October 23, 2016

Hey Mom and Dad,
This week has been an interesting week. First we taught this man named Marinko who is 3/4 deaf. We brought along a member who knows ASL but it was useless because Marinko speaks Australian sign language.  Marinko continued to tell us that he had seen Jesus Christ come down to him in his room and had fought the devil in person. So he wasn’t really keen to learn, just to bash. On Saturday we had to call an ambulance. We woke up at 6:30 and saw this man trying to get into our flat so we went outside and talked to him. Turns out he was lost and had been walking all night and slept under a tree. This 82 year old man was absolutely soaked from the rain and in sever hypothermia. We called an ambulance and they took him to hospital. I can drive here if I want because my license is in English. I’m not the designated driver for our companionship though. No I have not gotten any package yet. The new elder in our flat’s name is Elder Bishop. He is from north of Sydney and is really green. it was his birthday on Saturday so we got him a cake and celebrated.
Krista – I’m trying to imagine Elder Bishop?…I hope you are kind and helpful. That is very strange about the lost man. He must have had dementia of some sort. It probably freaked you out a little bit. That’s too bad that you haven’t got the package yet. Oh well I am learning how long thinges take to get to Australia . Maybe I will have to send your birthday package by November. Did you get the watch and plug? Today was the primary presentation. It made for a short Sunday School lesson but it was kind of weird because this was the first year with no one from our family in Primary for 19 years. Are you still teaching your other investigators?
Brent – What are you goin to do today?  What are some of the fun things you have done on PDay?
Tommy – Today we get to clean the flat……. yay…… yes I got the watch and the plug. and we mostly just play sports
Krista – Ooohhhh , Aahhhhhh music to a mother’s ears😀 maybe it will rub off on your brothers.

So no touch rugby. What does that leave…basketball? Soccer? Do you grocery shop today too? Can you hike? Are there any “nature” parts of your area?
Tommy – We just play basketball and soccer. Yeah we shop but we are out of money so not today.

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