Nov 17 & Nov 21


Nov 17 – Picture of Tommy and other missionaries is at the Adelaide Temple

Hey Mom and Dad,

Sorry for the late reply.  We had p-day today (thursday) because we went to the temple. This week has been a normal week. Except I had a cool experience this week. My companion and I have been teaching ourselves a little bit of ASL over this past month and we were door knocking and a deaf family opened up! We ended up bearing our testimony in sign language and even though she wasn’t interested she was brought to tears at the door. And yeah mom believe it our not I do all the cooking. I mostly cook pasta and stuff from that little booklet you made me (genius by the way). This week has been a scorcher. It was 33 degrees today and 30s all last week, and we have been only on the bikes. I have lost about 7 pounds in sweat already haha. So we were following up with a less active and we knocked on the door and she opened up and told us that we should go tell whoever sent us “to get behind me satan”. We had a good laugh about that. I know exactly what I’m gonna use the 30$ on. There is a less active in my ward that does these paintings and he said that he would give us two if we just pay for the paint and canvas. So I’m getting two paintings for 30$. His paintings are appraised at $200 each and he is giving them to us……

anyways just a normal week love yous

Elder Dickson

Krista – That is really cool about the deaf family you met. It is really a testimony that everything is done for a reason. I’m so glad you got to go to the temple today. When we didn’t hear from you earlier I remembered that Sister Wilmott said that you got turns to go as a district. I think you said before that the temple is like Edmonton????? I think that sounds like a great  idea to spend your money on paintings. I’m so proud that you are cooking. Are there any other recipes you would like? It snowed here yesterday so I think the weather has finally turned. Your bike must be fixed. Is it working well?

Tommy – Yeah the temple is the exact same design as Edmonton. I cant really think of any recipes but I’ll let you know. The assistants dropped off my bike.

Krista – So what does the member paint? Landscapes???? I was at mutual tonight working with the beehives on handbells. It is such a foreign world to me to be around so many girls. THen they had a panel of some of the different women in our ward and their careers. It was really interesting to hear about the variety and the stories but i realized taht I a definitely in the right career. I’m not sure I would be a very good accountant or nurse.  Did your Halloween package ever arrive? Boy I am hoping Christmas gets there in time. I did mail it October 4th but you never know!

Brent – Sounds like spring is over and summer is there. We are headed in the opposite direction. I have been Bishopric busy lately. Met with four different youth last night calling them to class or Quorum presidencies

Tommy – haha thats about half of the youth in my whole ward – yes I got my halloween package but I got it nov 2 :p and he paints landscapes and planes and boats and animals and a lot more.

Krista – Ok… well lesson learned about when I need to mail stuff! At least I hope you got to eat the candy.  Will you stay in your area through Christmas?

Tommy – We get tranfer calls on dec 6 so that is when I will find out if I’m staying or if I’m going

Krista –  Any interesting news in Australia lately? It seems like the American election is still big news here but I’m betting with America Thanksgiving coming up people might get a little less obsessed with Donald Trump. What does your American elder think?

Tommy – Everybody assumes I’m American so they ask me about Trump and then when I tell them I’m Canadian they apologize like there is something wrong with being American. He just doesnt care at all. His outlook was that it doesnt matter they’ll be out in 4 years. And no nothing interesting in australia

Krista – Good thing you have all of your Canadian flags! Make sure you email Grandma Dickson today. She was worried about you but dad told her about the temple.  Would you say your mission is mostly Americans, Australians??? Elsewhere???

Tommy – Mostly americans and islanders

Krista – Well have a great week. We miss you. Dad got a little teary when he saw your mission plaque. I’m getting a little sentimental too. I think my viewings of the missionaries singing at conference on YouTube takes up about half of the hits. Even Jacob is getting tired of watching the Called to Serve video. You are doing great things!

Tommy – I’ve learned some tongan while being here so “fefe haka” (see you later)

Nov 21 –

Hey mom and dad, so since Thursday nothing much has happened. We havent had any lessons but more biking in the scorching sun. I FOUND A KOALA. Oh and we went and saw Cliff again and he put my companion in a choke hold as a joke. Man he’s funny. Please tell Benny that i have a mission for him. I need a bunch of cool animal facts for a less actives daughter we are teaching.

Krista – Ok I’ll get him on it . You will have them by next PDay. Tell me about some of the inactives you are working with. Bronwyn and Isabelle say hi. Isabelle wants me to tell you that she just ate crackers. Bronwyn says she didn’t eat crackers. Boy your cousins are so exciting.  Drew has an interview with the movie theatre tomorrow. Here’s hoping. So was that Koala right in the city?

Brent – It is getting cold here. Little different for you. Are you able to open the pictures I sent?

Tommy – Yeah dad I saw the pictures. The less actives don’t really like us so we aren’t really working with any less actives other than the boys

Krista – I’m sure they have seen a lot of missionaries but I guess you never know which set of missionaries will make a difference. Benny wants to say loving your bed trolololololololollolo.  Isabelle is at a loss for words probably for the first time in her life. Can you believe Isabelle has nothing to say except I was just listening to her tell us how much she loves HGTV and IKEA.  How is it going with Cliff? Is he moving towards baptism?  Isabelle says she is standing at a computer and is now threatening to hit Benny with her sweater so you know nothing much has changed.

Tommy – Cliff isa tough situation so we are moving really slowly -typical Isabelle

Krista – Well, keep working on him! It will be worth it. Benny’s next request is a wallaby or Kangaroo picture. You might be stuck finding animals for a while.

Brent – Anything exciting for PDay?

Tommy –  today we are gonna go bowling because it is Elder Johnson’s last p-day in the mission

Krista – Tom, I am going. I need to help Grandpa with chocolates Dad will probably still email. we love you and will get to work on the animal facts. We will focus on Canadian animals. You should tell the girl the story of when you got to paintball a bear.. That should impress her.

Brent – Bowling sounds epic! I don’t the my 10s until semester 2. I always bowl better glow in the dark. Not sure what is up with that.  That is true. What we think is no big deal is impressive to non Waterton types. Like a bear or dear jam!

Tommy – haha yeah all the animals here are so small in comparison to Canada

Brent – So is all your scriptures study Book of Mormon or do you read other stuff too?

Tommy – We read lots of different things like preach my gospel and teachings of the presidents but I’ve been focussing on the Book of Mormon.

Brent – I have been reading the gospels and BofM in Swedish lately. I am going to go deeper on the D&C in January when mom teaches it in Sunday School. Do they have you memorize scriptures?

Tommy – Yeah we memorize a few like d&c 121: 31-46

Brent – I remember doing that. But it was all in Swedish so not super useful now. The annual youth talent show is coming up. Each class is busy preparing. In Dec when Connor and Blaze move up there will be 19 priests. By the way, we released you as a ward missionary today on the computer. We figure you are pretty busy 🙂

Tommy – There are 2 in this ward … I might be a little busy to be a ward missionary

Brent – I tried to convince Adam S that we should sing Sisters in Zion for priesthood opening exercises. He refused. What a baby 🙂

Tommy – We sang that this morning for companion study!

That’s all for now ….





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