Jan 29, 2017

Hey mom and dad,

Yes I have settled into life with my new companion. We get along really well even though we have our struggles. We haven’t had any success this week but we know that it is coming. No the weather is still very hot and now it’s getting sorta humid (weird for Adelaide).  Yes the missionary broadcast, so they have completely changed the missionary schedule. We get to go to bed at 9:30 instead of 10:30 and p-day is two hours longer (it starts at 8 instead of 10). There hasn’t been any changes yet because President Parker still needs to decide how it will go. And no I have not gotten the package yet but i might get it on Wednesday at district meeting. This week has been pretty uneventful. We did a ton of finding and we have a return appointment for tomorrow so hopefully a new investigator. But the best news is that this week was ice cream Sundaies! On the last Sunday of the month happy valley ward does a soup/sandwich/ice cream Sunday where the whole ward goes into the gym and eats food together. It is my favorite Sunday of the month. On the 26th was Australia day so literally everybody was at the beach (where we can’t contact) so it was a super boring day. The bikes have made me so much more in shape then I thought possible on a mission. Biking in a shirt and tie is a lot harder than it seems. My cardio is through the roof. It is funny because we always pass people in their biking gear and road bikes on our dinky little mountain bikes and in ties. Other than that a very normal week.

love ya

Elder Dickson

Krista – That cracks me up… I am imagining the two of you biking in your ties. I was wondering about Australia Day. Do they have parades or other things like Canada Day? That is great that you get to sleep a little longer and have more time on PDay. That will make a real difference. I saw Sister Parker’s post about the new missionaries and I saw Elder Peihopa. He is just a taller version of his brother. Did you get to meet the 2 Canadians? Where are they from?

Tommy – I didn’t get to meet them. I wish because elder Deitze said one is from Calgary.  No they treat it more like a day off

Krista – That Ice Cream Sunday sounds great! You have probably been in the ward long enough now that people feel very comfortable with you. Who do you have a great relationship with?

Tommy – yeah I’ve been here long enough that everybody knows my name. And i have the best relationships with a member who just moved in named Johnny Benellack. He is actually the same person as me. and ezra auseuga a ysa

Krista – Tell me about Brother Benellack. How old is he, does he have a family?

Tommy – he is 25? and just recently got married and no not yet. He served his mission in France Leon. We just have very similar personalities

Krista – Who do you have an appointment with tomorrow? I sat by Sister Laycock today at church and she was telling me that Noah is having an easier time this semester because his courses are not as hard. Sister Low and Brother Low are staying in Vancouver for a while so the Laycocks are now in our ward. Sundance was crazy today. There were so many people that there were no seats in Sunday School. Dad spoke in church today and did a great job. It was about reading the Book of Mormon and he brought his collection of B of Mormons to show. I think people always like to see that old Book of Mormon that looks like the Golden Plates. Our ward is doing a read every day challenge in February so that will be exciting. Happy to report already read today!

Tommy – haha thats good to hear. Noah is at UBC right?

Krista – Yes, Sister Laycock says there are not that many LDS students there. They have a very small branch but he is hanging out with an LDS girl who she thinks is great! Not a couple I think but casual dates and good friends

Tommy – ok thats good that hes doing well

Krista – What is the best experience you have had on your mission with personal revelation? I have to teach a lesson next Sunday and I am looking for some inspiration.

Tommy – oh thats a good one a cool experience I had with personal revelation was when we were planning for an investigator we had a weird prompting to teach about temple marriage (weird for first lesson) and it was exactly what he needed.

Krista – Why do you say that was exactly what he needed? Give me a few more details that I can flush out in my lesson… no not flushing an area:) See I have learned a few things about Australia!

Tommy – he was concerned on how his family can be together (they were separated) we said that baptism and the temple lets our families be together forever.

Krista – Ok, that gives me a little more information. I’m sure that revelation is a thing you are constantly working to be in tune for. Missionary work wouldn’t happen without it! So poor Taysia  had her purse stolen this week on her mission so she has to replace bank cards and stuff. Luckily her passport was safe but what a pain!  Are Elder Martin and his companion still assigned to the Happy Valley Ward… even as I am typing this I think I know the answer… yes?

Tommy – yes they are

Krista – What is planned for the rest of Pday today? Do you have any plan with other missionaries? How do you shop on your bikes?

Tommy – so we aren’t allowed to gather with other missionaries on p-day unless it’s a district p-day which happens only once a transfer. The grocery store is across the street.

Krista – That’s good… I was having a hard time imagining ow you brought groceries home. So what are you doing for Pday… Anything interesting? What does Elder Angelo like to do?

Tommy – He got a wikipedia board game so we will be playing that

Krista – I have never even heard of that… interesting? What else does he like? What were his hobbies or interests before mission? Did he work? Go to school?

Tommy- he studied architecture before the mission

Krista – That’s cool, you have architects in your family. So what would Elder Dickson’s perfect pday look like? I wouldn’t have guessed that you could play games.

Tommy – sleep and games

Krista – Can you buy games? Can you play cards?  All these things I am learning. Is district meeting at the mission office or the church this week?

Tommy – yes we can buy games and play cards but only on p-day

That’s all for now


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