Feb 15, 2017

Hey mom and dad,

First of all those cards are hilarious! Brought good laughs. This week hasn’t been all that exciting. We biked and we biked and we biked some more. It has been crazy hot here and I have been sweating like a pig and losing tons of weight. Yes dad I’m winning the contest. I have lost 13 pounds since being on the bikes. We had a cool experience with some finding this week though. We have had some pretty solid potentials come up this week! But like I said it has been extremely hot all week. We had three days in a row where it was above 40 degrees. The coolest experience that happened this whole week was at the temple today. I was fasting as we went into the temple that we would get a sign that there is some promise in our area and we could have someone to teach and in the temple I had an overwhelming feeling of peace. As we came out of the temple our phone buzzed and …… WE RECEIVED A REFERRAL!!!!!!!!!!!! #miracle in trott park. other than that it has been a very normal week.
love ya
Elder Dickson
Brent – That is a cool experience. Those are the things that keep you going.
Krista – I am so glad you got a referral!!!! That is truly and answer to prayer and fasting. I could tell from your last pictures you have lost some weight. You are probably in fabulous shape. Does it ever get so hot that you are not supposed to go out? When I was telling people about the weather there, the universal response was … OOOHHHHH that it too hot! I’m glad you liked the Valentines. I thought they were hilarious. Your brothers and dad thought I was a little crazy but  they fit my sense of humour.
Brent – ‎It is too bad we can’t feel spiritually like that all the time. I think Heavenly Father expects us to stay strong between experiences. ‎So Benny got braces yesterday. He is suffering a bit. I think he may need Rugby to toughen him up a bit. It has been warm. 10degree High. Not bad
Tommy – yeah I think thats it exactly. Its like a tree growing. We can’t just grow when we its raining (spiritual nourishment) but we need to grow between the storms. And no mom if it gets above 45 we have the option to move our studies to the middle of the day (hot hours) but we go out everyday. What color did he get them?
Brent –

‎I’m the Dad. How would I know? Mom said he wanted rainbow and she said no.
Who is this mature young man talking in tree metaphors. I’m still remembering a slightly goofy 16 year old. Impressive Elder!
Tommy – haha it just came to mind
Krista – Benny decided on Silver , black and red…. that was after I vetoed rainbow elastics. I think those would have been a social death sentence in junior high. He still has a pretty sore mouth. He didn’t even want to eat pizza. Drew is at young mens tonight. They are playing board games and uncle Dave is leading the priests in an eipc game of werewolves so we’ll see if all that family experience helps Drew to devour some villagers.
Tommy – haha is Dave in preist quorum?
Krista – So you have a referral. Any other interesting people you found this week? Hmmm…. don’t think so. He is a cub assistant I think but he likes hanging out with the boys and Coy and Brother Dilling so he makes guest appearances. Drew got Cole a job at Treehouse so they are having fun at work together. Drew is getting used to the man van and loving CALM as much as his big brother did. I am hoping for a little more than 51% 🙂
Brent – ‎No, Dave is a cub Leader. He is just helping out tonight. Priest leaders are the same as when you left. Raptors news – they traded Terrence Ross and a first round pick to Orlando for Serge Ibaka. He played for OKC until last year. The Raptors have two 1st round picks and they keep the higher one. I am loving this trade. He plays his first game after all star break.
Tommy – no we havent found anybody that has let them teach us yet, that is a wonderful trade, the raptors could really use serge. Ugh the dreaded CALM . I regret not working harder in school.
Brent – ‎So fun news for me. CSLC is in Waterloo near Toronto next year. So I do my safety visit in June. This blew my mind. U2 is playing a concert when I am going. I got a ticket. I will also catch two Jays games. Oh and Mom is going to visit Palmyra. I can’t go to the US on a school trip, but who cares U2!!!!!
Krista – HOLY COW… you have grown up! It’s amazing what travelling to the other side of the world as a missionary can do for you. How is Elder Angelo? Any good games or food lately?
Brent – ‎Music to your parents ears. Are you just sacking up for care packages :). Just kidding, you will do great in school when you get home.
Tommy – thats sweet that youll get to see U2! and hes doing well it was his birthday on monday so we had a mismatched meal and cake. – and yes sister chambers (super member) fed us this week – I wanna redo english when i get back
Brent – ‎Mismatched meal?
Krista – Dad was mocking me because I am trying to start to think about your next care package. Although I’ve been watching this strange show about Australia’s border security at airports. Drugs in shoes and mascot masks, full cooked chickens, a bear head from Canada. It is interesting! I have been watching all of these people and packages get opened and turned back so now I am a little paranoid about what I am allowed to send.  Did you bake for him? What did you do for him for his birthday?
Brent – ‎Benny is in mourning this week, Flash was a rerun. Old flash keeps messing with the time line. He found a new show called powerless. It is about people who build safety equipment to protect against superhero s. Supposed to be a co.wdy but so not funny. But he loves it so we watch together. He did watch Godfather 1 and 2 with me and stayed awake so I guess it balances out.
Tommy – oh just whatever food we had in the flat. no our oven is terrible so we went and bought one. we just went down to the ocean and took photos  – haha reminds me of the dc one about the heros who time travel
Brent – ‎Not jealous of 42C. Jealous of the ocean visit. Nice choice.
Tommy – we have some sweet views from our area
Brent – ‎So bad but he loves it so we watch together. I am still into Flash though. You can binge when you get back. ‎Teacher Convention tomorrow. Only three teaching days this week but it seemed like forever. Funny how that happens. Mr. Hornby and I are doing Level 1 Rugby on Saturday. Should be good.
Krista – Was your whole zone at the temple today? Any of the senior missionaries or the Parkers? Do you always do a session or do you sometimes do other things? Can you access your familysearch account? The next time you go I should send you a family name.  I can share it with you and you could get it printed at the temple. would you be interested?
Tommy – yeah mom id love to do that but i think i would have to organize that in advance. and no its just the whole zone.
Benny –  did you get the animals facts and loving your bed trololololololol
Tommy – yes i got the animal facts but im in a different area so i dont see that girl anymore
Krista – Hmmm…. ok I will look and figure out how to share the name with you and then you can look at it. If it  doesn’t work it’s fine. You only go once a month right?
Brent – ‎Benny is obsessed with that bed. Maybe I should make him sleep on the Lego bed a couple nights.
Tommy – once every six weeks – for all missionaries in the adelaide area
Brent – ‎Ben says he is glad you got them.
Krista – Ok I sent you a name. Don’t know if it will work but you can keep it until you have a chance to do it. Who have you met in your zone that is new and where are they from?
Brent – More important question than Mom’s. Have you punched a kangaroo yet?
Tommy –  no we dont have any kangaroos around here
Krista – Ok I want to know about some of the new missionaries you have met
Brent – ‎Bummer, that would be epic
Tommy – we dont really have any new ones other than elder nelson from katherine  – oh and you remember elder bennion from my first transfer? he’s our new zone leader – its gonna happen before i leave (the kangaroo)
Krista – I think we saw him in the ABC video about missionary work in Katherine. It was an interesting article/ broadcast. I think I should be worried about dad. he seems a little obsessed with punching. He wants to see this movie called Fist Fight which is about two teachers who are going to fight after school. Of course Drew  was all over that bit since the rating is not too great we will have to see…
Brent – ‎A very worthy goal!  ‎Fist Fight will be The Wizard of Oz of this generation. A movie beloved by all!
Tommy – fist fight sounds like a promising movie, and yeah they had that special
Krista – If I remember correctly dad also said that about Hot Tub Time Machine… so you might want to take that opinion with a grain of salt. have you discovered any new great foods or interesting things you didn’t notice before about Australia?
Tommy – but hot tub time machine is a classic and yeah they have a wonderful asian influence. so tons of great asian food – have i told you about the aussie burger?
Krista – No… what is an Aussie burger… and what is the best Asian food you have had?
Tommy – an aussie burger is a chicken burger with lettuce, mayo, a slice of pinneapple, a slice of beet, a fried egg and whatever else you want
Brent – ‎2 words to justify my taste in movies. John Wick – right Tommy
Krista – Beet? We will have to try that. Is it breaded chicken or just a grilled chicken breast? Where do you get them?
Tommy – john wick enough said
Brent – ‎Not sure about the beet, too squash like.
Tommy – just breaded chicken and at mcdonalds, hungry jacks (burger king) and any members home – I leave out the beet also
Krista – Cool….. !!!!! Maybe I will have to find some of those ingredients for a Australia themed family dinner soon. Maybe some Pavlova, definitely not going to try the vegemite again. Ok… but if you are defending vegemite you are truly turning into an Australian! Are your pants still fitting with the weight you have lost? On the missionary moms facebook page there are some kids who go to places like South America who lose lots of weight I think more from the food than the heat
Tommy – yeah everthing still fits just loose – i have to go i love ya ill talk to you on monday
Krista – Well maybe you’ll be in a car area next… You never know. Love you… talk to you Monday!
Brent – Peace out kangaroo warrior

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