Oct. 9, 2016



So this week was an interesting one. I’ll get to the stories later. Watching conference was really awesome. I don’t think i have ever paid that close attention to every word they spoke. I think I have about 12 pages of notes.No mom, the members don’t feed us during sessions (we don’t get fed that much) it is only a 30 min break between the sessions so it’s just to stand up and stretch. I recognized a few people from the mtc choir. Two or three of the Polynesians I played volleyball with at the mtc. No I haven’t gotten the package yet but I probably will this week. Ok so now to the stories. This week we were contacting former investigators and we met this man named Marinko. He is a really nice guy and is 3/4 deaf so we brought a member who speaks sign language to help. So the weird part was as we were talking to him he proceeded to tell us that he has seen Christ and the devil and has casted off satan from his presence…… weird. but then it gets better. He then went on to start teaching us about the “truth”. He tried to show us a bunch of videos of a pastor and called us “people sent from satan to trick him” but he was ‘too smart for satan”. Experience number 2. We were knocking doors on this street and met this nice lady who told us she wasn’t interested (due to her moving) but she said her neighbours to the left might be interested but to NOT go to the neighbours on the right. So naturally we figured “oh they can’t be that scary, let’s knock on their door”. As we knock on the door a lady opens up and says “oh mormons, I have two rottweilers that love mormons” (colorful language removed) and her rottweilers and slamming against the door chomping at the bit trying to get at us and we didn’t move. So her husband came and told us to go away or he’d open the door and let them at us. As we were leaving he let them out and we barely got over the fence before the rottweilers got us. My companion looked at me and said “welcome to the Adelaide Australia mission”. But the week has been good we got two new investigators… FINALLY!!!!! I’m loving Australia so far.

Elder Dickson



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