Dec 27

Tommy: Well I have no clue what to say in this email due to having talked to you two days ago.(We skyped with Tommy for 1 hour Christmas night) Yesterday we had a cool lesson with our investigator Claude. We shared the Book of Mormon with him and he commited to read it. We had a wonderful mission Christmas. We got to have a zone conference two days before where we filmed skits and had a great time with President and his wife. Christmas day we went to church and opened presents of course. Later that day we had a zone gathering and got to have food and hang around with the other missionaries. We also watched the polar express at our zone conference.

Drew: Hey tom emailing to tell you I got my drivers license today I thought I would fail but I didn’t the lady who was testing me smelled like 7 million cigarettes I could barely focus on driving it was so bad on my first solo drive I took Ben to his friends house so I’m officially the driving mule of our family good luck out there miss yah lots����

Brent: Drew has his licence!

Tommy: I heard that is scary

Krista: Tell me a bit about the skits and what else you did for zone conference. Who are some of the other missionaries you get along with in your zone? Where are they from. Send me some pictures!!!! I have been busy today doing house type stuff… cleaning drawers, fixing internet, putting a new doorknob on… riveting and exciting stuff! I am tempted to take all of the Christmas stuff down but I am resisting.

Brent: Benny has an iTunes card and it is burning a hole in his pocket. Gotta use it NOW. Sound familiar big brother.

Tommy: haha yeah…….so elder tigafua, elder ivory and elder ward (all in my intake) are in my zone. theres a lot of great missionaries in our zone. For our skit we did “what mission life is really like” so we made fun of that and poked fun at a few missionaries in the process. I’ll send pictures in a second

Krista: So tell me what mission life is “really like”. What did you poke fun at?  I remember Elder Ivory and Elder Ward. Where is Elder Tigafua from? Was he in the Provo MTC?

Tommy: Elder Tigafua came from new zealand mtc and we made fun of the city zone and how they dont have p-day and stuff like they are “too consecrated” for sleep

Brent: It was so fun face timing with you. You look good. You look happy. I know there are tough times but if you can laugh, smile, and have fun you will be okay. Jake just came downstairs, got some White Milk, and disappeared back upstairs. Not much changes here.

Tommy: haha same old Jake

Krista: Is he a New Zealander? What did you do when you were hanging out with the elders on Christmas Day. Did you all bring food or did you have members help? Is everyone back to work now? With the summer holidays there must be some families out of town. Where do people holiday there?

Tommy: Nobody is back to work yet because they have public holidays for a while. We just ate food provided by the senior couples. No he is samoan from Brisbane. Most people go to the beach

Krista: So when you say he is a Samoan from Brisbane or Elder Punou is Tongan from New Zealand, does that mean their families have been in New Zealand and Australia for a while? Were they born there? Are they bi-lingual or just speak English?

Brent: Big plans for New Year’s?   Are you grounded New Years eve.

Tommy: We are grounded and there families are from there but they are born in australia/new zealand. and yes they are bilingual

Krista: It sounds like there are lots of islanders in your mission. Are the wards also pretty diverse or are they more like Sundance?

Tommy: They are more diverse than sundance but the area I’m in isnt very diverse

Brent: Benny bought the new Bourne movie. He spent his $ and feels better now.

Tommy: haha good choice Benny

Krista: OK… I laughed at the guns video! So already learning what to send and what not to send for Christmas… Nerf guns-yes… tree- no since you don’t get them until Christmas Eve. That flat definitely looks smaller but the ocean location makes up for it I’m sure

Tommy: haha we have had fun with them

Krista: Tell Elder Punou that I was impressed with his sharpshooting! Looked like Elder Martin’s aim wasn’t quite as good 🙂 When are your next transfers? I saw that a ton of missionaries went home in December. Are you getting a bunch of new ones?

Tommy: No we aren’t getting a ton of elders just lots of sisters and actually Elder Punou has terrible aim and he got lucky that time. Elder Martin and I have better aim

Brent: Benny also bought Napoleon Dynamite. Now he can practice his bow staff skills and respect the Liger.

Tommy: “girls like guys with skills. nunchuck skills, computer hacking skills, bowstaff skills.”

Krista: As long as you aren’t killing each other… although maybe that is a good thing to get out your frustrations… little better than wrestling and breaking a window. Aunt Joan is having her New Years Party on Saturday this year partly at her house and partly at the church with a dance. Aunt Christina is hosting too so there will be people from our ward. I am happy for Jake. He LOVES going to dances so he will be happy. Because Sunday is New Years we are cancelling the breakfast. Grandpa seems ok with it but I hope I didn’t pressure him too much

Tommy: NOT THE BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!! jokes i get it

Brent: Where did you get your lava lava (sp?) from?

Tommy: a member in the ward. the same ysa who gave me the tie

Krista: Don’t worry … it will be back next year… and I’m sure forever after. It just was tricky this year because of Sunday.

Tommy: Is that hockey I see on? (I took a picture of the brothers doing Napoleon Dynamite poses and the TV was behind them)

Brent: Yes. World juniors. Canada beat Russia 5-3 yesterday. Playing Latvia today. Just started, no score.

Tommy: I miss hockey and the cold, I know it sounds weird but I do

Krista: Do your companions skate? Did you ever go to that rink you were talking about?

Tommy: turns out the rink went out of buisness

Krista: You would get tired of it pretty soon. It hasn’t been too snowy until this week but we had two weeks of VERY cold weather. It hasn’t been that bad in a while. The next package I sent you has a can of “snow” from Indigo… don’t know what that means but I will be curious when you open it. I wrapped a bunch of candy but as I was taping it up it sounded like they all fell out of the container… could be interesting!  Drew was looking for his new speaker… he just turned it on and lets just say we ALL know where the speaker is now. It was a good thing we did the Nativity this year and I got a spiritual boost. It is impossible to get respite on Christmas or New Years so I will be missing church two weeks in a row. Returning just in time to start teaching D&C . I am excited for that this year. I love the church history stuff.

Tommy: I love it too

Krista: What is with the bird in the car?

Tommy: oh we found the bird on the side of the road abadoned by its mother so we brought it to a member

Krista: Ok… what did the member do with it? What kind of bird is it?

Tommy: a little australian miner bird. it ended up dying over night but they buried it …it was gonna die so we figured what the heck we might as well try.   I have to go but I’ll try to share the other photos with you. love ya. bye




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