Wed. Aug 31, 2016

tom-templeWed Aug 31, 2016

Hey Fam first week the MTC down and two to go. I have been loving it here. It is absolutely fantastic. My companion is a really cool dude. His name is Elder Parkllan from Mesa Arizona. In my room we have 4 elders, Elder Parkllan and I and then Elder Virgin (Idaho falls) and Elder Ward (Morgan, Utah). All the guys in our room are fantastic. Last night we even pulled all our mattresses together and had a “sleepover”. We already love each other and I swear we are already like brothers. This week we have been in the classroom A LOT. Upwards of 8 hours a day. We also got to teach our first investigator this week. Her name is Hannah Briscoe. She is a student at BYU, a non member, and wanted to learn about the gospel. She so far has been responding very well to the way we are teaching. Two or three nights ago a sister in our class asked if I would give her a blessing and that was one of the most spiritual experiences that I have ever had. I didn’t know what to say but it just came to me and I spoke. I never have felt the spirit quite as strong as I did giving that blessing. Last night we got to hear president Richard J. Maynes of the presidency of the seventy speak to us and he shared some pretty cool stories. Some of my favorite things that he said was we need to be sweetly bold. We need to be sweet in our teaching but bold so people will hear our word. Another thing that I really liked that he said is we never know the impact of our ethic. If we don’t put in full effort all the time we might miss the people the Lord puts in our path. I have been learning a lot this week, more than I have ever learned about the gospel before. Mom two things that you will love. First I SANG IN THE MTC CHOIR!!!!!! About 1500 missionaries sang “Faith of our Fathers” for the devotional last night. Second when I was talking to Sister Kelley about her struggles and how she felt homesick and alone. I told her to read over the third verse of how firm a foundation just like my Mom taught me and she told me it was the reason she didn’t go home. Dad, I got to share the messageyou told me that “when you have no investigators, no appointments and no plans and you still go out the door you’re a good missionary” the other people in my district said its some of the best advice they ever got. Drew, dont raid all my stuff. Benny I hope you’re enjoying my bed (dont fart in it too much). I got the package you sent and i loved it (so did my companion 😉  One of the funniest things though is that since I’m the only Canadian my roomates crack jokes about Canada and every time i just say “free healthcare” and they shut right up. Dad all three of my roomates love Trump, the lord is testing me with patience. Anyways love you guys, have fun this next week.

Elder Dickson

(it still sounds weird)


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