Jan 23, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

Life is good with my new companion. His name is elder Angelo, he is from the Phillipines, is 21 years old, comes from a family of 8. He is very quiet though so nights in the flat are very quiet. Things are going well, the area doesn’t have very much success but thats ok. We are working hard and it’ll come. So the reason you haven’t heard anything about the car is…………….we are in a biking area! So we cover this massive area on our bikes and you know how much I hate bikes. Funny story with that though. Do you remember the time my bike broke on a priests activity and I had to ride it like a strider? Well the exact same thing happened here. We were biking hard one day and all of the sudden my pedal snapped off so I stopped and put in in my backpack and rode my strider for the 20 minute ride back to the flat. So this is the third time I have had to send my “new” bike to be fixed at the office. But on a positive note because the area is incredibly hilly (most in the mission) I have already lost 6 pounds biking.

love ya

Elder Dickson

Brent – Bike fun. Look who is over for dinner right now. Our missionaries and the Mandarin missionaries had no DA so mom volunteered. Drew requested Brinner, breakfast for dinner.

Tommy – haha tell them I say hi , and who did drew go on a date with? oh and Dad guess what? Do you remember elder Peihopa served in our ward forever? His brother just became one of the new additions to the australia adelaide mission. I got the chance to talk to him about his brother.

Brent – What’s up for PDay?

Tommy – sleep -I’m not really willing to bike anywhere to do anything

Brent – Mom gave an awesome lesson about Martin Harris but Benny’s lesson to Deacons was better because he had licorice.

Tommy – Bribery always works

Brent – Are you doing any driving.

Tommy – no we don’t have a car – Where’s Mom?

Brent – She is cooking waffles for the Elders. Mom is in Super Steed mode

Tommy -haha I’m not surprised at all

Brent – How is your companions English?

Tommy – His english is good and yeah the other area gets the car

Brent – That sounds good, the English, bummer about the car. Guess you won’t gain weight.

Tommy – haha no we wont

Krista – Haven’t had a chance to read your emails yet…. so I might be repeating. Do you feel positive about the companion change. What does he bring to your companionship that is cool or new? Is it still super hot?

Tommy – he is just a different personality from my last comp

Krista – Are you still in the Happy Valley Ward? Are they still taking care of you?

Tommy – yeah I’m in happy valley but we get less meals due to the bikes

Krista – Well you can learn something new from each one so I will be curious to see. Has he cooked for you yet?

Tommy – No not yet

Brent – The Elders are polishing off the bacon. You would be impressed.

Krista – What have you cooked for him? Are you still doing a lot of contacting at the train station? Is he tidy, brave, shy?

Tommy – He is tidy and shy and no we got kicked off the train station

Brent – So we are really enjoying ‎sending Drew driving on errands all the time.

Tommy – haha that sounds like fun , who was his first date with?

Brent – This girl Emma.  Says Drew. Chapparell ward. Drew – Dating machine.

Krista – Oh that,s too bad about the train station . Someone must have complained. That is good that is his tidy and shy you two can rub off on each other. Where are you having the most success?

Tommy – finding because that’s basically all we do

Brent – We will keep Drew on the double dates. Safety in numbers.

Tommy – good!

Brent – So who is doing the cooking now. Are you making noodle magic?

Tommy – we split the cooking – we dont really make anything to complicated so its both of us – mostly just like sausages and rice or sandwiches and stuff like that.

Brent – Drew is keeping the missionaries entertained. The Mandarin missionaries cover everything south of Glenmore. And the Bacon is all gone. When is your next zone meetings.

Tommy – we will have one on the 8 of February

Krista – What are you looking forward to this week?

Brent – Drew wants you to jump in the pouch of a kangaroo. Drew is a scrub. Drew is Drew. You should hear the conversations in the basement when Cole, Adam, and Drew are gaming.

Tommy – we are going to be doing lots of finding this week so im pretty excited for that and no drew….. haha im sure they are interesting

Brent – The missionaries here say they don’t whitewash an area. They call it purging.

Tommy – we call it flushing

Brent – The Elders here are impressed with flushing. New term to them. Drew is going off now about rednecks and hipsters.

Tommy – that doesn’t even surprise me

Brent – Drew says he is going to Dallas Japanese speaking. Sushi and rednecks.

Tommy – and don’t forget the cowboys

Krista – Dad is now entertaining the elders with Oilers Flames talk. I would love some scenery pictures of  your area. I must be chanelling Grandpa steed . How about the outside of your flat.

Tommy – I left my camera at the flat sorry –  tell drew they cant hear that they need to be consecrated 😛

Krista – Ok I get it… I’ll make you a deal I will forgo pictures if you promise to eat a vegetable

Tommy – I have been we have carrots at our flat!!

Brent -I have started a new workout program. Nike has an app with varied workouts. There are parts I crush and parts I cry like a baby.

Tommy -oh sweet we have a exercise dvd we do as a mission, it was made by the assistants –

yeah the bikes are doing a good enough job of that. how many times do the sundance elders get fed?

Brent – When mom found out the missionaries ha no where to go for dinner Mom immediately volunteered. She was thinking of you. I think it makes her feel closer to her boy. I think they get fed most days. I have to go to High Priests. Mom is still here. Saw the pictures of you, Teigan, and Taylor hiking and realized I miss my boy. Work hard. Be excellent. Love that companion and support him every way you can.

Tommy – love you got to go






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