Oct. 3, 2016

Hey mom and dad,

1) We are teaching the two Horbenko boys. They are really wanting to be baptized and are working hard to get there. 2) We have district conference every Tuesday and will see the President about once a transfer (6 Weeks)  I’m probably gonna have to buy a coat because we got absolutley smashed by the rain this week. This week we got to go on companion exchanges. I went down to victor harbour which is right on the coast and stayed there for a day. This week we also got hit with the worst storm south australia has seen in 50 years. The power was out for almost a day and the street lights and traffic lights also. We got told by the mission president that we had to stay inside our flats past 6pm because it was too dangerous. The winds got up to 140km/hr. We could hear police and ambulance sirens 24/7. On Sunday we were able to give one of the recent converts a blessing for his skin graft, first blessing down heaps to go. We also went and saw another of our recent converts and his son Ali who is 5, was teaching me how to draw and then criticizing my style.



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