Sept. 7, 2016

tom-mtcWed Sept. 7, 2016

Hey mom, tell Taylor and Teigan they better not have too much fun without me there. My district is fantastic. We have three elders going to Spokane (Elder Brunner, Elder Herr, Elder Warnick) the sisters are all going to Pittsburg and five missionaries going to Adelaide (elder parkllan, virgin, ward, ivory and I). Elder Virgin is a funny guy. He has some great spiritual knowledge and is an inspiration. He comes from a broken family so He connects well with investigators. Elder Ward is from Utah. He is a really funny guy, He finds a way to brighten up our day every day. We do see the Mandarin missionaries a bunch since they are on the same floor sleeping as we are (they are kind of jerks so we butt heads a bunch). For exercise we have been playing a lot of beach volleyball and volleyball in the gym and I’ve been owning everyone because nobody here is that good. We’ve had some pretty great food, my favorite would probably be the chipotle chicken sandwich we had for lunch. So funny story, Elder Brunner was joking around a few days ago and he said he prayed to have chicken cordon bleu for dinner and it actually happened, we all about lost our minds. And  none of the food is as good as your cooking mom. The schedule for classes is that we are in the same classroom for 10 hours a day but we mix between personal/companion study and having a teacher. I’m learning some things about the book of mormon that i have never even heard before, but i have been using your analogy of turning the doors of our tents to the temple. Dad I have been telling our district some of the advice you gave me before I left and they all have really appreciated it. On Sunday we had a devotional with Chad Lewis the former nfl tight end for the Eagles. He talked about faith and it was awesome, but the coolest of all was last night. D. Todd Christofferson came and spoke to us about trust. Elder Parkllan and I were asked to watch these two doors to make sure nobody came behind stage And he came through my door and shoke my hand!!!!!!!!!! We got our travel schedule and they put me as travel leader. We leave monday night at around 8 so ill be calling then. We fly to LA and then we fly from there to sydney (a 15 hour flight UGH!!!) and then from sydney to adelaide. We leave the MTC on the 12th and don’t get to Adelaide till the 14th.  How is drew liking link crew? How is school going?Hhow is benny enjoying being in a room to himself? And dad i got the weird postcard, when my district leader picked up our mail he said he was utterly confused to see three old men holding a fish and asked if im related to them.

Love Elder Dickson


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