Feb 6, 2017


If you are reading this as an email you may not see the attached youtube clip – go to the website to check it out.


Hey Mom and Dad,

This week hasn’t been very exciting at all. We got absolutely poured on while we were riding the bikes and taught a lesson in elders quorum yesterday. It’s been a real wave of emotions this week from discouragement to happiness. We had zone training this week which was the happy part and we were able to see all the other missionaries. The discouraging part was that 2 out of our 3 investigators dropped us. This week we also went on trade offs with the district leader. I got to go back to aberfoyle park! I got to see a lot of the investigators that I hadn’t seen in a long time. So some more sad news. Cliff got news that he has terminal cancer. So we have been fasting and praying for him that he will be able to accept the gospel. But other than that it has been a very normal week.

love ya

Krista – That’s too bad  about your investigators… Keep working it will come! I’m glad you got to see the old people in Aberfoyle. That is too bad about Cliff… We’ll add him to our prayers too that he will accept the gospel. If he does would you be able to attend  the baptism. Got an email this week from a Cook relative in Australia… might be a connection in Adelaide. I’ll keep you posted

Tommy – No I wouldn’t because I’m not the missionaries currently teaching him. Is the relative a member?

Krista – Brooke says hello I’m eating ribs… Monica says the superbowl is boring. Uncle Brent says  Monica is boring… Monica and Uncle Brent are going to stop now. Grandpa Steed says he bets it’s warm and was happy to chat Waterton with Drew.

Duuuuude, its dad.  Superbowl is on and I am lacking focus.  14-0 Falcons over Pats.  Mom is being mean to me.  Love you

Mom is NOT being mean to him.

Aunt Joanne says… ummm go missionary.  and not to drink caffeine Aunt Joanne and I are both addicts. Grandma Dickson says Hi sorry I missed writing this week.

Benny says loving your bed trololololo….

Drew says hi, hello, Drew says the colts suck and he is not saying anything else.

Grandpa Dickson says he can’t say anything. Dad says you are going to inherit everything he has including his shoehorn collection

Adam says ball is life

Uncle Shane says… hey buddy we wish we were in the warm weather… don’t be homesick its frickin’ crappy here….

Boy our family is so articulate.

No The relative is not a member. He is in Queensland but there might be another set of cousins in Adelaide. I am investigating but it might take me a while  to find out. I know there are moments of discouragement but I am proud of you that you are working through it and staying faithful… that is great! How is Elder Angelo?

Tommy – oh he is doing great we are getting along really well and loving the bikes!

Krista – Loving the bikes…. that must be a joke! How is the ward?

Did you end up buying a game this week? How are your shoes lasting.

Shane says he loves Monica less because she doesn’t like meat… actually loves her to death!

Oh cool thing about the picture I sent you.Coy lined up the priests in order of availability to serve a mission… from Billy at one end to Drew at the other… Blaze and Connor were at basketball so they would have been behind him.

Tommy – Oh wow I didn’t know that. And yes it was a joke. The ward is awesome. We are getting fed 5 times this week and they love us to death. My shoes are lasting really well (good idea with the insoles) We dont have any new missionaries in our district but a few ones that are new to me in the zone, and yes the candy arrived intact

Krista – Good I’m glad… It’s always hard to know what to send. What do you appreciate getting the most? What is the plan for the rest of PDay? Any pictures this week???

Tommy – idk I loved the snow in a can and sleep and clean the usual

Krista – Ok… you need to plan something cool for next week… I’m looking for a great, epic missionary PDay story!  Tell me about district meetings.. what do you do?

The snow in a can was a shot in the dark… I’m sure it was some chemical  junk but since you said you were missing snow I had to send it. Any requests for the next  package? Probably not until April or May.

Tommy – no I don’t really have any requests but I like the cheesy stuff. The problem is with doing something epic is that we are on bikes with a limited budget. At district meetings we just get a training from our district leader, pick up mail and leave – I’m uploading pictures now

Krista – I am just teasing you I don’t need EPIC…. I am just glad you have some time to relax and have a break. Is it still super hot? What was your training about this week.  SUPER CHEESY! YEAH!!!!! I am on it… that totally fits with my sense of humor!! Do you like sharing things with your companions? When is the next transfer day… three weeks?

Tommy – yeah its still hot but to add to the torture its rainy this week so it makes it very sticky, its too hot to wear a coat but too wet not to yeah we always share the candy. and yeah february 27

Krista – Grandpa and I were cracking up about the rock picture! too funny! I liked the praying MAntis and the picture with Elder Angelo. What is the Diary Milk and Book of Mormon picture about?

Tommy – oh the perfect p-day lunch. cookies, dairy milk, and the book of mormon. thats what happens when we get paid we spend it on junk

Krista – You should be almost through the worst of summer now…but I suppose if you went to Alice or Darwin anytime it is always that hot… You are going to get back to Canada  and be freezing all the  time. Maybe you can go to school in the Caribbean or something. Taylor is working on his mission papers. It seems like he might go in the summer. very exciting!  Ok… so you are still really teenage boys!!!! Now that Drew has a job he comes home quite often with a Wendy’s bag (right by treehouse) or a slurpee… yes even in -20.  Who is the guy with the cars?

Tommy – oooooooo taysteed is doing the papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yeah I suppose it would be just hot all the time. Tell Isabelle I have the worst glasses tan ever!

Krista – Who is the girl in the picture on your desk? Is that Taylor G????  That is funny, you are going to be tanned and fit with all this bike riding. Has the bike broken down again???? No I mean who is the person with all the fancy cars in the pictures? Corvette????

Tommy – yeah she sent me the photos of our grad so I have been switching the photos around -that just happened to be the one when I took the photo, its now Taysteed Teigan and me – a potential investigator we met

Krista – Those cars look beautiful! A little step up from Dad’s truck!!!! See I can write this because Dad is not paying attention. He is watching Lady Gaga  at the half time show.  Keep working hard, be kind to your companion so that every companion can say you were the best! I am proud of you. A mission  is not easy but your obedience will bring blessings.  What is the joke video, something about clothes????

Tommy – oh thats me using the fake spider on Elder Angelo

Krista – Cracks me up…… I’m glad you are having fun together.  What is up for this week… more finding?

Tommy – yes a very large amount of finding due to the lack of people to teach – whats happening in your guys week?

Krista – Not too much. Sister Banfield and I are going to a play on Tuesday. The Priests are roller skating on Wednesday but I think Drew has to work.  Benny will continue the undefeated record of the mighty PUGS! Dad has a rugby clinic coming up but  I think it might be next weekend.

Tommy – ok sweet I got to go, I love you and i’ll add some photos

Krista – LOVE you lots… work hard. It’s not easy, we are proud of all you are doing. I saw this great pinterest thing that said I have a perfect record of getting through hard days . It is 100%… so you are 100% well done!


That’s all for now




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