Jan 9, 2017


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Hey Mom and Dad,

This four days have been an interesting one. On Friday we got hit with a massive heatwave. We were out proselyting in 42 degree weather. Everybody’s house we knocked on felt so sorry for us and gave us some nice cold water. I was sweating buckets, it was ridiculous. Saturdays heat wasn’t as bad. It was only 39 degrees. But we had a good lesson with a man named Andrew. Andrew is a nice man who is married to a member. He is an older gentleman who knows a lot about religious history so he is hard to teach. But he has a bunch of shrines in his house so I dont know if he even knows the ten commandments. Yesterday we had a good day.  We also sang at a multi stake missionary fireside. Elder Punou, Martin and I and a few others sang “come follow me”. We brought Sister Parker to tears. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Other than that is been pretty uneventful.

Krista -Oh Oh…. I hope you are going to survive at least another week with your companions… As long as you can get the not so nice stuff out in the journal and then try to see the best for the rest of the day you are doing great!  I’m not surprised that you had Sister Parker in tears. That singing at Christmas was a killer for me. How nice that you have companions who are good singers.  Our weather is about as opposite as can be… ! 42… WOW I suppose if you kept being invited in that was a little bit of a blessing.

Brent – 42! Maybe I am not so jealous

Tommy – The weather is ridiculous, it was 36 degrees in our flat even with the a/c on full blast

Krista -Oh my goodness… that has got to be hard on my little Canadian boy!!!  Do your Australian and New Zealand companions manage better in the heat? Are you still teaching Cliff and the boys?

Tommy – They manage way better than i do, but i am pretty decent, and yes but slowly and surely

Krista – By the time you come back to Canada you will be like Sister Gilson’s son who served in Sydney. She said he hasn’t felt like he was warm since. Are the other areas in your mission that hot? Darwin or  Mildura or Alice Springs? What is coming up for Pday today?

Brent – I guess that will take care of any weight gain from the MTC. I saw Joel Patterson at the game last night. He asked about you. He is upgrading classes. He goes March 1 to Portugal. He says he is ready to go.

Tommy – The heat wave only hit Adelaide but Alice is ridiculously hot right now and Darwin is always 30 degrees or above all year round … oh we are finally going to all you can eat pizza hut

Krista – Oh funny story… Grandpa and the Steed girls had a Pride and Prejudice sleepover this weekend. 6 hours of Mr. Darcy…. KFC… Oreos and a Kilogram of Bacon…. Drew said it sounded like it was almost worth it  for the treats but that he would just play on his IPAD . I told him he had to pay the video price and he was no longer that keen!  All you can eat pizza sounds like a good change from constant noodles! Do you still get good dinner appointments? Grady Trim was sitting in front of us in Sacrament and he was drawing Ninja Turtles and it made me think of you

Brent – Remember Canadian bacon is Ham. I figured you will be the meats man.  Packers 38- Giants 13. Happy Dad Sad Drew

Tommy – oh I forgot to tell you kfc is soooooo much better here than in Canada. Australians are crazy for kfc so their quality is better. Yes we get lots of dinner appointments thanks to super missionary mom Sue Chambers

Krista – That’s great… where does she have a child serving? Is she one of the ward missionaries?

Tommy – She doesnt have a kid serving, She is just basically our mom in the ward. Always makes sure we are eating our veggies

Krista – I’m glad you have several moms to nag you in my absence. Between Sister Parker and Sister Chambers and I’m sure some of the other senior missionaries it sounds like you are looked after. Do you see any of the other senior missionaries? Tell me a little about them

Tommy – oh mom can you ask teigan to send me those photos he took of us on the hikes in waterton? … We dont ever see them because we are farther away from the mission home.

Brent – Are you going to show people what a real mountain looks like?

Krista – Yes… I forgot about that. I have to talk to Teigan anyway so I will text him. I am loving the pictures and videos in your drive… I will love to hear the stories behind some of them … Were you still here when there was that bear attack on Forum?

Brent – I think Benny and I need to do the three peak hikes in Waterton this summer. He wants to and you inspired me.

Tommy – no I wasnt, what happened? … those hikes are fun i regret no doing them earlier

Krista – A guy was hiking the ridge I want to say… not completely sure where he was but was attacked by a Grizzly and they had to take him out through the Waterton side… just looked up the new report it was the third week in September and I remember thinking that you and Taylor and Teigan had just been hiking that and I was thinking how bad the visibility was that day… you might not have even been able to see a bear!

Brent – Uncle Dave just texted over to see if we were eating pie. Specifically Drew and humble pie with the Giants loss. What a loving uncle.

Krista – Isn’t it great to see how much we love and support one another!

Tommy – thats the uncle dave i remember

Brent – Your Colts didn’t even get a sniff of the playoffs so I guess we all suffer somewhere.

Krista – A true test of teaching basic doctrine and the power of the Spirit. I taught a lesson today about the atonement and there was a great quote from PResident PAcker that talks about how there are lots of “branches” in the church but that they have to be connected to the root of the Atonement  “[The Atonement of Jesus Christ] is the very root of Christian doctrine. You may know much about the gospel as it branches out from there, but if you only know the branches and those branches do not touch that root, if they have been cut free from that truth, there will be no life nor substance nor redemption in them” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1977, 80; or Ensign, May 1977, 56).

Tommy – nice quote

Brent – Mom made veggie and fruit packages for the boys to take to lunch. I suggested bacon bags but mom said no.

Krista – I love both of those… Here is my other favorite quote from the lesson. It can be challenging to teach basic doctrine that feels like we all know but Brother Matthews and Sister Elford who are both converts spoke about what a revelation those doctrines were to them and about how taht attracted them to the church and they felt the truth of that message . A great testimony of missionary work!  President Ezra Taft Benson said, “We may never understand nor comprehend in mortality how He accomplished what He did, but we must not fail to understand why he did what He did.  All that He did was prompted by His unselfish, infinite love for us.”  (Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 15)  

Krista – Do you have any district or zone meetings this week? When will you find out about transfers?

Tommy – we have district meeting tomorrow and we will find out about transfers on sunday

Krista – So I’m a little confused how many elders in district 10??? and then 20 in zone?

Brent – Hopefully there is air conditioning. We don’t want your whole zone to melt. If you are really heat suffering just slowly say I Am Canadian

Tommy – There are three districts in our zone we have five elders and two sisters in our district. our district has us, the zone leaders and the sisters

Krista – Dad just saw the root beer video and he was happy!

Brent – Does it actually taste like A&W

Tommy – no its not as good but its close

Brent – So Jake just turned on the big ceiling fan again. Just what you need with -20C outside. Close is still good. I ha one rootbeer in 2 years and Tim mailed it from Scotland.

Tommy – you can get mug root beer in asian stores but no a&w and yay ceiling fans

Krista – That’s interesting. I guess you never know what you will miss. What else can’t you get?

Tommy – sour cream and onion chips, banana peppers, normal hot dogs … I have to go now, I love you guys bye






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