Jan 4, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

This has been a very uneventful week. New Years we were grounded to the flat at 6 pm so we just went to bed early. We got to go to the temple today though. Its always lots of fun to go to the temple with other missionaries. Thats it for the week so far. I know this email is lame but its been a boring week.

Brent: Hey buddy, I am at Woodruff’s playing pool and WI with the teachers Quorum. You still there?

Tommy:  yeah send me a photo of the teachers (I did)

Brent:  So we went to pick up the van we bought Saturday and we couldn’t get it to hold a charge. So we got it towed to MRU today. Hopefully it is only‎ the battery or alternator. -20 isn’t good for older cars.

Tommy: oh wow well its supposed to be 39 degrees here tomorrow

Brent: Brother Cooper wants to know what is the weirdest thing you have eaten in Australia.  S‎o that would melt the car rather than freeze it. Lots of talk here about who is best at pool but not a lot of skill.

Tommy:  The weirdest thing that I have eaten would either be the carolina reaper pepper (hottest in the world) or corned beef (new zealand version). It comes out of a can and is crazy salty. Or beans beef and vegemite

Brent: Brother Cooper is impressed. So do you have a full PDay today? Do you go back to Mondays next week?

Tommy: yes we go back to monday next week its just because it was a public holiday

Brent: How many missionaries at the temple. Do you just do a session? I loved being with the missionaries in the Stockholm temple.

Tommy: We do a session together and it was our whole zone so 19

Brent: Some of the kids are talking about going to BYU Hawaii. I think it might be because it is so cold here. Maybe not just for the Education. Mom is going to be bummed she missed you. Shouldn’t have gone out doing errands. Anything newsworthy coming up this week?  Are you nervous about transfers? Could be exciting! Maybe you can go where it is even hotter?

Tommy: nothing really except we have transfers on the 15th … I have to go now. love ya lots bye …  I most likely will lose Elder Punou and could move love ya bye

Brent: Have an excellent week. Praying for you and love you.

That’s all for now



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