He just doesnt care at all. His outlook was that it doesnt matter they’ll be out in 4 years. And no nothing interesting in australia

Krista – Good thing you have all of your Canadian flags! Make sure you email Grandma Dickson today. She was worried about you but dad told her about the temple.  Would you say your mission is mostly Americans, Australians??? Elsewhere???

Tommy – Mostly americans and islanders

Krista – Well have a great week. We miss you. Dad got a little teary when he saw your mission plaque. I’m getting a little sentimental too. I think my viewings of the missionaries singing at conference on YouTube takes up about half of the hits. Even Jacob is getting tired of watching the Called to Serve video. You are doing great things!

Tommy – I’ve learned some tongan while being here so “fefe haka” (see you later)

Nov 21 –

Hey mom and dad, so since Thursday nothing much has happened. We havent had any lessons but more biking in the scorching sun. I FOUND A KOALA. Oh and we went and saw Cliff again and he put my companion in a choke hold as a joke. Man he’s funny. Please tell Benny that i have a mission for him. I need a bunch of cool animal facts for a less actives daughter we are teaching.

Krista – Ok I’ll get him on it . You will have them by next PDay. Tell me about some of the inactives you are working with. Bronwyn and Isabelle say hi. Isabelle wants me to tell you that she just ate crackers. Bronwyn says she didn’t eat crackers. Boy your cousins are so exciting.  Drew has an interview with the movie theatre tomorrow. Here’s hoping. So was that Koala right in the city?

Brent – It is getting cold here. Little different for you. Are you able to open the pictures I sent?

Tommy – Yeah dad I saw the pictures. The less actives don’t really like us so we aren’t really working with any less actives other than the boys

Krista – I’m sure they have seen a lot of missionaries but I guess you never know which set of missionaries will make a difference. Benny wants to say loving your bed trolololololololollolo.  Isabelle is at a loss for words probably for the first time in her life. Can you believe Isabelle has nothing to say except I was just listening to her tell us how much she loves HGTV and IKEA.  How is it going with Cliff? Is he moving towards baptism?  Isabelle says she is standing at a computer and is now threatening to hit Benny with her sweater so you know nothing much has changed.

Tommy – Cliff isa tough situation so we are moving really slowly -typical Isabelle

Krista – Well, keep working on him! It will be worth it. Benny’s next request is a wallaby or Kangaroo picture. You might be stuck finding animals for a while.

Brent – Anything exciting for PDay?

Tommy –  today we are gonna go bowling because it is Elder Johnson’s last p-day in the mission

Krista – Tom, I am going. I need to help Grandpa with chocolates Dad will probably still email. we love you and will get to work on the animal facts. We will focus on Canadian animals. You should tell the girl the story of when you got to paintball a bear.. That should impress her.

Brent – Bowling sounds epic! I don’t the my 10s until semester 2. I always bowl better glow in the dark. Not sure what is up with that.  That is true. What we think is no big deal is impressive to non Waterton types. Like a bear or dear jam!

Tommy – haha yeah all the animals here are so small in comparison to Canada

Brent – So is all your scriptures study Book of Mormon or do you read other stuff too?

Tommy – We read lots of different things like preach my gospel and teachings of the presidents but I’ve been focussing on the Book of Mormon.

Brent – I have been reading the gospels and BofM in Swedish lately. I am going to go deeper on the D&C in January when mom teaches it in Sunday School. Do they have you memorize scriptures?

Tommy – Yeah we memorize a few like d&c 121: 31-46

Brent – I remember doing that. But it was all in Swedish so not super useful now. The annual youth talent show is coming up. Each class is busy preparing. In Dec when Connor and Blaze move up there will be 19 priests. By the way, we released you as a ward missionary today on the computer. We figure you are pretty busy 🙂

Tommy – There are 2 in this ward … I might be a little busy to be a ward missionary

Brent – I tried to convince Adam S that we should sing Sisters in Zion for priesthood opening exercises. He refused. What a baby 🙂

Tommy – We sang that this morning for companion study!

That’s all for now ….