Dec 4

Hey mom and dad,

This week has been a pretty normal week. So transfers came around and I gained a new companion, Elder Martin from Sydney. We are now in a trio. They also doubled the size of our area and we are moving flats. I also got a new suit for only 150 (killer deal). This week has been fun. We had a chance to teach Cliff again and to teach a new investigator Sam. We found Sam door knocking and he is an 18 year old boy who is really interested. So hopefully we can continue to teach him. Those drinking straw glasses are skux (cool). Its supposed to be really hot this week so time to drink lots of water. Oh ya I forgot one thing, this weekend we got to do what is called mpc. We had a preist age young man come and live with us for the weekend and we trained him on how to be a missionary. I loved it. Oh and look at 2 samuel 12:7 the first line (favourite scripture)

Krista – So, just got the email… Does that mean you stay with Elder Punou but you get another Elder with you. Where is your area now? Does that mean you are in the same wards?  Where is your new flat? Have you met Elder Martin yet? Is he new?

Tommy – So there used to be two sets of Elders in the ward but now there are just one of us, a trio. Elder Punou, Elder Martin and I. We cover what used to be the other elders area and our old area, so alot.

Krista – That’s cool about the MPC… what did the priest think about it. Was it a little shocking to live with the missionaries?

Tommy – Elder Martin is from the other companionship but has just joined us and our new flat is in the other side of our area.  Yeah the  young man didn’t realize we laugh so much

Krista – That will be nice to have an expanded area. It will give you more opportunities to teach. Is the new flat far away? Will it just be the three of you in that flat. Do the other set of elders stay in your old flat?  That’s great. What an interesting idea to get young men used to the idea of mission life. I have never heard of that before. I wonder if it is unique to the Adelaide mission. Will it be strange working as a group of three? I sent a present to you and your companion but I didn’t think about 3…. you will have to share 🙂  I’m glad you got a suit. What color is it? Do you need to have it altered?

Tommy – The other elders are staying in the old flat and we are moving to a flat about 15 minutes away and Elder Punou got called as district leader.  The suit is black and no it fits well

Krista – Oh… that’s cool! Are you feeling like this is enough change to give you some more inspiration? Does the new area have anyone that you will now be teaching?

Tommy – we have absolutely no idea

Krista – So explain skux to me….. ??????? Australian thing?????

Tommy – Australian and New Zealand slang for looking cool

Krista – Do you get Elder Martin today? Are you moving this afternoon? Do you just take suitcases?

Tommy – yeah we get him at about 2 and yes we move after

Krista – I’ve never heard of that . Is it pronounced skucks??? Boy the things you learn with a foreign missionary!  What is going on with your Christmas stuff? Can you get your tree?

Tommy – Yes that is how its pronounced. I doubt I can get the christmas stuff early because Sister Parker is crazy busy right now

Brent – Hey buddy, my plane just landed and we are rolling to the terminal. Sorry I am missing our weekly chat. Mom will be glad to have me home and get a Jake break!

Tommy – no worries Dad

Krista – That is fine. Next year I will know not to send decorations… just presents. I guess you will just have to put up your tree for a couple of days.  Do you have any details yet about when you will be calling at Christmas? Do you skype??? Facetime??? We were at Stake Conference and when we went in it was warm enough that I went in without a coat but by the time we left there was about 3 inches of snow and a snowfall warning. Winter has officially begun!

Tommy – We are organizing with a member to skype home but I have no clue what time yet because we dont have the schedule

Krista – I will have to become reasonably techie before then. I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas. We have our ward party this week. the Stake Carol Festival ( which I have Girls playing bells), my concert, a wrestling tournament for Benny and the MEssiah… Drew is not thrilled but I am insisting!

Brent – Looks cold and s.owy outside the plane windows. No snow in Toronto. We are getting off the plane now. Have a great week. I love you.
Or maybe not, there is a plane at our gate. Maybe we should double park?

Tommy – haha tell Drew its good for him and that he should look up that scripture

Brent – Still waiting. So three in a companionship. I did that in the MTC. Make sure to make the new Elder feel welcome. There is danger of 2 vs 1. You will do great.

Tommy – we will don’t worry Dad

Brent – And now we are pulling into the gate.  Stay awesome superstar!

Tommy – will do

Krista – I notice that older brothers always think it is good for little brothers to do things that are “good for them”. You will be happy to know that Drew has tried to take over your role of using Benny as his personal servant/object of job delegation… not working too well for him so far but I think he is hopeful.

Tommy – haha I had it mastered

Krista – Yes… poor Benny he has no one to delegate to. I guess there is always Joseph but somehow I don’t think Joseph will be keen for that possibility.  We already almost had world war three about who was putting what ornament where on the tree. And for a while the angel was missing and we weren’t quite sure what we were going to do. Luckily angel found and we only had to criticize each others placement of said angel  5 times…. oh the joy of brothers!

Tommy – haha sounds like our flat sometimes but we just joke

Krista – So what jobs usually get delegated to you? What jobs do you try to delegate to the other elders

Tommy – usually I do all the cooking and washing of clothes and they clean the flat

Krista – I think that sounds like a fair deal. I would way rather cook than have to clean. And knowing how you are my son I’m sure it is the same.  That’s actually quite funny because right now I am doing laundry and making shortbread cookies instead of cleaning the bathrooms and washing the floor which really need to be done.

Tommy – haha thats the same with me

Krista – oh oh…. you better marry someone who is not like us or you may be in trouble. Are you becoming a good cook?

Tommy – yeah I can do some recipes by memory now

Krista – I am impressed. Do you want any more recipes? Or instructions?   Benny wants to know if you got the animal facts… and as usual he says loving your bed lolololoolol.  We keep telling him that he should claim it as his now, but he is loyal to you

Tommy – yeah I dont know why he still calls it my bed  –  and sure that would be awesome but preferrably recipes that can be made and eaten in under an hour

Krista -Ok I will think simple and summery. That will be a nice challenge in the -17 weather this week.  Ben and Drew went to sing at Grandmas home today with Steeds and Jenny-Lynn, Betsy and Walters family. I think some of the younger Prendergasts went too. I decorated Grandma’s room and if I do say so myself it looks pretty good.  Will you all be in one bedroom in your new flat?

Tommy – I have no clue we havent been there yet

Krista – You will have to take pictures. I am curious. Is it further away from the coast? Do you know the area at all?

Tommy – it’s in an area called trott park near the coast

Krista – That’s cool! Dad would be jealous. He LOVES the ocean! Does that put you closer to the chapel?

Tommy – no it’ll keep us at about the same distance

That is all for this week …



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