Nov 27 – Getting Hot in Australia


The video is of Tommy and his companion providing service for a family in their area.  Listen careful for the Aussie accents.  The sunset is outside his apartment.  The paintings were made for him by someone in his ward.

Nov 27

Hey Mom and Dad,

Cool miracle happened this week. We were planning to go and see Thomas our investigator and we had a feeling to change the time to see him. So we changed the time and a series of events ended up making us about 1 hour late to just drop in on him. As we were biking there we both felt prompted to take the long way to his house. as we were biking and contacting on the way. I stopped a man who turned out to be a former investigator and he said he had been praying for 1 km for God to give him an answer and we showed up. He said that we were the answer to his prayer. Anyways other than that this week has been a very normal week. We had a big wrestle fight last night between all the elders in the flat and it was all fun and games until a window broke….. fortunately the housing coordinator understood. This week we had dinner with the Trudgen family in our ward and they are coming to Calgary in June! So i gave them some things that they should try and see. Any ideas of stuff to do? This week we committed our investigator Keelan to baptism. Keelan is a uni student who has been christian all his life but he decided it was time to look for more. He said that he would pray about it and give us an answer next time we see him. This week was also stake conference. We got to hear from elder Daniel G Hamilton of the seventy. He was an amazing speaker and was truly inspiring. It was kinda cool though because both him and president Parker rebuked the members of the stake for not helping the work progress. Long story short this week has been awesome and full of many little miarcles and one big one. Mom we have district meetings every Tuesday and last week I gave the training to the district. Elder Johnson goes home on the 6th of December. so its the four of us until transfers. Oh and Mom I probably wont get the packages until Christmas eve if it had Christmas marked on it because sister Parker holds the Christmas gifts until then and we open them as a mission.

Brent – What a cool story. I had that happen a couple of times where you felt inspired to do something different and then figured out why. When is Keelans date? How is he doing?

Tommy – We havent set a specific date because he hasn’t yet committed to it yet. He is doing well and is agreeing with every thing we teach

Brent – Watching the Grey Cup. Calgary was down 20 points to Ottawa but just tied it with 10 seconds left. Going to overtime. If Ottawa wins it would be a major upset.

Tommy – GO STAMPS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brent – Sounds awesome. We were at Steeds celebrating Bronzo and Taylor’s birthdays. Taylor and Teigan are now legal adults. Watch out. You know how I cheered. But Drew is loyal and loud.

Red blacks just won 39-33. First grey cup in 40 years. Major upset and a classic. Sorry dude.

Tommy – ugh man sad day for the Stamps

Krista – Hi Tom,  I am back from my rehearsal. I am going to read your  earlier emails later. How is my baby?????? Missing you this week

Tommy – I’m doing good Mom just broke a window you know same old same old

Krista – Oh, my goodness…. saw that. Good thing your housing coordinator is understanding. Is there anyway to get your tree and ornaments out of your Christmas box ahead of time to decorate. Maybe ask Sister Parker?  Otherwise you can just have your flat decorated after Christmas. I just finished playing bells with the Beehives. They crack me up.

Tommy – . Mom, Sister Parker is like a mom away from home. We went for interviews with President Parker and Sister Parker was there and said we looked hungry so she went and got us heaps of food from subway. Mom away from Mom

Krista – I love that. It is good to know she is taking care of you. What a great lady. You can tell her that I am slightly obsessed with her blog. So you will get a new elder in your flat next week. Do you think any of the other elders in the flat will transfer? How is it going with Elder Punou?  Tommy’s Mission President’s Blog link below

Tommy – Well Elder Punou and I could be transferred and most likely he will be. We will find out on Sunday night.

Krista – That is great that you have an investigator that you are committing to baptism. We will pray for him and you.  Dad and the boys put up the Christmas lights yesterday. Now the pressure for the tree is on. My missionary work this season is going to be focused on the Nativity. With Drew and Benny and I in it I think it is a great opportunity to invite people and they have missionaries there. Do they have any special Christmas events put on by the wards in Australia?

Tommy – not that I know of

Brent – Just put Jake to bed. He says hi to the bialow, whatever that means 🙂

Krista – Talked to Adam Walker’s mom the other day.  He is leaving January 10th. He will be a little colder than you in England for the winter!

Tommy – I have to go I’ll email you next week  – love yous

Krista – We are happy and proud…. wow I am even tearing up saying that… I am a true missionary mom!

That’s all for now


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