November 6, 2016

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Hey Mom and Dad,

This week has been a pretty normal week. We only got one little miracle this week. We had a new investigator named Keelan and he told us that he only had 15 minutes and we had been role playing quick lessons that morning so we smashed him with the spirit. Adeladie this week has been pretty normal. Absolutely nothing to report except we are teaching this old man named cliff. Cliff is a total goofball who we joke around with while teaching and I swear he has punched Elder Punou at least 4 times in the arm. It’s been really warm this week though so I’m not complaining.

Krista – Benny wants you to send a picture of a Koala, a kangaroo or a Wallaby. We were just at Byams and got home. Are things still going well in your apartment?  What have you planned for PDay today?

Tommy – Closest I’ve seen (referring to the Koala picture above)

Krista – Ok that is hilarious! Hopefully sometime in the next couple of years. You will be surprised to hear that Benny has a job to do so he is in the bathroom. Tell me about Cliff. How old is he? How did you meet him? Does he have a family? Are you still teaching the brothers?   Dad says hi… he is doing dishes and “solving the world”…

Tommy – He is a former investigator so we just followed up with him. He is about 80 and yes but the boys have slowed down in progress

Krista – That’s too bad about the boys. Cliff sounds interesting. It must be fun to teach someone with such personality. How warm has it been? Do you just wear your shirts and ties during the week? Did we make the right call buying the short sleeved shirts? Well I finally finished Spencer’s quilt for Christmas sonow I am QUILT FREE!!!! So guess what I did…. I went and bought some more fabric for another quilt… it makes me HAPPY.

Tommy – Yes buying all short sleeve shirts was the right call. Basically we only wear white shirts and tie unless we have church or a meeting in which case we wear suits. It’s been about 25 degrees all week. The pictures are the boys Halloween costumes for their haunted house and me with my broken bike.

Krista – Your pictures are making me laugh. Those pictures with the boys are a little gruesome… I’m not sure I am the biggest fan of scary Halloween costumes. Did you hear about the scary clown craze in Australia! Benny’s school did not allow ANY clown costumes. And the bike picture is too funny.

Tommy – That’s not a costume. I just have a very broken bike. And no I havent heard about the clown thing.

Krista – Did your bike ever get fixed? Are you learning how to do it or is there a mission specialist who takes care of it? It looks like just the tire. Are you back on bikes then?  Benny says you have a 2 year deadline to get the Koala picture and Dad is having dinner tomorrow with Phil Boyt. Drew want you to know that the Giants beat the Eagles and he is happy that they are 5-3.  He was also happy that they beat the Cowboys… boy Drew is pretty much guaranteed to go to Texas on his mission. 🙂

Tommy – Drew is gonna serve in Dallas Texas. And its in the shop right now. It has bent rims, faulty brakes and a shredded tire so the specialist is looking at it.

Krista – So people were dressing up like scary clowns and chasing people down the street, through parks etc… It was a real trend and they were even arresting people. Drew took cookies to the Byams today and was pretty proud of his work!

Tommy – wow we havent seen that here

Krista – Wow… did you do all of that to it????? I can imagine those bikes go through some HARD usage with the missionaries.

Tommy – The bike had some issues from the moment I got it. It’s just a lot of wear and tear.

Krista – I’m trying to get Benny to go to bed right now… pretty much an impossible task! Dad says that you’re his favorite kid right now! I have a feeling that might be  because you are not in our house right now… We love you. I know a mission can be tough but we are grateful that you are so obedient and working hard. Lyndi was asking about you tonight and we told her that one of your many gifts was how comfortable you are with people and talking to them and being good with all sorts of situations… YOU ROCK!

Tommy – The hardest part has been teaching. I find street contacting easy.

Krista – What do you find the most challenging about teaching?

Tommy – I dont know, honestly it just feels a little awkward

Krista – Dad says practice hard but don’t trust your skill trust the spirit. Heavenly Father knows that investigator way better than you  but you have to do the study and preparation so that he has something to work with. I say don’t be too hard on yourself you’ve only been a missionary for a little over 2 months you will get more comfortable. Dad says do your best God will make up the rest. Lyndi and I both said tonight that the missionary program proves to us that the church is true. If you can do this as an 18 year old man we know you have the help of God and many angels.

Tommy – All the members of the ward are always asking me how many years of uni I’ve done. Everybody thinks I’m like 22!!

Krista – That cracks me up. You are a very mature kid. Dad says tell them I may not have been to uni yet but I’m a provincial rugby champ baby!    Not sure what that has to do with it but>>>>>  But you’re still the champion! Dad says remember how he told you to not stress about how you are inside….just go to work. Work hard at studying and teaching and don’t worry about feeling inadequate inside, just keep doing it. It’s like Home teaching sometimes you don’t feel excited to go but you always feel good when you went.  What are the PDay plans today? Have you planned skating? Tried vegemite yet? What is your best meal you can cook?

Tommy – I’ve been doing all the cooking. I have to go I love you guys bye


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