Tommy Gets A New Companion – Jan 15, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

so transfers came and…….. elder punou and elder martin got transferred. I am getting my new companion today and I will be with elder Angelo from the Phillipines.  This week was pretty uneventful. We did a lot of finding to no avail. It was also elder Martins birthday this week so we had lots of cake and treats. Its funny because now I do all the dishes in our flat because the other elders always are “busy”. We met a funny bible basher this week who told me “god sent you to me so I can tell you the truth” and another interesting person who is moving to the middle of nowhere because she believes that the world is going to end and that if she moves there Satan cant get her. Not anything too exciting. I haven’t met my companion yet so I’ll tell you about him in the next email.

Krista – Well I thought you would get a new companion. Where did Elder Punou and Elder Martin go? Do you stay in the same flat? What area is Elder Angelo coming from? Are you looking forward to a new companion? It must be nice to have someone different.  So I am getting your birthday package ready… after celebrating Elder Martin’s birthday this week what is good to send?

Tommy – I do have one request please. Can you send me an American sign language book? Elder Punou is going up to Paralowie (the ghetto) and Elder Martin is just splitting the area that we were in. So I am going to cover half the area and Elder Martin will cover the other half. I have no clue where Elder Angelo is coming from and yeah ill stay in the same flat.

Krista – Ok…the internet is a great thing… Elder Angelo is coming from Darwin! He looks nice… but I’m not sure you can tell that from a picture. I assume he is the senior companion? Paralowie… is that still in the Marion Zone? So is  your area now the new area that was added last transfer and Elder Martin gets your old area? Is your flat just for one companionship?

Tommy – So yeah my area is now the area that was added and Elder Martin is in my old area. My flat is just one companionship and he will be the senior companion but I will lead the area because I already know it. Paralowie is way up north adelaide so different zone.

Brent – Mom is asking all the good questions! Last night Ben and I went to watch Oilers Flames and Grandpa Dicksons. Glad to report Oilers won in a shoot out.

Tommy – Oilers suck

Brent – 3-0 vs Flames this year my friend.

Tommy – They’re just letting the Oilers build some fake confidence, classic technique

Brent – Very kind of them. NFL report- Falcons beat Seahawks yesterday as well as Patriots over Texans. Packers were up 21-3 over Cowboys but they are now tied at 28 with 4 minutes left. Ouch. Steelers play Chiefs tonight.  Cool to have a companion from the Phillipines. A chance to learn new stuff. More interesting than Utah or Idaho!

Krista – So who is your district leader now? Did your zone leader change? Which investigators do you keep and who goes to the other area?

Tommy – So Cliff is no longer in my area, there aren’t very many investigators in my area. Lots of finding here I come. Yes I have new zoneleaders elder heindel and elder bennion. My district leader is elder martins new companion elder atkinson. So who do you think will make the super bowl?

Brent – I think Patriots for AFC. Not sure for NFC. Depends on what happens with Packers in the next 5 minutes.  Raptors are playing well. Something like 27-13. Solid second place in the east. Cleveland still on top. Celtics look good and will push the Raptors.

Krista – Do you know any of those new elders? That’s too bad that you lose Cliff… at least for my sake, I liked hearing Cliff stories! I assume you lose the brothers too? Who do you keep?

Tommy – We don’t really have any investigators on this side. So I’m starting fresh and yes elder bennion was in my district in my first transfer.

Krista – Oh well… a new challenge! Do you like Elder Bennion? When does Elder Angelo arrive? Will he drive? Are you allowed to drive now?

Tommy – No he doesn’t drive so I will be driving. and yeah elder bennion is one of the funniest elders out there. I will go and pick him up from the office at 2pm here.  Who do the celtics have that have made them better?

Brent – I’m surprised you made the switch on PDAY. We had PDay to get ready and then moved the next day. You missionaries must be more righteous.  No one really new. They are just getting better. Raptors played them once and beat them in a close one. Does your new companion not have a licence?   Is that why you drive?

Krista – AHHHHH driving? Have you driven there before? Are you adjusted to the other side of the road? Are you still splitting time between bikes and the car?  Are the other elders already out of the flat?

Tommy – I have driven once here so this will be an adventure. So no I haven’t adjusted yet. We only have a limited amount of kilometers per month so we will hit the bikes as much as possible. All of our transfers are on p-day.  Did the raptors get anyone new?  No he doesn’t have his license

Brent – They have Jared Sullenger who signed from the Celtics but he got hurt in training camp and should play in Feb. So the team is basically the same as last year. Derozan and Lowey playing even better this year.  Packers up 31-28. 1:38 left. Cowboys have the ball. Go Pack. Just hit a field goal

Krista – Did you have to get a special licence in Australia? Now I will have to worry about 2 teenagers driving! For two very different reasons… good thing you have that  “god protects missionaries ” thing

Tommy – hows valuncunuis playing?

Brent – Solid. Good point average an lots of rebounds. Very consistent and reliable.  Stupid Cowboys just tied the game on a field goal. 38 seconds left.

Tommy – my alberta license is fine because it is in english – go pack

Krista – Maybe Elder Angelo will be a good cook and introduce you to some Phillipino dishes.

Tommy – elder martin used to be in the same flat as him and apparently he is a wicked good cook.

Brent – Maybe some CanPhillipino fusion cooking.  Packers threw a 36 yard pass with 3 seconds left. Trying a field goal from 50. Packers kick the field goal. Pack won! Happy Dad.  Packers vs. Atlanta next week. Go Pack. Sentimental Super Bowl pick. Just got a text from Uncle Shane. He says He and Adam are supporting me an pulling for the Packers.

Krista – I was looking at this post from one of the Darwin senior mission couples. they were saying that in their mission they have worked with missionaries from 11 different countries.

Tahiti 2, Fiji 2, Vanuatu 1, England 1, Canada 1, Tonga 1, Philippines 9, Indonesia 1, Australia 6, New Zealand 4, USA 14/Hawaii 1.. I thought that was really interesting. you have already had contact with New Zealand (Tonga) Australia, Ecuador, US…. A real cultural experience!

How far away from the mission home is your flat?

Tommy – about an hour drive

Brent – I am tempted to call the Rices after the win. Bentley Carter prayed for the Cowboys in Teachers Quorum.

Krista – I will look for an ASL book. Is it different in Australia or are the signs the same? I will send it out with your birthday package. I don’t know how long it will take to get to you.

Tommy – they are different but ASL is known by basically everyone who is deaf no matter where you come from. Why doesn’t that surprise me that he did that (Bentley)

Brent – God probably doesn’t care much unless it is the Oilers or Eskimos.

Tommy – Yeah and then he wants them to lose and that is doctrine because “whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same” and myself as a missionary (servant of the lord) said it so therefore it is scripture.

Brent – Using scriptures against God’s teams. I shall pray for you son.

Krista – I’m liking the ability to quote scripture but I’m not sure using it for sports purposes really makes it valid!

Tommy – Well dad how does it feel to “kick against the pricks” do you “find the words of the lord to be hard”? its doctrine that the flames and stamps are the best

Brent – We shall see. Oilers are 6 points up on Flames right now.

Krista – I have to say I am quite enjoying this right now… my RIGHTEOUS son

Brent – Just say thanks Aunt Kathy :). Mom sounds quite Steed like there. That is good for you. Listen to her. Don’t forget she is the one that bought me Oiler tickets.

Tommy – haha yeah its kinda nice when you get to the point that missionaries cant smash you with the scriptures because you know them well enough. but i still have lots to learn. and yeah if they keep running – wow you just got thrown under the bus mom – but ya thanks aunt kathy

Krista – I am taking the high road… an indication of my obvious superior morality… learn from me you mere mortals!

Brent – On a serious note, take advantage of the chance to study. You will be grateful the rest of your life for it. I know I am.

Tommy – I try to as often as I can

Krista – Good luck with Elder Angelo. Go in with a positive attitude. I’m sure it will be great!

Brent – Change is good. This will give you a chance for some Leadership. Make him feel welcome and embrace everything that is different about his culture. Cool opportunity. I had a ton of Americans, 2 Canadians, and one Swede.

Tommy – I’m excited for this transfer

Krista – I’m glad… maybe he will even do the dishes!

Tommy – I have to go now i love you. Bye


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