Oct. 30 – Happy Halloween

Hey Mom and Dad,

So mom no we dont have our investigators on baptismal date anymore. They have had too many commitments and have been really hard to catch so we took them off date. I discovered that there is an ice rink near us so I think next p-day we are gonna try to go skating #imabouttowhoopsomeaustralians.The most interesting thing that happens in our appartment is the crow….. this crow attacks our window every morning and goes insane pecking it. It has been pecking it so much that its leaving blood on the window from its beak. Another fun thing that has happened is that we have had 3/4 bikes at our flat break. Only Elder Johnsons is left standing. And no we aren’t allowed to go to ward activities unless we have an investigator there. On Tuseday I went down to victor harbour on trade offs for one day. It’s a lot cooler down there. This week we got some sad news from our recent convert. He told us that his wife (who he married so she could be baptized but she never did) kicked him out of the house and that they were getting a divorce. He has remarkable faith though because he said “it’s alright brothers, Im glad I get a chance to grow. I’ll just keep praying and I’ll be alright”. I was like…….wow…… Other than that its been a pretty average week and guess what Dad?  We got 6 meal appointments this week! There’s a member who guilt trips everyone into feeding the missionaries.

Krista – God bless that ward member! I bet you are really grateful to not have to make dinners. Do you do service projects for the ward members? How is that new elder in your flat working out? Any more pictures? We had 3 of the Trim kids here for the afternoon and Joseph so it has been busy. Needless to say having all those kids made for a very short home teaching appointment.

Brent – 6 dinner appointments. Awesome. At my very best we had one per week. We can learn something from your new member. How much do I sacrifice for the gospel.  Jake is testing me. I hate making beds. So Jake tore everything off the bed including the mattress pad. Aaagh! I am upstairs and obviously offending him so he just shut the door. Oh Jakey!

Tommy – haha thats Jake for ya

Krista – What are some great experiences you have had with investigators recently?

Tommy – well we’ve only had 1 lesson all week so not much

Krista – That’s tough but I guess the reality of mission life… We’ll pray for you.

Brent – I found that we would go through real dry spells and then all of a sudden busy. I was a part of 5 baptisms in my first 6 weeks and then 0  for almost a year.

Tommy- One of our investigators is a man named Joe. He has recently lost his mom to cancer and is going through the process of losing his dad also. He is remarkably positive though. He’s a good example to us.

Krista – I was talking to Garrett Banfield and he was saying that he was being Kylo Ren for Halloween but I guess they had their Halloween party at Fish Creek on Friday and there were LOTS of Star Wars costumes since this was the first Halloween since the movie.  I’m going to be interested in seeing what Benny does… his costume is not exactly easy to carry around

Tommy – oh that will be interesting for Benny and yeah im a little excited to show them up skating. Another cool thing we did this week, me and Elder Punou have been learning sign language to teach a former investigator who is deaf.

Krista – That is so cool. You will have to show Coy your new skills. Who is teaching you? 32…. that is so weird as it is just getting colder here. Are you getting used to it? When you go to Victor Harbour does Elder Punou just drive down there and then you split off?

Tommy – Yes Elder Punou just drives down there. We learned the alphabet and a member in our ward knows a few signs so he has been showing us but mostly from the investigator. We will spell something and then he will show us the sign so we can communicate.

Krista – That’s really cool….is sign language different in Australia from North America…. do you even know?? Here is a total MOM question. How are your clothes working out… still fitting????….. shoes ok?

Tommy – Yes mom my clothes are still fitting. and yes they do a different sign language but this guy speaks american. And yeah i miss snow

Krista – You never know…. maybe lots of biking results in super muscular thighs…! How is it going with your companion and Elder Johnson?

Tommy – Well we haven’t been biking because all of our bikes are broken. But we’ve all been getting along well. We wrestle a lot

Brent – Make sure to show them how a Canadian does it :). Take no prisoners.

Tommy – it’s funny because I’m the biggest so I just pick them up

Krista – I looked at Drew the other day and I think he has grown again. I took a picture of him with his friends at his birthday and he is almost a head taller than them.

Tommy – tell him to stop growing, oh and tell Teigan and Taylor my costume wins. I’m going as a missionary

That’s all for this week


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