Dec 11 – Ninja Turtles!!


Photos explanation from Tommy –  the 5 photos are 1-2) Xavier Upton and us being ninja turtles (his request) 3) Ned Upton wearing my glasses (I wasnt allowed to have them back until I took a photo) 4) Elder Punou and I got advent calendars 5) looking skux (Australian for cool)

Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been pretty uneventful. We moved into our new flat (not as nice as the other one). Having a huge area has been a struggle. We find that it is so hard to be able to see all the people we have in one week especially with km restrictions. But we have got lots of finding in. There is a train station just down the road from our flat and we go there all the time to contact people. I always wonder what they must be thinking when the see us coming. Everybody just assumes we work there. This week I actually had the weirdest experience in the mission so far. Since Elder Punou had been called as district leader he had to go to Firle for some training. So Elder Ivory, Martin and I went out together. We were at the bus stop contacting and I asked this man how his day was going and then I said “it WAS nice to meet you”. He immediately started questioning why I used the past tense. I just moved on and started talking to him. He continued to tell me that he was part of the iluminati and was here to teach people the truth (I was thinking to myself thats what we do!). But the biggest mistake I made in that conversation is I asked him “how did you come to know that the iluminati was true?”. He got really mad and was threatening to fight me so I just said have a nice day and walked away. #crazy. Other than that my week has been pretty normal.

love you


Brent – Don’t fight the illuminati! They have people everywhere. They may come get us here! I am a big train station fan. We used to go to central station in Stockholm all the time. But most of our finds would end up in someone else’s area. Mom is at the Stake Center getting ready for Carolfest. So you are stuck with Dad.

Tommy – haha all goods. Seriously they are everywhere. He was so ready to come at me. It was quite ridiculous

Brent – So do you like the new apartment better? How close are you to the ocean? Mom made a Koala bear ornament for you today and put it on the tree. So your presence is felt. Yesterday Jake made Drew sit and watch him name all the ornaments over and over.

Tommy – I can see the ocean from the flat. Its nice because its all carpet but very small. We go down to the ocean area at least once every 3 days.

Brent – I am ocean jealous! So I only have one more Sunday when my meetings start 6AM. Last Sunday of the year is Christmas day. Then we move to 11 AM. So my meetings will start at 8 AM. Plus three more weeks of early seminary. Drew has release time 2nd semester.

Tommy – oh hallelujah. I dont feel that sorry for you cuz I’m up at 6:30 everyday

Brent – Good point, you probably aren’t the guy to complain to :). Do you have any Christmas events coming up. Are you using the Light The World advent calendar from There is a big push for it here.

Tommy -yeah we are pushing it hardcore. Basically shoving it down the members throats. We have our ward christmas party on the 17th

Brent – The missionaries were at our party. ‎We were singing carols and I’ll Be Home For Christmas came up. One of the missionaries shouted out “I won’t be”. Someone then pointed out it says even if only in my dreams. Everyone laughed and the missionaries got some warm handshakes and another round of zippy punch. Coy just came to pick up Miles. He was here partying with Ben and Joseph. He was unimpressed with the 50 degree difference between you and us. I’m asking for Mom. Do you have a dinner appointment on Christmas day? Do Australians make a bigger deal of Christmas eve or Christmas day. Do they have some different traditions?

Tommy – haha do your missionaries come to pec and ward council and stuff? They make a bigger deal of christmas day. Depending on what the mission wide plans are we will have meal appointments for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Brent – They come to Ward Council. Sometimes to PEC but that is just once a month. We always talk missionary work first. I think I am more mission conscious. I put all the missionaries emails on the back of the Sacrament program and encouraged people to write our missionaries for Christmas.

Tommy – ok because we go to ward council twice a month plus pec

Brent – Same here, though sometimes they leave early because they cover our ward and Somerset. Sometimes one of them is in Sacrament meeting and the other goes to Somerset PEC

Tommy – oh ok I forgot they cover two wards

Krista – Hey love I am here at the Stake Carol festival so don’t know how much I can say…. but I think it is a rite of passage to have someone want to fight you on your mission. Does your flat have two bedrooms or are you all in one? How is the new elder?

Brent – 3 meal appointments in a day!? Sounds awesome! You Elders deserve it!

Tommy – it has two rooms but we all have to sleep in one because of mission rules so we turned one into a study

Brent – Mom doesn’t know the rule about sleeping in the same room as your companions :). Gotta be patient with her because she makes everything better.

Tommy – haha well now you know

Krista – Tell me something about the new elder . What is his personality like? His Family? It is Steed palooza here. Jenny-Lynn Katherine Lyndi Betsy and Grace are all playing a number. My greatest regret that I wasn’t a tiger mother about my boys practicing 😂

Brent – We don’t need no Momma Tiger. I like how you turned out. Drew is voluntarily on the choir.  So Mom must have done something right!   Do his suit pants and jackets match? 🙂

Tommy – He is from Sydney and is an only child. He is very relaxed about everything and really a lot like me

Krista – Oh that is great working in a group of three is challenging enough I am glad you all get along . How long has he been on his mission? Are you starting to get ready for Christmas? Will you have a dinner appointment?

Brent – I think Sister Parker will take very good care of all you Elders.

Tommy – He has been out almost a year and we dont have any plans from sister parker yet so we are just waiting

Krista – What is the area like that your apartment is in? Were there elders in it before

Tommy -yeah Elder Martin was in it before with his old companion. It is what is called hallet cove where we can see the ocean from our flat

Krista – So cool!!!! Got to go 😘

Brent – I’m out too. Gotta drive to Carolfest. Have a great week. Love you!

Tommy – ok love ya








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